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  1. I am convinced I first got CV-19 returning home from Spain in Dec 2018 and/or again in Jan 2019. Half the plane was spluttering and I thought "Shit, I'm going to catch a cold" Of course, CV-19 was in its infancy then and when I was hospitalised in March 2019 they had no idea what to do. No lateral flow tests then, not even offered a lung function test. I had had no sense of taste of smell for over 8 weeks (anosmia) but they didn't believe this was a symptom at the time. I was the 1st person to report this in the Scottish Borders and it later became one of the main symptoms. As an ex analytical and pharma. chemist, I believe they got the wearing of masks completely wrong. In industry, masks are single use then wrap in a bag then dispose. The mask has to be the right mask and fit for its intended purpose (do you ever see any of our surgical teams wearing a home made mask out of an old bra, t shirt, or in some cases, knickers?) Masks also need to be worn correctly and men (and a few women I know) need to realise that facial hair of any sort, whether a 24 hour growth or a full beard, dramatically reduces the masks efficacy. Yes, it may help in the situations you describe but for 1 single journey you will require a minimum of 2 or maybe 3 masks ie bin it after 1 use and don't use it multiple times - cross contamination issues. Good luck with your flight and try and mitigate the possibility of catching the virus wherever possible.
  2. I suspect there will be. They recirculate the air on commercial planes, albeit through HEPA filters. It is about a 50% mix of "stale" air and fresh air from the outside and the air is changed abot 25 times an hour.
  3. I I bet that's given you even more to think about? 😉
  4. Where is it? Someone might know the current owner or car. Take a good OBD 11 reader and check if there are any stored fault codes. Check service history, it might need a big one sometime soon. Look for a receipt for a recent battery change. If not, budget for one. Not a big deal though (<£100) Any track history? Any outstanding finance? Pre-check its MOT history Check any receipts for clutch, starter motor, air con compressor, gassing etc....
  5. I collect library fines.
  6. I'm no electical expert but have you checked, or tried bypassing, the immobiliser? Also, try taking a direct feed from the battery to the fuel pump with it in situ. Does the pump kick in? It can only be something on the circuit diagram which is causing your problem.
  7. I agree with Filip, you can't be fat away. Something simple has been overlooked. PS a similar thing happened to me at Silverstone (M100 though, but similar problem) With the help of 2 knowledgeable (M100) friends we bypassed the fuel pump relay as we couldn't hear it prime. We put a live feed to the fuel pump and lo and behold it started and got me home the 300 miles. Further diagnosis by me at home, with the aid of the electrical diagrams and a "bit by bit" approach led me to a poorly seated fuel pump relay
  8. The show must go on then 🤔 The seller could be under pressure to sell so, don't stop me now.......
  9. I saw this car last night at the Car Barn, Beamish. It's Jimbob's old car and he was doing a nut and bolt restoration before his untimely death. Mike Y then took it on and finished the restoration. Further details on LEC. It does seem high from the photo's. I suspect they've used the Fed. springs 🤣
  10. I would agree too. It does sound like a simple electrical problem. Did you check out the relay connector?
  11. I think Eriki and Escape have hit the nail on the head 🤔
  12. All of the Evora looks better. The Emira is the "ugly sister" Well, not ugly, just not as good looking 😉 PS nice photo's by the way. Beauty and the beast(s) 😉
  13. Simple Adam Smith supply and demand economics in action.
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