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  1. Hello Filip, there are other reasons to take out the motor and box. Plenty of tasks to do here and there on the motor. This also allows me to install the alunox header without breaking my back. Some repairs just cannot be delayed infinitely. I will deal with the starter when I put everything back together. I will post some pictures of the progress or just make a new thread if necessary since I am derivating quite a bit from the initial topic now
  2. I got the car back and its now in my garage. The boot floor is already out as well as the starter (its full of grease and gunk). I will proceed to take the engine out once I have a proper engine lift (mine is to short, since the Esprit engine is further in than your average motor :)
  3. I had to move the car from its parking a week ago due to the municipality performing road work, so I had it transported to Lotus hoping it would be an easy fix so I can drive it again soon. I would have preferred to do it myself but the car had to move quickly. They suggested to replace the starter, clutch, flywheel and various bits and pieces. Since I dont fancy dropping the box out of boredom and much less paying someone for doing so, I did not accept the offer and instead I will perform the work myself. Which in turn allows me to address a number of issues that rised over the last year. I might also profit from the occasion to fit my new alunox header and replace the timing belt. Just have to move it over to my shop which is quite a strech away from home.
  4. Thats exactly what I experienced, key in ignition and trying to start -> Rapid clicking noises for 4 seconds -> Then nothing, everything went dark. I remove the keys put them back in, still everything dark, no light no starting no nothing. I suspect a blown fuse or shorted wire and get out to pull the bat kill switch and while I was outside (with keys in hand) the starter started to crank the motor.
  5. True that, I will not jump start it again, I promise Sounds good, bench testing for the starter it will be. Edit: I just came back from the parking lot and the lot still smells (Mix between clutch and fried electronics) The battery is disconnected so nothing can happen but it still smells badly.
  6. Thats new to me, I never heard of damaged ECUs due to jump starting, but I heard of ECUs being fried due to inverting terminals I do agree, charging the battery is my preferred method if time allows. I forgot to mention that there was a rather burned smell coming from the starter motor after I had shut it down. I had the impression that the starter motor was still engaged when the engine came to life. It didnt run very long, 20 seconds max. Could there be a faulty relay involved too ? As I said after the rapid clicking noise everything went dark for a few seconds.
  7. Thanks Barry ! Its an old trick I ve tried that. If I turn the key after tapping the solenoid, nothing happens, no clicking and no cranking. I think the solenoid was stuck at the beginning and now it doesnt move at all so no starting action. I have to take out the starter motor to get a look at the solenoid. Luckily its on an easy position to work on It probably needs a good cleaning and some wd40
  8. Hello, my 1990 Esprit SE was sitting for two months and today I was trying to start it with mixed success. First try to start lead to clicking noises from the engine bay. I assumed weak battery so I put the jumper cables on. Second try: Again clicking noises for a few seconds and then nothing. The dash went dark and my thought was that I probably blew a main fuse or shorted a wire. (The battery wasnt completely empty because the pods and lights were still working a minute ago) So I removed the key from ignition and went to the rear to check for smoke or something. While I stand outside with the key in hand the engine suddently started to crank all by itself (I am not joking). Thinking that it was probably a sticky relay I put the key back in and it fired right up. Did not sound very healthy so I shut it down immediatly. Engine was still turning over when I removed the keys so I pulled the battery kill switch to avoid any damage. The motor stopped cranking The starter motor was quite hot after this. If I flip the battery switch back on there is no more cranking. Not even when I put the keys in. Any ideas where to search for the problem ? Help is greatly appreciated
  9. Those 17" sound like a plan. What tire combo would I be looking for with them on a SE ? Im sick looking for a tire on this car with stock wheels. Its seriously dangerous to run 5 years old Kumhos and Dunlops, I decided after a couple of near misses that its time to do something ... Edit: Looks like its hard to get a matching set for the stock wheels, I have been eyeballing a set of BF Goodridge GForce Comp2 in 255/50ZR16 The closest thing there is for the fronts is 195/50R15 ... Way too small.
  10. Hehe no this was in front of my door, thats over an hour drive away from where it was stored
  11. I dont know, but it certainly looks like someone just wanted to borrow it for a spin ... On another note, someone left a brand new lotus front windscreen wiper on my windscreen I first thought it was trash littering on my car but then it said "Genuine Lotus parts" and it was a brand spanking new wiper XD I have no idea who it was but I have a feeling that you might be reading here, so thanks ! Much appreciated ! (Dont mind my dirty clothes, we just took a rotary engine out)
  12. This is a good idea. The only problem is that I dont have any "hard proof" to show for. Just a couple of pics that show a wet car. Its an old pre WW2 industrial complex and the warehouses have that typical round "hangar shape" so thats why we call them hangars Its an enclosed area with a big fence. My money is on the neighbors. You notice the way they are looking at you or behaving when they pass by, that you are not welcome. Thats telling a lot. Everyone knows whats inside due to the windows being there ... And tbh the neighbors are somewhat suspicious. I am already looking for another place thats probably a bit closer. I wrote an urgent email last sunday to the company managing the site but i still havent got any reply ... I had to call the landlord/boss on his phone. They can't be serious ...
  13. I just checked, it was the 22 Feb when I put it into storage ! The hangar certainly is cold but its not humid or wet. If this would be the case then there should be fungus. I see no fungus. That would be seriously messed up, he is actually on vacation in south europe but one of his employees, yes very well likely indeed. Their camera system was down for maintenance and they must have known about this !
  14. This is probably the most likely thing that happened. Makes sense if you dont want to attract attention. Thanks. I hope I can get this sorted too
  15. This was my first idea too, roof leaking or a tube nearby that leaks water. But there is no leak in the roof and there is also no water tube. Actually I dont even have a tap anywhere in the hangar. Broken windows yes, there was one but thats roughly about 35 feet away on the other side and only measures about 10x10 inches. Impossible if you ask me. @Buddsy Looks like one of these bars is on order for me Besides that, no water on the floor, or any water around the car itself. The other car besides the Lotus is dry.
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