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  2. I've had a number of people which have come up to me and said that when the Europa S first came out they did not like it.. but now they really do...
  3. It's a great day... Part of the fun of owning a Lotus is the driving experience ... So first it was great being part of the run, people giving us a wave and taking photos of us on route. THEN all of us coming together and driving into Chatsworth... the cars all looking great, every colour and most of the models. It was a truly WOW moment. Another part of the fun of owning a Lotus is talking to other owners... And finally I won on the raffle... Day out with a Lotus Race team
  4. It's a great day... two photos from last year
  5. Photo from our last run of 2015 in North Wales
  6. With regards to the Europa S, 456 manufactured from 2006. It's reported that there are only 115 left in the UK !!!
  7. Thanks, It was Gareth Downing driving on the Sunday. Came 4th in both the Sunday races, at one point he was down at 7th after being pushed off the track. But came back...
  8. Fun at Donington Park this weekend - GT Cup race
  9. Looking good... if you find the driving too hard, let me know and I'll drive it back for you
  10. Spotted today around Aberdeen, I was on my way from the airport heading in the direction of the city center, and saw a lovely grey Elise.
  11. Hi, please copy them... I have other too. I'll upload them for you. Now what will I get when/if I win the lotto...
  12. Brian, lovely car. I was waiting for my Lotto numbers to come up Some more photos of your car....
  13. Hi, you could ask on the FaceBook page: Lotus Europa S/SE 121- Owners group -LEO Group I'm sure someone has done them.
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