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  1. blinking ABS light means that there was a fault, but ABS is still working Steady light means something is wrong and the ABS is disabled ; just the ABS, nothing else ; off course 'normal brakes' still work BTW : ha dmine checke dout, since ABS pump was running again constantly : it was a sticky pump relay ...
  2. Just back from Lotus specialist, have it checked out : it's the ABS PUMP RELAY (luckily, it's a lot cheaper than a pressure switch) They put a spare in, a new one is not available for the moment @ Lotus. Any one knows if there is some other source to get it from ? Lotus PN A082M6493S (Denso 056700-8420)
  3. I'll disable the ABS for the time being since I need the car on 1st of May (so running short on time) but will have it investigated on my next service @ Lotus garage ; it's real pain to remove the pressure switch, tried it and it's very hard to access (and no way to find the right size of 'pot' to remove it) thanx for the info Nick
  4. your statement makes sense Michael, seems like a leaking accumulator ? So pressure cannot be held, so pump is running more often than it should be ... Having similar problems : pump was running fine but ABS light on, then I checked everything (couldn't disconnect the pressure switch though), pump was then running constantly, the checked again,, all was normal again, and now pump is running constantly again :S (which could mean accumulator is dada) Guess I'll just disable that crappy ABS ... found a page (Mark Wien's) how to disable ABS but keeping the ABS tell tale light in function
  5. yes, but they might need some machining : check
  6. Hi Serge, SJ Sportscars sell a complete set for about 400 GBP if that makes sense. Keep in mind you will have to do some small boy-mods ...
  7. Great job ! I wouldn't touch it myself, just because I'm really clumsy on that very curious on the result !
  8. mine rub just a little bit on full lock (they rubbed quite a lot with my AWI's on my previous SE !) Only problem for MOT : my S4 is officially declared to have 235/40/17 in the front and 285/35/18 in the back, and changing this can mean MOT starts to argue ...
  9. we (bosbon_be and I) moved the charge cooler a bit aside (unscrew 2 bolts), easier to access ! It's a bit fiddling to get the clips back on the fuel injectors, the fourth will go 3x faster than the 1st one In my case, I replaced the spark leads as well, and spark plugs, result is much smoother running engine (less raw) ; dunno on performance level though ...
  10. quite loud, deep sound,but not too loud imho think there are sound files on youtube One remark : have the supports re-welded (re-infordec), they tend to break, it's just 5 min's job See here mine :
  11. it will surely fit David, I've got the same Dual Larini, it's great, you won't regret it !
  12. hi Keith, I'm highly interested in that Bailey's dump valve Please PM me with your details ; shipping to Belgium possible ? cheers, Hans
  13. Trevor, I think Dave's reply was meant ironically, so don't take it too serious
  14. found some pictures of that car on a Belgian Auto Forum : it's a Stevens N/A, on a trailer, town by a Chevrolet : Makes the story complete
  15. very curious on turbo lag as well, hope it'll be ok
  16. Went for a nice rip today, but when I came back, the BS pump remains running ; only way to stop it is disconnecting the battery :S Had the ABS tell tale light flashing/steadily on already for a while (intermittent), but didn't have the chance yet to disconnect the pressure switch (I suspect dirty r broken pressure switch) Does anyone know (picture if possible) where the ABS pump relay is located ? It's an 1994 S4 LHD. And where is the ABS pump fuse ? Maybe it's a sticky relay, or pressure switch ... Thanx //edit : it's a miracle ! I disconnected/re-connected the pedal sensor, I removed the 15Amp and 30Amp solenoid fuses, cleaned the contacts and put them back and ... brakes work like never before, really great now, and all tell tale lights are gone, pump stops running etc etc ... fingers crossed that it just was some bad contact ..
  17. I was very curious for this moment, it looks (and sounds) GORGEOUS ! Nice sound, sees to be running very smoothly even on first startup ! great job Stefan, curious as well on the follow up
  18. Hi Matt, If I were you, I would send some pictures to Lotus, I'm sure they'll give you a gold medal ! Superb job !
  19. that's a fact : black needs a lot more cleaning, but even for daily driver I do have a black car, think I just like it ... btw : what black color paint code (metallic) is used on an S4s ? Guess it would be more suitable to have it done in S4s black metallic than i.e. a late 2002-2003 V8 black metallic color, if there is any difference (and if there's a difference, what is it ?) Just matter of suiting years ...
  20. That's even harder to choose, might become too stealthy ? Don't know yet, still got the time ...
  21. It'll be black (see another thread) : the body shop convinced me that -if I want a PERFECT result- the car should be redone in another color, other than silver, mainly due to the difficulty of painting silver (silver is a body shop's nightmare !) Only downside : it's in the queu until next winter I guess (other house projects ongoing ...)
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