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  1. cor, thanx for you PM, but unfortunately I cannot reply, get some forum error : The following errors were found We could not find any matches for the member names you entered into the carbon copy box, please check the input before resubmitting This personal message has not been sent Can any forum guru have a look please ?
  2. seems to be a nice project, hope you'll be running it very soon Whereabouts in Holland are you Cor ?
  3. indeed, that's my thought as well Thanx ! indeed, 90 mm fills just up the hole space between bumper & aerofoil
  4. There was nothing wrong with the originals, just poor finish imho, and odd fixing (bolt :s) ...
  5. Hi all, finally found some time to replace the (poorly finished) Larini exhaust tips bu new ones (coming from Original tips : mark the bolt, lol) New tips : Difference original-new : 70 mm vs 90 mm Installed : Price : 95 EUR incl shipping, 50 EUR welding costs (RVS) Your votes please ...
  6. I'm from Bruges, but live elsewhere now (a bit further away, near Leuven), think you almost passed my house It's about the same place where I was spotted last year Amazing houses in Belgium ? Dunno .. :S A lot cheaper than UK, that's true Next time you're in Belgium, let me know, so I can invite you
  7. Bibs in Belgium, nice spot (pictures taken from Next time let me know when you pass by Bibs !
  8. no, as you can see on his site : they are extended SE holders, really nice job !
  9. really boring comment, as I hear it EVERY time I take the Esprit out : that's cheap .. (my number plate is 585EURO)
  10. 2 nice pictures taken on a meeting last week (the guy that took the pictures is only 15 years old, he's got quite some talent if you ask me !) :
  11. Travis, mine does have Brembo brakes Wheels are quite aligned with the body now, but I'll put spacers on when the wheel arches will be installed, to have it aligned again
  12. Thanx for the info Rens ! //off topic : did you get another car yet ? If I recall well you were looking for another toy ?
  13. I know load on the bearings will increase, but with less than 2000 kms' a year I don't really care Wheel clearance is ok now (original suspension), I'll have a check first on the front wheel bays ...
  14. Hi, bought a second hand set of rear PUK wheel spacers : 35 mm, will be installed on the back wheels. What I was wondering : what would be the best set to choose for the front wheels ? 20 mm ? 25 mm ? My wheels : Nova's Body : S4, but I'll be installing wheel arches, so let's say S4s body All help welcome // edit : did a bit of searching already, think 25 mm would be just too much (rubbing ?)
  15. I wonder if that is to be proud of LOL
  16. ... and he LOVES to go shopping, haha
  17. trouble's there again ... pump is okay now (sticky relay), but now it's the 'anti lock' light blinking/steady again. Managed to remove the vacuum 'bomb', and got the pressure switch off with a water wrench, cleaned it with some brake fluid (spray) and some air ; seems not to bee too much to clean though ... put it back in but 'anti lock' light still on, guess I need to top up the brake fluid first (lost a little when removing the pressure switch) Where are the solenoids near the wheels ? I'd like to clean them with some WD40 ...
  18. Think you mean Belgium ? Looks SUPERB Stefan ! These are great modifications you did ! Must be the most powerful 4-pot Esprit I guess ... A real pitty that you can't make it next Friday
  19. and found it even better : it's GM part number 88927273 ; Lotus themselves don't have any stock anymore, they found a source for 294 GBP (ouch !), I've found severeal in US for about 110 $ Nice one, I think @ Bibs : can you update the parts X ref file ?
  20. 512 GBP is not too much, and full C-service for 1100 neither, I heard some prices for C-service for a friend of mine's Testarossa, you really don't want to pay their 10.000 EUR quoted price ...
  21. I agree on that : don't let a non-Lotus mechanic do this job ! Way too risky ! Seen it last week what a broken cam belt can do, you don't want to imagine the cost of that ! What happened : there was I guy that had stored his S4s for 2 years outside ! Then one day he thought to just start the engine and get driving ... until the second red light : cam belt = dada ... mucho costs ...
  22. voila, done Have been LEW member before, now again full LEF member Abonnement op Voorwaarden Bedrag Full LEF Member
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