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  1. Geely are selling Volvo shares in a stock market flotation but keeping a majority stake. Perhaps we can buy Lotus shares one day, if the plan goes to....plan. Justin
  2. 600 LOT was a Bell and Colvill plate and I think was on the first turbo they did, a white S1. Justin
  3. 340R is a genius driving machine. 5000 miler fetched 61k last month. Prices have been steady for 4 or 5 years now, having spiked from mid-20's about 10 years ago. Justin
  4. Gotta love Sport 410. A gem ...carbon seats just perfect. Don't let the rain and muck stop you - it's a car not a sculpture. Justin
  5. Exige S Roadster, which is effectively a V6 Elise. Rare in early form 345bhp with no spoiler and a bit 'unknown'. Should hold value well. Or fixed head Exige of 2015/16/17 vintage. Alpine is probably the one but I think it will depreciate more than Exige. Save some dosh, GR Yaris. Not my thing at all being snore-wheel drive but should hold value reasonably well (though they are making quite a lot of them) and be entertaining. Most other stuff is too heavy to be of any tactile joy. Justin
  6. Optima Red Top RTS 3.7 High Cranking AGM Starter Battery – Battery Megastore I bought one of these. Expensive but discharge much slower, as my Excel was eating standard batteries. Ideally, fit a trickle charge port for the long term solution. I have not yet done so but the Optima AGM is still working well without trickle charging, 3 years on. I use the same on my '73 XJ6. If that does not appeal, LION or HANKOOK brands seem to be value at the moment. EuroCarParts sell LION. Justin
  7. jep

    TLF GT430 Club

    Lotus managed to have each Elan M100 S2 to have unique numbers on the edition plate My Elan M100 S2 is not numbered...did they make 801? 340R are numbered - but the factory kept no records Ltd Ed number to chassis number. So Ltd Ed numbers can get moved, faked, mistake etc...chassis number more reliable. Justin
  8. Rumour had it that all the early press cars had CR box. I would think a few other early cars did also but cert of provenance will confirm any particular car. Mine is 2010, so just after Launch Edition and had CR from factory. I prefer the NA to the S but I have only done 400 miles or so with S compared to 20,000 in NA. Justin
  9. I'll be intrigued to see how much they ask. 3 have sold quickly in the last 2 months. A sad day it must be after near 7 years. Brilliant cars. Hopefully a Lotus replaces. Justin
  10. Is this just north of Hadrians Wall? Perhaps I misread the title. Something is wrong with the car. I have driven many miles in Elise on all sorts of roads. The cars are peerless on any surface. And so are Exige of the two I have driven. In my fairly extensive experience of Lotus since 1992, the cars flatter the driver and make you feel much better than your talent actually is. Justin
  11. If anyone knows a source for this please let me know. No 2 on the diagram.
  12. jep

    340R For Sale A low miler fetched 60k last month on Collecting Cars. Description on this one a bit array - wheels are alloy not mag and seats are not carbon fibre. Justin
  13. Sprint is still good but I think Alfa Romeo flexed a legal muscle or two when 143bhp Elise S1 was to be called 'Elise Sprint'. 111S was a good fix. 130S, 131S......for the fast editions, though Evija quite fast enough as standard. I have never liked CUP, as I just think of Renault (love Reggie but not for sharing with Lotus). If we have to use CUP, it should stand for Chapman Ultimate Performance. Or Circuit Ultimate Performance, as that helps explain the firmer suspension on a CUP. I have long advocated 'Chapman Edition' for the Lotus equivalent of LT, GT2, RS, AMG, R, blah, blah b
  14. I asked the factory about the name. Sport 410 or 410 Sport. They said 'Sport 410'. Decals say otherwise.......... I drove a 2018 GT410 Sport about 18 months ago - is my mind misleading me but that felt firmer than the Sport 410. Sport 410 could not quite match the Exige S (345bhp) off the line at the weekend. I am sure it will pull away at the upper ends but we could not test that. Could have been the driver(s). Justin
  15. Having driven an Evora Sport 410 this weekend on some of my favourite roads, I can say you will not be disappointed. The steering is sublime, ridiculously good. Suspension not too harsh and coped with poor A and B road surfaces with aplomb - never making me feel nervous. The exhaust noise is crazy - standard factory. Beautiful and inspiring but it may attract attention one does not want. Carbon seats are a total winner. Comfy and lower you in the cabin so you really are in your capsule, ready for launch. Justin
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