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  1. Lovely photo of your wife 👍
  2. I can thoroughly recommend the Clyde tunnel and the underpass tunnel at Copse corner, Silverstone. I've even had people chase me over to LDC or CL stands to say "WTF is that?" 😯
  3. I hope you can come to an amicable deal. Happy to put any Lotus seller and buyer together The Evora is brilliant by the way, if you didn't already know it? 😉
  4. Maybe a search under unicorns will find it? And then a PM from the seller to the potential buyer. Got it. "Chasing Evora Unicorns"
  5. Wasn't it the guy who posted under a title called "Chasing Lotus Unicorns? Or something similar? Maybe a search under unicorns will find it? And then a PM from the seller to the potential buyer.
  6. I've got that on mine. It's called the SPORT button
  7. That's good 👍 Butlin's in Ayr for Craig this year 🤣
  8. Or the next trip to the Bahamas 😎
  9. Another £1000 in Craig's retirement account? 🤣
  10. What a pity everything seems to be dumbed down these days. I think a supercar or just a normal sports car should sound as good as it looks (says he with full Piper and Peco S/S systems on the M100's and a 2Bular back box on the Evora 👍)
  11. I made a comment on this the other day. I much prefer the looks of the Evora single blade and it does everything I want, even in a Scottish downpour. Dare I go as far as saying that I think it spoils the Emira's front end sexiness? You're correct about the M100 having dual windscreen wipers but I have converted one of mine to a single blade. It looks fantastic but, if I'm being honest, doesn't clear the water from the screen quite as well. But it looks a helluva lot nicer 😉
  12. Except (for logistics reasons allegedly !) sites supplied from Scotland, North Wales, North England and Cornwall otherwise I'd use it as it has extra detergents for keeping your engine cleaner
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