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  1. Jerry, Well, that's quite a story, I'll post asap the differences, as there are some ... (side markers, body ...) I'm in the process of having them fixed on my S4, I thought it was a direct fit, but seems to be needing some minor work there ... //edit : OK, here we go with some pictures to make it clear : 1) this is an S4 body : look at the 'bar' from the front wheel to the rear wheel, it's ferom the real beginning to the very end ; notice as well the location of the side blinkers (on that bar just behind the front wheel) : I thought it's the same body as for a V8 or S4s, but it's NOT as you can see on the next picture : 2) this is the car (V8) I have my wheel arches from : you can see clearly that the 'bar' on the body stops a few cm's before the rear wheel, making it possible to fit the wheel arch extensions : In practice : the wheel arch extensions will have to be machined a bit to fit (not the hardest thing to do) 3) look at the position of the side blinker : it's just above the bar just after the front wheel, and NOT ON the bar itself, so needs to be relocated when adding wheel arch extensions. BUT : the good thing : it can be done, and it's not a big deal : they can be machined a bit to fit (they do fit in size/form etc ... ), and the best thing to prove is this 88 Turbo of a fellow forum member (bosbon_be) : it's a 88 Turbo with a V8 body kit, wheel arch extensions moulded in, etc etc ... Look at this, it's a great job done on that car : The guy that will do the bodywork for me will reserve some time during winter, so I should be able to have it done by beginning next year
  2. Really nice Adrian ! But, I would remove those stickers from the rear bumper (I admit, I'm not a sticker fan) Ever thought about having wheel arch extensions fitted ?
  3. bzguy

    Lotus Sale

    what's the difference between all those 'colored' dampers ? I'd could use a set for my S4, but a bit lower than the originals. Which ones would I need ? And would I need new springs or just use the old ones ? Hopefully someone from Belgium goes shopping, since i have to work (again )
  4. PM sent So sorry Dave, what a beautiful car it is (was ) ...
  5. where is the pressure switch located ? (on an S4 ?) I do have a similar problem (sometimes off, sometimesflashing, sometimes steady on)
  6. indeed, I'm running #6 chip in my S4 (slightly modded), and as a result LOTS of torque ! Try to floor it in 2nd. 3th. 4th and the back tends to break out, so much torque ! It's scary sometimes ! If you keep it between 3 krpm and red line, it's a beast
  7. thanx Ian, last thing to do is blow up my precious engine My thoughts as well were that aircon takes power off the engine, but if it's used to blow cold air in (often used in racing he told me) it makes sens to gaij power that way. Glad to hear confirmed that aircon automatically switches off on (high) boost, so in fact no reason anymore to turn off the airco ?!
  8. Hi, might have some stupid questions, since I'm not really a tech guy, but in my opinion it makes some kind of sense. I was talking to a Lotus fanatic in my neighbourhood yesterday, the guys has (and had) a lot of Lotus'es : S4s, V8, Elise etc ... the guy is into racing as well, so I guess he knows what he's talking about. He told me : - that turbo pressure can be easily changed (screw) - that quite often aircon is disconnected to blow in the interior, and used to blow cold air into the air inlet. cold air=better performance - that aircon is automatically disabled on high boost conditions Are these facts ? Thanx
  9. via, seen a Belgian Sport 300 (silver) , reg plate ESP300 See here
  10. a bit biased Kimbers ? Anyway : S4 ! lol
  11. bzguy

    My S4 ...

