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  1. there's currently a Larini dual exhaust (stainless steel) on ebay : check here I have this one installed, and VERY happy with it
  2. You can buy them separately, just look at their catalogue I would buy wheel arch extensions + front bumper (front bumper is really wider than a standard SE one bumper !) Just had a look : front bumper/spoiler : 324,50 GBP, 4 wheel arch extensions = 220 GBP, and you need some trim (about 20 GBP)
  3. Sj Sportscars do have them : SJ300B0009 300 SPORT BODY STYLING KIT Contains: Front bumper, rear spoiler, set of 4 wheel arch extensions, spoiler and wheel arch fitting parts. KIT 790.00 This is a complete kit
  4. maybe a dumb question : why do you still use the original chargecooler pump ? Wouldn't it be better to replace it byan electric chargecooler pump ?
  5. Great job Dace, looks superb ! One question : do you intend to change the dashboard to carbon look (or something else) ? Think this would suit the racing seats etc ... Next stage is a Sport 300 body kit
  6. speaking of Dermotisation, I wonder about performance on Dermot's car, since it's so well prepared Guess it might go beyond sport 300 performance ?
  7. bzguy

    Windows 7

    .. that's the way MicroSoft handles virus/spyware intrusions : they just disable networking devices I know, I'm biased, I'm a Mac user
  8. Hi, A local forum-fellow is selling his S4 : see ... and found some other ones : just go the Ramspott & Brandt website and check 'gebrauchtwagen forum', some interesting cars on there : - BRG S4, only 21000 kms - red (ok, it's red ... ) S4 2.0 L, 45000 kms
  9. indeed, as in Belgiu ... MOT do not know sh*t about that sort of cars, but they do know emission limits ... bets proof : our SMOG-alarm. It's not a joke, we're allowed to do only 90 km/hr now, until SMOG has disappeared (smog that comes from German Ruhr-gebiet ) Anyway, I'm still speeding, in this kind of weather it's with a VW ...
  10. fitting wheel arch extensions to an S4 is NOT a straight fit ! It will need some modifications : side repeaters are in the way,there's a difference in bodywork (compared to S4s-V8), expecially the thick 'stripe' from front to back, so will need cutting the wheel arch extensions. I'm still waiting for my body shop to have it done, I hopefully can answer you within a month or so ...
  11. Dermot, you car is definitely superb bang for the bucks ! Whatever you buy, just ask yourself at what price you'll get the same kick ... Only thing I would ever replace my dearly beloved Esprit for is an expensive Lambo, or a Pagani Zonda in my wildest dreams.
  12. I would never sell it if I were you, such a great car, such condition ... think whatever you replace it with, it would never be the same ... (unless maybe you reach Lambo horizons or so ...) just my 2 cents
  13. peter, good luck, hope you'll find it (and hope it's not too expensive to have it fixed) Can you let us know on the difference in sound/performance with/without cat ?
  14. Hi Freek : this is SJ's reference if I'm not mistaking : OIL COOLER, SE & S4 & GT3 (two per car) EACH 149.00 SJ082K0007 They're great at SJ ! Quick, correct, and do have a lot in stock ! And the pound is low
  15. Ah thankx I was thinking either Vaclavske Nam (but there are no lights nor sideways parking there) or Narodni (sideways parking but no lights there, only close to the theatre/bridge) Been there 3 times already, second most beautiful city I've ever seen (besides Bruges, where I originally come from )
  16. from what video/show does this part on the S4 come from ? I looked in all my Top Gear episodes, no luck
  17. What show/episode whas the S4 test taken from ? Can't seem to find it ...
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