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  1. Hi, we just bought a 2003 Elise S2 111S, a nice young sister for my S4 Esprit : cobalt blue, only 29.000 km's, second owner, full service history, including protective film on the nose etc etc ... I'll get some money off the bank and within a good week or so it will be at our place Goal is to use it as a sort of daily driver for the misses (home-work-home) Pictures below : One important question : What about installing winter tyres ? I read somewhere that Lotus recommends 15" all round & 185/55/R15 tyres ?
  2. in my opinion black badges is nices on white, silver & black car On a brg I would definitely leave the original badges, since it's really nice : the yellow and brg of the badge against the brg body color Same with a mustard yellow car Just my opinion
  3. yes, looks ace imho, but might loose a bit detail of the wheels ? 2nd option : gun metal : see picture below :
  4. Thanx all, I think as well that it does give the car a younger look, especially with the clear front/side lenses ; still have to paint the amber back lenses red though ... Winter job ... And best of all : it's subtle, and finally got a badge on the back
  5. I'm thinking about having the whole wheel sprayed in black, should look like a photoshopped picture below (just imagine the black wheel centre badges)
  6. Hi all, It's been a while, been sick for some time, but I'm back and I'd like to show you my latest mods : my Silver Frost S4 with black badges on it : - black nose badge - black wheel centre badges - black steering wheel badge - black gear knob badge - black badge on number plate plinth (a neat way to hide a small hole in the plinth ) - black badge tyre caps Since my wheels can use a little respray, I intend to have them powder coated this winter, probably in black (gloss) Ladies and gentlemen, your votes please ...
  7. I would sue the Belgian State for these bad highways causing car breakdown ! They're really CRAP !
  8. sorry to hear Bibs ! Luckily you weren't speeding that moment, but I can imagine even 50 MPH is quite some speed to loose a wheel :s Hope you'll get it fixed, seems to be hub failure ? Luckily you got home safely BTW : I missed Gert's call (GSM was put on silent by mistake and not in reach), I should have been there ...
  9. Hi Stefan, any update on your great project ? Pictures Via a friend of mine I now know the previous owner of your Esprit He's got a Venturi 400 Le Mans now ... It's a small world after all Good luck !
  10. Nice project ! I should come over to see it in the flesh
  11. Got some info from DVLA : car got the A registration plate based on date of manufacture (1984) ; I've filled in a V888 enquiry to DVLA asking more info ... (date & country of origin)
  12. so, guess it's prob;lem solved I made the same mistake : I took the connector with the least wires as the ALDL, but it's the other one
  13. indeed, that's possible as well Erik, becaus I mixed up ! It didn't work, so I used the one in the back of the car, until someone told me to use the other one ;0 It's the one with the most wires on it I think ...
  14. euh Stefan, don't they have bigger ones @ RC ? Thought they have them even +550 ! Or do they not fit ?
  15. isn't there a way to re-wire the plug ? Pull out existing (wrong) wiring and put them on the right place ?
  16. Hi, just bought a new toy in UK -it's not a Lotus, sorry guys ... ! It's a TVR Tasmin 280i convertible, and it's a nice little niece for my Esprit The car is manufactured in 1984 (as on the VIN plate in the car), but it has been imported into UK in 1989, I heard that originally it was used/registered in Hong Kong or so ... On the back of the current V5 it says : "special notes : Imported Vehicle - Was registered/used overseas. Declared manufactured 1984" Current registration mark : SBZ9992, but was subject to a plate transfer : it used to be A886DUY (found an old copy of a V5 in the papers delivered with the car), have the owher at that time's address but don't find any tel number or email ... How can I know when it has been used for the first time ? In what country ? Thanx guys ! just found out, by searching on the internet- that prefix A is for cars registered between 1 August 1983
  17. Looks ACE Stefan, happy for you you're getting nice results, it's really a 1 of a kind car Going strong that is ! On the first possible occasion, me wanne see this beast ...
  18. This is what I did : - put a Larini Dual Exhaust on my S4 - changed the end tips to 90 mm (stainless steel, welded) Looks like this : Closer look on the tips : Difference between original Larini tip (bolt on, lol) and new : Looks perfect now I think
  19. number plates (front & rear) on the car show SX718L ; checked with UK DVLA & Hong Kong DVLA : not known to neither of them, so it's definitely never registered in UK nor HK Anyway, didn't buy the car in the end, without any papers it would be VERY hard to get it on the road again !
  20. Hi all, I'd like to import a car from UK to Belgium, but apparently UK DVLA has no records at all of the car concerned. All papers are lost, and car was probably Hong Kong registered (since Hong Kong belonged to UK long time ago). V5 is not available, so export papers cannot be made (since car is 'uknnown' for UK legislation). DVLA says customs/border control will not complain since there free traffic of goods within Europe. Car info : Lotus Europa S2 1969 (RHD) ; number plate SX718L It was an insurance write off, but I'd like to have as much history as possible of the vehicle. I hope LotusCars UK could make a duplicate of the 'certificate of conformity', if that existed in 1969 ... In worst case, car can be restored and put on UK plates (official registration procedure) after having done soecial MOT etc ... and then exported to Belgium (again) All info more than welcome ! kind regards, Hans
  21. I know Marcus, but my bother happened to be in the States recently ...
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