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  1. a bit late (due to non-accessible roads towards body shop), but now I know what and how : - installing wheel arch extensions (including adapting them to be able to install them on an S4 body, including paint (silver, which is an expensive color, and including relocation of the side repeaters) will cost about 450-500 EUR I had a long discussion with the guy (who does car painting for a living for about 30 years now, and he's VERY passionate in his job), and I learned the following : - silver is an EXTREMELY difficult color to spray a car : in fact : normally all body panels/parts are taken off the car, painted an put back on, but especially on silver, it's very hard to do due to color deviation (silver paint is mad out of paint + metal particles). So : 2 options : - either you leave all body panels/lights/doors etc on the car to have no color deviation, but then you risk some small seams due to taping off the parts that don't need to be sprayed (ie inside) - either you dismantle the car and have a full respray in another color, other than silver, which guarantees no seams, no color deviation etc In practice : all body parts can be resprayed piece by piece, then all put back on the car and you won't see any color deviation at all ! Just silver is a body shop's nightmare (as well as pearl white) So , my opinion : if your car isn't silver : just have the wheel arch extension installed As on mine : silver = full repaint, which leads me to metallic black I guess ... (options still open, will be for next winter) About pricing : he charges about 2250 EUR for a FULL car repaint, including dismantling/reinstalling all body parts), and I can assure you he does a PERFECT job ! Just look at bosbon_be's car
  2. That's what I did 3 years ago, and I still do not regret it ! That's how it works : - get rid of the wife (although it'll cost you quite some, you have to have some sacrifices) - get yourself an Esprit - get yourself a new girlfriend, or try some before you choose It works !
  3. colleague of mine is very tempted, but I'm afraid he would have to choose between wife and Esprit I would know what to choose
  4. be aware : the coil pack closest to the cabin is f*****g hard to unbolt, especially the lower bolt, since airco tubing is blocking access to the bolt
  5. sad to see it go, it's always been the reference for 4 cylinder Esprits ...
  6. recently bought a set, but they're HELL to install, especially the ones close to the airco ! 2 8224 Coil, GM Coil Pack, 2 Tower StyleUSD$ 94.20 USD$ 25.00 (shipping) So : 119.20 $, delivered @ home
  7. Woohoo Stefan : about the exhaust : is the diameter wide enough to blow 500 HP through ? (speaking about airflow, might be that the exhaust is the bottle neck now, but I might be wrong off course ... )
  8. monday evening we (Peter aka bosbon_be & I, well mostly Peter ) upgraded some things : - Denso iridium spark plugs - Magnecor KV85 performance spark leads - RC primary & secondary injectors (know a good source for them !) I chose this because it's an approved setup, used by Dermot. Wanted to install the MSD ignition coils as well, but it's hell to replace this, since a/c tubing is very much in the way ; we were running out of time, so we did not install them (yet). Anyone any ideas how to install them the easiest way ? Fired up, engine running nicely, feeling 'less raw', in practice I feel that I'm driving faster than it felt before (ie when I thought I was driving 90 km/h I was already doing 120 km/h) Had a small Freescan run (idling/cold start up), still need to do some when driving, but 1 thing I noticed : O2 sensor voltage is & stays around 0.94, but should be bouncing between 0 & 1 ? Or it is because car is just idling ? I'll send the Freescan log to Dermot (thanx Dermot for your technical support !) to have a glance. And a big thanx to bosbon_be, the best mechanic around // edit : some things to add : - Freescan quits often, can only let it run for a couple of min's then need to restart the program (running XP, serial cable) - the connector in the front doesn't work (I took the one that sits in a blind socket), no connection at all, the one in the back (close to battery) works
  9. Hi all, bought the manual online for Freescan, and had Freescan run (it's been a while ... ) Did a scan when letting the car running idle and warming up, about all readings seem to be normal except for one : - O2 sensor voltage : should be between 0.3 (lean), above 0.5 is rich Mine is 0.8 ! , which means running very rich. What can I do about that ? I'm having following upgrades : - Larini Dual exhaust - #6 chip - ram air - K&N air filter Planning to install : - RC primary/secondary injectors - MSD ignition coils - Magnecor performance spark leads - Denso spark plugs
  10. waether's fine (in fact great, been a loooooong time !) in Belgium Stefan, I'll take it out this evening on the trip to work Having some night shift, so need to get some sleep during the day btw Stefan : are you going to German's Lotus Club Season's opening meeting 1st of May ? I'll be there, guess bosbon as well
  11. So cool Stefan ! Must be heaven (literally ?!) jumping out of an airplane Downside : I suffer severe altitude apprehension, used to work for years 35 meters underground in the military :S About your vipercross : what performance gain are we talking about ?
  12. I'm fond of my S4 and a convinced Mac user (have 3 of the, hihi), but you managed to combine them, GREAT JOB !
  13. very curious on the sound ! Guess there will be not big difference than with a dual Larini exhaust ?
  14. Ouch, 1000 EUR for original part :S Guess most people replace the mechanical pump for reliability (impeller gets worn after a while) and for continuous flow Nice to see your project making progress , really curious on the results
  15. This thread is worthless without pictures
  16. Haha John, I know, I should have thought about that
  17. Nice configuration ! Here's my old one, guess must be around 10 years ago ... I made this (home-made !) Prometeia-Chieftec unit ; the lower side houses the freezing unit, which went to -50 degrees Celcius. That way, I could easily overclock my 1.6 Ghz Intel CPU steady to 2.9 GHz \ Talking hardcore overclocking ...
  18. think it's this one, spotted in Belgium (Leuven) : here
  19. maybe a bit late, but here's the location of the fuel inertia switch : it's number 23 (top right corner)
  20. happens quite often that the seller has a second ebay account, and pumps up the bidding to get the max out of it
  21. unless you can buy a modified SE/NA (S4 or later look) as a bargain, that makes sense, otherwise just change car : easier, & cheaper
  22. indeed I struggled with the same idea when I had my SE some time ago ; finally it was a lot cheaper to sell my SE and have an S4 (which I did), and the spoilers/bumpers/tailgate is not the only difference between SE and later models (ie interior, door handles ... )
  23. Thanks Laura, will do Damn, those guys have the guts !
  24. Hi Bibs, are there still rooms available ? I would need a double room, thinking to go to Donington this year, I'd opt for an overnight form Sat to Sun Would I get a reward for the longest distance traveled ? It's about a whopping 600 km's ...
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