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  1. Hi Mark Have you driven an evora with each type of gearbox? I personally prefer close ratio.
  2. Would love to join this in my evora.
  3. Thank you. I am not exactly sure what 550 / 745 (metrics I was given) are measured in but is the 'owners handbook' the manual you got with the car? I will have a look for it in the handbook I have if so. That is consistent with: Reassuring
  4. It will be a great turnout of cars I am sure but I have been a little bit spoiled here in Aberdeen with the GT Scotlans meets with Veyron, P1 etc.
  5. Has anyone has their aircon recharged? I am being told 745 but just want to check if anyone else has put the same quantity in? Thanks Stewart
  6. Hi, This looks fun but an awfully long day. What else is going on besides parade laps + 3 x 15min track time? Thanks Stewart
  7. It's perfectly possible to get sub 26k without massive miles. Friend picked one up an early one 25,600 with 42k on the clock (advertised at 28,750)
  8. I know they're not issue free. I told a porkie too, I had the boot water ingress issue and the passenger lock doesn't always come up. I wasn't being serious - I am just jealous, the 400 at 60k/70k is a stretch for me just now.
  9. Should have bought an old NA, I've had no issues in 12 months now. Taken it from 42k to 51k miles.
  10. Personally, I don't think I will be able to leave the car alone for more than two weeks unless it snows very heavily!
  11. Oh, I hope not. My car is garage 5mins away from my house! I am just preparing my car for it's period of more than 2 weeks of not being used (maybe), so will hook up the trickle charge with the car locked on Sunday to the battery in the boot using accumate. There was one post on another thread saying leave the fuel tank nearly empty and there was another saying leave it nearly full.....I think I will go for full.... Do you think it would be better to put the car on charge for a day every fortnight rather than leave it on 24/7, in my head, that's safer.
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