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  2. Thanks Bibs for that idea, unfortunatly I don't know how to get on the thread. But good news I have found him through Club Lotus, so now he has all the gen. Good dead done! Thanks everyone. MikeP
  3. Yes C that's the one Yes Chris that's the one, I can help the owner if I can contact him.
  4. Hi All Does anybody know the owner of the above car that was on display in the Lotus Forums Group area on Sunday at Duxford. Reason is I have information for the owner regarding an important part he requires for his car. Thanks in anticipation. Regards MikeP
  5. Hi Martyn I have just joined the Forum but I have been a Club Lotus Member for many years. I own a Elan Sprint DHC 1972 In pretty good shape, and was wondering if It would be not too late to attend the Duxford Spring Car Show and park with all the other Lotus Cars. Pat Floyd has only recently informed me of the event. If I am not too late and there is room for me please let me know via E mail. [email protected] Regards MikeP
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