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  1. Nude female hurdling and weightlifting 😉
  2. I had wondered 🤔 I just assumed it was my dial up/Virgin slowband 😲
  3. If you think it's worth more, set the GVS higher. You're insurer might want more photo's/condition report and you might pay a slightly higher premium but .... Worth going for Salvage Retention too.
  4. Just pay Bibs some £dosh, become an annual, or gold paying member of TLF, and as if by magic...... 😉 See here for further info........
  5. Totally agree. And they are the fools and we are the mugs.
  6. Whooops. Sorry, typo 😉 Talking of typo's .... it's Provenance not Providence 🤣
  7. Thanks madonaa. It's a one off and very special. I like your colour too. It's nice to be different ie not silver, white or black Power to colour 👍
  8. Me too. That's just plain ugly and filthy. Little Britain 🤔
  9. It's Copper Fire I think. Done by Lotus at Hethel when they did the Evora up as per the James Bond Esprit. I think Lotus were hoping to use the car in "Skyfall" but the film producers went with the DB5 again.
  10. 👍 Looks a good day Jep. I see Dave Eds (Spud) NMY M100 there Kxxx UBA I was going with the LEC mob but had to bail out due to a double booking 😐
  11. Sad news. He was hoping to be at the Jim Clark 60th anniversary meet at Duns Castle next month.
  12. Now there's a surprise. What's the betting the garage are hard to get hold of too 🤔
  13. I suspect the latter which is why they moved it on. As mentioned early on I still suspect you might find a sludge buuld up somewhere at the bottom of the system
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