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  1. hi can any one from admin help I'm trying to put my lotus excel on the classifieds but the site keeps rejecting my email user name many thanks john
  2. hi guys still looking for a decent interior for a 1985 lotus excel if any one has one in good condition for sale pref black cheers john,also looking for wing mirrors into quarter glass
  3. im looking for all interior the car is black looking for one in good condition the one im taking out is not to bad its beige half leather but im trying to find a nice interior before I go spending large amount of cash having it recoverd regards john
  4. haha slip of key board many thanks its a 1985 c reg lotus excel
  5. hi guys if any one can help im looking for full interior 1995 lotus excel se,if any one has one for sale in good condition please let me know cash waiting many thanks john
  6. thanks ian you were correct the fitting kit of a 1985 celica supra fits a treat of ebay £25 per corner
  7. any of you good people know were I can get hold of a 1995 lotus excel rear pad fitting kit many thanks in advance
  8. hi guys looking for a bit of help as I cant remember, 1985 lotus excel I have 2 wires running along the firewall to the passengers side I have the water bottle connector block that's straight forward but I have 2 other wires as well any suggestions were they go many thanks
  9. they have 2 bullet shape connectors on them they were zip tied to the windscreen wash bottlr wire
  10. hi guys shot in the dark any one near north wales that owns an excel need to have a look at an engine bay memory not to good any help would be appreciated
  11. waist line trim people not been on for a while car is going well read the the instructions fro sj sport casrs but avin a bas ard of a job with the sorners on the back end used a heat gun gently but the access material jost flares up roun the corner and looks poo any tips gratefully wanted cheers

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