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  1. Oh my God ! That is Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast ! Nice one Mike !
  2. Good luck on your trip Mike ! Again : your work looks ace !
  3. I am around London tomorrow, fetching a Noble
  4. Maybe a stupid question Mike, but nevertheless : what chargecooling pump does V8 standard have (mechanical/electric) and what Will you use ?
  5. You know I'll be there, really curious about Mike's car !
  6. Mike, where do you pass revving through Belgium ? Will you meet up with Gert or so ? You're always welcome here (close to Leuven) I can take the Esprit for a nice on-road meet as well
  7. as in the movies : "It's alive, it is ALIVE" Great job Mike !
  8. Looking gorgeous ! Can you take your video cam for some footage on the next run please ?
  9. Nice work again Mike ! Maybe I can drop over somewhere in September Sure the black one is a dog and not a pony ?
  10. I will be cruising through France on 24th (going to Ardeche), but don't know if your place is on the way, otherwise I can drop by with the Esprit (and my wife driving the people carrier) , leave it there (so you can test drive it ) and take it back when we go back home (31st) Just a thought though
  11. I'm going to the south of France on Saturday 24/07, I should look up if your address is on the way
  12. I would love to come but can't make it, I'm on Night Shi(f)t
  13. Here are mine : the Silver Frost S4 & the Cobalt Blue Elise S2
  14. aha, sounds good, let us know how it went/goes What's your new exhaust ?
  15. that is one brand new engine The car should be so new as well
  16. That's good news, hope to see the guide soon online If you would have the chance : just connect the car to the Lotus Tech 1 tool, it has an automatic bleeding programme (ie to take out the bubbles in the circuit)
  17. Great work again ! Super nice deck, saving of 23 kg on just the deck alone, that's quite some, no ?
  18. @ Mike : nice, nice, curious on the result ! Good luck Mike ! @ Travis : wauw, a LOT of pictures, nice project indeed ; will have a look on the pics, interesting stuff !
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