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  1. Had a C-service done on mine last year, was not too bad : 1600 EUR (approx 1000
  2. gorgeous car, Testarossa, I know 2 people who have one ; bit crappy things (Fiat-quality switches etc) but really lovely car ! Downside : really expensive for maintenance : 10.000 EUR for C-service !
  3. I've done some changes overtime on my S4, and I was wondering what BHP it would produce now. I know, I could go for a dyno run, but I'd like to have a rough estimate. Mods : - ram air mod (BHP-wise = 0 ) - K&N air filter - Larini twin exhaust - PUK chip #6 I know, depends a lot of the state of the engine, but supposing it's still healthy (as told by Lotus specialist when changing the timimng belt ) Anyone a wild guess ?
  4. Sky, if you want to be part of the corwd, buy that 348 ; if you want to stand out of the crowd keep your Esprit ! In fact, the one and only reason I bought my Lotus is becaus I'm fond of it since I was a teenager ... a boy's dream that became true. I don't give a *$%
  5. it works Thanx Bibs ! feeling dumb ass now Have to admit I always used 'reply with quote'
  6. quoting doesn't work in FireFox ; I can only toggle off/on the quote button (- or + quote) Nothing else happens .... even replying with + quote on doesn't help (by default, all is set to '+quote' ) Any idea ? I'll try later on Safari, no IE since I'm using a Mac
  7. bzguy

    New 04

    welcome Gable, do keep us up to date B) Enjoy your maiden ride in that lovely 04 !
  8. bzguy


    Welcome Pekka ! Damn nice car, lovely color ! @ Kimbers : a little bit biased with your S4 ? haha
  9. Welcome Michael Do you have some photos yet ? Lots of fun with your car ! @ Roland : aha, another Belgian
  10. ... 2 Vulcan Grey SE's here in Belgium ; seen two of them for sale a good year ago (1 @ Antwerp Lotus Dealer, 1 on private sale)
  11. thanx all All I had to drink was a bottle of coughing syrup, lol Getting better ...
  12. Happy B-day Kylie, have fun with the 350 ! Cheers
  13. Thanx all guys Wheather is great here in Belgium, 25+ degrees Sorry, I've been sick more than a week (yes, even on y birthday ) so haveni't visited the forum for a while. Been to a meeitng yesterday, was supposed to go to the Nurnburgring today with Bosbon, but sick again ... angina
  14. Well done Olaf, Mac rules BTW : what mods did you do to have it called a S400 ?
  15. Nico, in Belgium here some S4's and a nicely looking S4s for sale, decent prices ...
  16. would my Daimler Doubvle Six engine ( 6 L V12 , 318 HP standard, but automatic, duh ) not fit ???
  17. Hi Herman, whereabouts in Belgium ? I'mliving xclose to Leuven, you're always welcome There lust be other brand with the right sizes, or you can upgrade to V8 sized wheels, that is 17 inch front, 18 inch rear, 235 front, 285 rear
  18. Been busy for quite a while (new house, new daily drive cars, but no time to drive my S4 though ...) but I'm getting in my normal rhythm again, so time again for LEF :0 A week ago, I came across someone in Belgium who is looking for an Esprit (SE, S4 ... ) Looking a bit on the add-sites, we found this car : CLICKY I know about GT3 having 2 liter engine, bu apparently as well some 2 liter S4's made for Italian market ? Is that the GT3 engine ? Or am I missing something :S ? Any more info available on reliability of that model, any nice things to know, worth to have a look at, etc etc ... ? Any help is more than appreciated !
  19. FANTASTIC picture Paul, I'll use it as my desktop wallpaper
  20. is there an option to replace the wife while replacing the cluster ?
  21. You're damn lucky, looking for such a model for quite some time, but either too late or can't find ...
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