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  1. In all my years of looking at that site I have never found any info on recalls for my vehicles either. It always says contact the dealer
  2. Hope you bought him a pint Spud? 🍺
  3. Well done Rob and thanks for updating and sharing your solution 👍
  4. OMG. Where's my sunglasses? 😎
  5. Hmmmm....🤔 No thanks. Just the name puts me off. Nigel scrapper 🤔 People like that should be reported to the CTC quango (Cruelty To Cars)
  6. Don't give Wee Krankie any more daft ideas Barry. Or if you do, make sure you patent them first 👍 Imagine if Lotus increased the price of the new shiny Emira by a much 😲 There would be a revolution 🤣
  7. Another unknown fact... Scotland has more water in Loch Ness than all the reservoirs and dams in Eeeengeerlaand and Wales put together 😲 No kidding, it's Scotland's water 😉
  8. Totally agree with the above comments. But get it checked over sooner rather than later for your own peace of mind
  9. It was Tex about a day ago. Have a look at thd M100 Elan market watch thread
  10. Blimey, with a name like that he must own a castle in Scotland. Or a Schloss in Bavaria. I've never come across Fred, as I'm not a F/B user but I don't think he hangs out on LEC. Geof (there's only 1 'effin Smith) might know him so there could be some collusiin re. the S2 register
  11. I fully expect that Jenson, Harry, Flintoff and the very annoying and cheesey "Schmeediot" will be much higher up the Emira queue than anyone on here, for obvious reasons I also have a conspiracy theory that someone at Hethel reads all these post slating them about late deliveries and poor communications etc and just pings that poster a slot further down the list. The worst offenders will get their car on Jan 04 2023, the day the Beast from the East part 2 arrives 🤬 Only joking. Tongue in cheek of course
  12. Reg. No. looks familiar. It's in and around Stef's old stamping ground so she may know? Head over to LEC and ask the question as Dave says. I thing Geoff Smith and/or Clemo hold and update the S2 register
  13. I'm sure if you pry out the side indicator with a credit card and then, carefully push in one side with a small screwdriver (there are usually 2 plastic lugs, one each side, holding the indicator unit in place) you will get the indicator unit out fairly easily to investigate further.
  14. Sounds like Tom had a similar problem 2 years ago
  15. It does seem strange if they were "handed" but if it has the Lotus logo on it would have to be and your solution would work. Unfortunately I don't have my Evora with me at present so can't check. In the past when I've had to do something to the indicators on my M100 Elan I have done it from the outside and pulled the gubbins through to the outside and then replaced. The orange indicator came off by a twist and pull after prying with a credit card. I'm not sure if this will work for the Evora but worth a try? I'm sure Bibs or someone will be along with a better idea soon. Good luck 🤞
  16. Just another 100 mph brown trouser moment 💩
  17. I once had a client in Innerleithen (nymphomaniac, name and address supplied on request 😛) who, naturally, had a bit of a reputation. Whenever there was a power outage or the lights dimmed the locals used to say "that'll be S***** charging her gadgets" 🤣
  18. All these delays just mean you have more time to enjoy driving your existing Evora, Exige, Elise or battered M100. That should be good news 👍 And you'll still get good days in Oct, Nov and Dec. When your Emira arrives Unfortunately Lotus have no control over Brexit, Covid, wars or anything else that is affecting the current supply chain. So, get out there and drive your Lotus like you stole it. It will put the smile back on your face 😉
  19. But my paltry £600 on electricity, 1000L of fuel oil and 3 tonnes of wood, some of which is scavenged every time I walk the dog 3 times a day, seems small change compared to some. No under floor heating (got a pair of slippers), no air con (windows open), no swimming pool (got a small lochan up the road) and no hot tub (I have a hot bath when I need one) Lots of insulation and lots of cost cutting devices ie LED's instead of halogens, solar lights and 3 hamster's running on the wheel in 8 hour shifts to power a single deep freeze...... I even recycle my own farts and have a turbine installed in the bog so everytime I flush..... I even have an automatic cut off switch to stop the Missus overcharging her sex toys. Short of recycling my bog paper, what more can I do? 😉
  20. Great photo's BFP 👍 I particularly like the 1st photo showing the Spa undulations
  21. I agree March. Fuel oil has bottomed out a bit and is now at its lowest for 6 months so consider topping up now. You don't need to use it until it is essential but better to have it than not. I'm sure I heard that Grangemouth oil refinery was going on strike and that affects us all, not just us in colder Scotland 🥶
  22. I think if we get another "Beast from the East" and a storm similar, or worse, than Arwen we are stuffed. Remembering my old scout's motto.... Be Prepared 😉
  23. Filip - I think it may be more due to a camshaft position sensor, vapourisation of fuel when hot etc.. It could also be due to low coolant levels (check the expansion/header tank and the CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor). Also in summer months in hot countries it may be worth changing to a thicker grade oil. And, of course, if your battery is low on charge it won't have enough to power the starter motor It could be lots of things really but a few extra things to consider 🤔 Hope this helps and you bottom it out. PS my 1st Lotus Elan (M100) always started 1st time when cold. When warm it was different and required quite a few cranks and turns of the starter motor which sounded horrible and was embarassing if people were watching. It was entirely due to hot fuel vapourisation issues 😕
  24. My electricity bill is only £49 per month ie <£600 pa (Octopus, fixed price tarriff until Sept 2023) I have just purchased 3T of dried hard wood, topped up my oil (kerosene) tank, bought a 3.5 KW invertor generator, another Morso wood burning stove, some high TOG duvet jackets etc... as I really believe the lights will go out this winter 🙁 Anyone else remember the winter of discontent in the late '70's?
  25. Good luck. Hope all goes well and you get back on the road asap. 👍 PS might be worth replacing the alt. belt at the same time?
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