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  1. Hi Si I have tried a couple of time with emails but not had any reply as yet. could you check your email and get back to me please. Doug
  2. Anything will be considered really. I want a good job so something which has alot of work to do on it bodywork or interior trim etc. mechanical is no problem. V8 probably too expensive budget up to 5K but would prefer something around the 1000 - 2000 mark (just missed a perfect one on autotrader at 1650 needing painting and interior but had a recon box, damn) That one suggested above looks ideal but I would want to pay anything over 1500 for that ( I would think the owner has different plans!... eyes open!
  3. Cheers Artie. nearly everyone I have shown these seats to wants to buy them from me! lol they are a great seat, very supportive and dead comfortable. They are Recaro Sportster SC's which retail around
  4. IS it actually for sale? if so whats the price? what you can see doesn't look too bad really. but as some have said the big worry would be the state of the chassis. I see it being worth much..... ....could be perfect! Are s2's turbos or not?
  5. guys, and gals (if there are any?) I'm looking to get into the Esprit thing again but would like a project this time. So I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a cheap car they, are selling, need to off load, had enough of fixing, shafted by and broken and too expensive to fix problem, or simply feel like giving it away! ;-D - anything. It has to be in the UK and be right hand drive but other than that I'm all ears. Written off, salvage, blown up, burnt out, any condition. I'll be interested to hear from you. Many thanks Doug
  6. FOUR MONTHS!!!! four months in the upholstery shop is astounding. what exactly were they doing. I do a little trimming as a hobby and design interior trim for a living for a UK prestige car company, so know whats involved. but that a huge amount of time. I recently re-trimmed a couple of seats for my project which is sitting in the garage (not lotus, unfortunately!).... let me see if I can find a before and after... ok here you go, these are the latest recaro aftermarket seats which were going cheap as someone tasefully had them trimmed in white vinyl with carbon effect (how tacky) vinyl centers oh and to top it all off, had a shamrock stiched into the headrest! WTF!? Anyway after two weekends and a week of evenings they are looking much sweeter (well i think anyway - you may like shamrocks?) all completed using a fine grain black automotive leather with double stitched quilted centers. Let me know what you think and seriously if anyone else (in the uk) wants a custom interior> drop me a line - it sure as hell wont take 4 months!!! That said it does look like a nice job and brings the interior up to date - NICE JOB. cheers, Doug Ps the photos a little dark as i finished them late one night and had to rely on the flash - still hope the get the idea!
  7. I have a S3 Rolling Chassis currently for sale on ebay. If its any use to anyone please get it touch. To view the listing please follow the link: Many thanks Doug
  8. Hi Jonathon, Did you ever sort this problem it seems very similar to what Im getting, although mine doesn't sound so severe. Its fairly steady but seems to catch the bumps in the road more than it should and I'm constently having to add corrections to the steering even on dead ahead. your always fighting it (i doubt this is an Esprit traight?!) I also have V8 wheels on a GT3. Thing is I have notice a light click in the steering. with the car partked, engine running I can get the steering wheel and give it a sharp(ish) qtr turn, then let go. The wheel wants straighten up a little as is to be expected and its when I release my grip on the steering wheel that you can hear a click or clonk. I had a friend do this while I stuck my head in the wheel arch to listen. I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from but putting my finger on the rack/track rod end I could feel the clonk, so something is loose or there is play in it. is the rack mechanism susseptable to wear? if it is its the first one I have seen! I will replace the rack if nessecary but want to find out for sure as its and exspensive item and may only need something adjusting/tighening/new bushes etc. Does anyone have any experiance of the steering racks? is changing one a major ball ache etc.. Cheers Doug
  9. hanks, I will check the charge cooler. It has an electric pump so will make sure its working. as for the file... It said I wasn't allowed to upload files of this type? so I just changed the extension to txt. if your having difficulty getting it into excel just change the extension back and it should work. I should be able get out in the car either late tonight up tomorrow to try a propper run. How do i go about resetting the ecu? Cheers Doug
  10. ok managed to clear my attachments... heres the file cold_warmup.txt
  11. Hi Guys , Could some one have a look at this please. I finally got myself a cheapo laptop with a serial port. this is the result of the first run warming up from cold. I also had the following error codes come up: 22 24 34 I'm checking the running out due to the fact that the engine light has come on (then gone off) a few times. Also it has to be running very rish as I am getting just over 200 miles to a tank (previously getting 300+) exhaust tip is also very black! Any help is very much appreciated. ok tried to upload the file and it says I dont have enough upload space left..? (how do I sort this please? )
  12. copper grease is my new best friend! Its frustrating that they have designed it like that. Tbh when I look at it its not very good at all... Top link and suspension strut both hanging off the hub on bolts in single shear and an aluminium casting which I'm assuming was used lessen the unsprung weight, but when its hanging on the end of a bloody great steel radius arm and filled with the longest steel bolts i've seen on a car does it really make much difference - I would say not. Add some galvanic corrosion in the mix for good measure and you have a recipe for a pretty unservicable item! Thanks again to espritism though for making the best of a bad situation, Cheers.
  13. Get that man a cape!! esprit ism have just dropped off a replacement hub and in under 100 minutes of me breaking the damn thing. The first good luck I've had today. (got back this morning to find the central heating up the shoot, so it was a good start!) Should, and I say should! (see I'm learning) be back on the road tomorrow. I could finish it tonight but its cold out and I think it better to just write today off and quit while I'm loosing. Cheers, Doug
  14. Yep. Wish I had seen and read that before I started! thanks for the tip off I will get in touch. New ones listed on SJ are 120 ish (plus VAT of cause but does anyone know how they come? I'm guessing theres extras it will need, bearing etc? Whats really p!ssing me off is that its was actually freed up and moving through the hub. I had tighted the nut on one end to pull the bolt through and it was past the suspension and into the first part of the casting. This is when I tried knocking it through with a drift, gently I care to add although I could go out there now and open a can of whoop ass on it now!! At least I'm not the first person to do this! lol
  15. while fitting new poly bushes and trying to press out the lower wishbone bolt (which is still seized)I have succeded in breaking the rear hub casting! I feel as though I should burst with rage and torch the ba*stard thing but think I am still in shock that its broken on me. Have to get to work somehow in the morning! urgh. I was just getting confidence back in it and starting to enjoy driving it again (what with the nice weather this weekend) after I had the engine out fixing a burnt valve. I have come to the conclusion that Esprit ownership means that as hard as you try it will still kick you in the nuts in the end! This is tiresome. If anyone can help please get in touch on 0770 190 33 44 Many thanks Doug
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