    Via bosbon_be this link of my car spotted in Maldegem (on gighway Antwerp-Knokke) last weekend : see S4
  12. bzguy


    I've seen it on the internet,and since I've seen it twice IRL, I can tell you all : the most immaculate car I've ever seen !!! @ Jean: whas that your Excel in Oostrozebeke ? I remember talking to a green Excel owner @ the fuel station ...
  13. bzguy


    great idea Bibs We'll have a look to arrange something .... Roland, just look into this forum for the nickname bosbon (Peter Bosmans), and send him a pm
  14. bzguy


    Hi David, welcome on this forum ! Whereabouts are you ? I'm from Baal (close to Tremelo/Aarschot) .There are some colleague Belgian Lotus Esprit drivers in here, maybe we can organize a small meeting or so ? One of these Belgian Esprit drivers is Peter (bosbon), that's the guru BTW : nice car indeed, 'd love to see it in real life
  15. bzguy


    I guess the possibility to sync contacs & calendars to and from iPhone/Macbook ? That's what I do Just bought myself a 3G 16 GB iPhone , perfect to company my MacBook and iMac Once you go Mac, you never go back
  16. bzguy


    I switched to Mac 1,5 years ago, and I'll NEVER switch back ! First bought an iMac, and after 6 months I threw my Windows laptop away and bought a Macbook, extremely happy with both ! It takes some time to get used to Mac, especially finding alternative programs to do the same thing as you used to do on Windows, but there are plenty of programs that will satisfy your needs ! After 3 weeks, you'll be very comfi, you'll see that it's really stress releasing using a Mac : no virusses, no blue screens, so annoying pop ups, etc etc ... Life is so much more beautiful (and productive) with a mac ! And you'll notice : it doesn't crash ! Only time I restart my Mac is after a software upgrade. One time it ran for 6 months continuously ! Imagine that with a Windows pc, I won't give it 3 days ! I've had thousands of pc's, even water cooled & sub-0zero cooled, but now I'm convinced about the power of Mac ! BTW : check out the great ads on
  17. Hi Nick, I'm very fine (but have been busy), thx, check your pm about next week Depressurized, opened the lid, brake fluid level was quite low, so topped it up, checked on the sensor (still looked like new), and it's solved That is, started the engine, tell tale lamp stayed unlit, I'll take it for a ride asap Thanx m8 !
  18. Hi all, I'm at work right now, took my S4 out today to drive it to work (it's been awful weather since last 3 weeks, so I tought it was a neat idea to get it out again now it's dry ) What I noticed : the 'anti lock' tell tale lamp is flickering, sometimes it stays on. What's wrong ? Did a little search, must be something with the ABS, or with the ABS accumulator, but can't find any specific reasons. Maybe brake fluid level or so ? Or what else ? First thing in the morning is to check if brake fluid level is ok. That's the big black box in the front I guess, the other one is for power steering/clutch ? I mean the round one which is always tightly screwed and almost impossible to open without tools ...
  19. Great ! I'll have my S4 and my Canon ready
  20. that is just SUBLIME Tony K !!! I'll have some pics taken by an amateur photographer soon ...
  21. only source I know for arches is SJ .... anywhere else ?
  22. I do really feel as a wimp now I take it gently up to 3000, then to 5000, sometimes up to +6000 .. guess afraid to do some damage, or maybe just too chicken to let the beast go .... dunno ... Should I really floor it sometimes (warm engine off course) ? Keep it high on revs ? Hear it scream ?
  23. I've had an 1990 SE and then moved on to an 1006 S4 ; Better onthe S' than on the SE : - ABS - Airbags - power steering ( !!! ) - much, much better finishing - much nicer interior - no more squeeks - feels like a normal car , no more 'kit-car feeling' - improved brakes (although not the best yet) - nicer exterior (personal opinion) - better clutch/shifting gears - remarkably more driver's space ( I'm 1m90) - improved suspension - better handling S4 and SE might be for 95 % the same car, for me there's + 50 % difference ! if there's only $5 k difference, definitely go for the S4 ! I'll check on the intervalks ... I think to know that C-service is every 40.000 km's or every 3 years ... I'll check //edit : I didn't drive my current S4, we saw that it was ok : full service history, and the seller didn't know he had a gem Just ask Nick Fry for the whole story It was quick payment and off with the car (I've sold my Se to the guy, paid some extra and got an S4 )
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