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  1. Not a recent post, but in the meantime very busy with gathering parts and removing parts. Last week I removed the valve cover to respray with wrinkle paint. This weekend I removed the front bumper. Mainly also to remove the side front lights in the bumper. I found that exactly the same were used by a Mini Clubman. Someone in my neighbourhood had several Mini-parts for sale and had a meeting with him this week. It appeared that the lights were exactly the same. I missed the rubbers between the lens and at the bumperside (or was broken/not useful anymore) but the person made some stock for himself. I was also curious about the headlights, they also looked the same as mine! The person offered me the lot for a really good price, so I am very happy!!!
  2. Thanks! I think I can bring it to my work (Jaguar / Land Rover). the mechanics surely know how to do it
  3. I posted a while ago my great stock of interior parts, centre consoles and dashboard(parts), but received none reply for interest. Should you need anything please let me know which colour interior your car has. I also still have a complete brown 'leather' dashboard in very good condition. Retrimming is another story, but maybe you are looking for parts please let me know.
  4. I think I know which seal you mean, in the centre of the water pump. I think I have to remove the whole waterpump to get access to it? I also found repair kit on the site of SJ Sportscars or Lotusbits, do I need those or just replacing the seal (which I could not find on either sites)
  5. Thanks! How do you mean shot? and which seal? I asked the mechanics at my work what it could be, but they thought that it would be replace the gasket? Only necessary if it has to be replaced? I have a pulley from my friend Bauke. I searched for the forum which screws I have to use for fitting and if there is a central attachment in front of the pulley, but could not find any clear photos. The parts manual doesnot have clear pictures either.
  6. Yes, rusty it is haha, but not totally lost. I found that I miss the pulley for the waterpump and the power steering pump is hanging low as it is not attached for some reason....Maybe to remove/attach the belt? Is it hard to find a pulley for the waterpump? And do I need more than just the pulley? Please let me know!
  7. Bought the Bosch Multitool with extra blade for metal, but the blade didnot the work I expected... The blade became blunt... but that is more a warranty thing for Bosch. Probably I hit the screws, as it was hard to see where to saw. But the blade should survive this... Somehow I managed to move the bonnet a bit forward and could get hold on the screw and could get the hood off with the rattle. Now I have a good look of the engine in the front and noticed the lower hanging object on the right under.... What is it? I miss one of the belts, that's for sure, but should the item be movable? Do I miss more items? An unpleasant surprise after the bonnet job.... Hopefully it is not that worse?
  8. Would be great to be there. Hopefully no surprises or problems during the wake up of my Eclat. Last year during the 70th anniversary was also great to go there with a group of Lotus cars.
  9. Succeeded in getting the screws out en get the headlight pods off. When you move your arm snakewise into that hole you can reach the other end of where the bonnet bolts are. The nuts are inside the body/polyester.... Thanks for the tip for the Bosch Multitool. I am afraid I have to use this very, very much as most bolts/nuts are completely rusted/stuck. Think it will be must easier to have these rusted bolts cut off and replace them by new stainless steels.... Thought the engine or electrics would be a challenge, but just removing the bonnet is quit a challenge
  10. Thought I try to find old pictures of my Eclat before I bought the car as I remembered that there are still parts on the car which are now missing. And yes! as you can see the headlights are complete and the bumper lights are still in its place..... Think this owner decided to keep these parts for his Elite as spare parts maybe, but didnot notice it when the car was picked up.... I do have the headlights but not the alluminium rings. I donot have any contactdetails from this Belgian owner, but when he is here at this forum please contact me.
  11. Seemed easier to read than perform.... Tried to remove all screws but most of them were rusted and impossible to remove. 1 part succeeded on the left and yes, there is a hole/tunnel between the wheelarch and engine bay, but impossible to reach the nut from the bonnet. Tried to remove the whole light pod. 1 part succeeded, but the part at the side of the wheelarch impossible!! Could not feel any nut on the other side, so I am afraid I have to use a grinder.... Someone said earlier that the grinder will be most of use and now I understand..... or is there a easier way? Checked also how to remove the front bumper and found 2 nuts on the backside where the license plate is. I think there are also some screws behind the light indicators covers?
  12. OK!! Thought maybe there were some nuts on the inside but could not enter from the wheelarch.... Never thought about the headlights! Great!!! Thanks for the tip!
  13. Thanks! I will be able to check the chassis number when the car is on blocks or working bridge at a garage. Concerning the bolts it seems easy but the bolts just turn but do not get any looser....
  14. In the meantime I ordered the needed parts. As I am working at a car company the mechanics suggested to use a bottle of Wynn's oil system cleaner before I will change the oil. Today I removed the air filter housing to better have the oil filter removed. I tried to remove the engine bonnet, but think the bolts are a bit loose... I turned and turned, but the bolts didnot change position... Any suggestions? Think the bonnet needs to be remove to have the belts replaced.
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