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  1. Probably a good idea and a great thread to assist. I bought some fancy bulbs for the Excel and it made no difference, to my eyes. I rather lost interest after that experience. I tend to drive older vehicles most days so the Evora headlamps seem very good already to me. I don't really think about it when Evora-ing at night. Justin
  2. I have only driven one car better than an Evora normally aspirated for steering, suspension and handling. McLaren 12c. Given the price difference in purchase and running costs, the Evora is the better car. Justin
  3. You can change the headlamp bulbs but not the indicator or brake light ones. And def not the side repeaters. You are required to have a bulb kit for France. The legislation was clearly imposed pre-LED disposable units and Lotus do not do an Evora Bulb Kit (I asked). So I just packed some old bulbs from my Fiat 128 pile and bought the headlamp bulbs from Fleabay, £66 for two. Osram D1S 35W Xenon bulb New HID 66144 Justin 345bhp and you only did 157mph? Bah! I only had 276bhp, two up with luggage for 8 days. Justin
  4. Love it but...…...on GPS that is only 153mph at best. I need to see your trip summary on the sat nav please. Still beat me though. Don't forget to put that in the advert when you sell. Justin
  5. Agreed, that is why McLaren steering feels so good, still hydraulic. Most drivers do not want 'information over-load' from the steering. Steering appears to be way down the list for most drivers. For me, it is near the top. That is why I love the Renault Twingo 133; sublime 5th wheel. Justin
  6. Nice colour for the NA Evora. And the 410. What kept you away? Welcome aboard. Justin PS. the plural of Lotus is Lotus. Why? 'Cos I said so.
  7. You will be popular in Europe with an Evora. Very few are seen out in the wild, so it gets lots of turning-heads and photo-snaps. The rear seats are fab for luggage and you cannot see it in the back from outside the car, so it is quite safe to leave parked with the luggage in. Don't forget spare bulb kit (just take some generic bulbs, as you cannot change them in the Evora), Hi-Viz jackets for each person, GB Euro sticker for the number plates, warning triangle. First Aid kit and breathalyser are advisory not compulsory. And copy of your insurance, V5 and MOT. You will need international driving licence and green card for insurance after 31 Jan 2020. I sadly only made 149mph on the 'Bahns. I hope you do better, if that is your thang. Justin
  8. On another thread, you say you have had 10 Elise since 1998. Great going! Which was your favourite and it would fab if you list them all...I have only driven S1 Elise. Justin
  9. Genius. I am far too lazy to ever do this but I will print it out and hand to Bell and Colvill at my next service. Justin
  10. See 'Evora flat battery nightmare' thread [email protected] for good tips on this. Justin
  11. The only cup holder any Lotus should have is the driver who came first in the race and has the trophy held aloft. They sold plenty of S1 Elise without any unnecessary weight-adding bits of trash. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your Elise. Justin
  12. My 64,000 miler 2010 NA is remarkably leak free in the near 2 years I have owned it. 14,000 miles, it lives outside and is used all year round. I don't jet wash any car, actively dislike such tools. Bucket and sponge for me. Jet spray just forces water into areas it should not be, not so critical on a Lotus with an ali chassis but if I did that to my Renaults, there may not be much left in a few years time. Wind noise is not necessary a sign of water-ingressing gaps, though on newer cars it may be the case. My 928 has quite a bit of wind noise, as does the A pillar on the XJ6 but neither leak (well, not in those areas...…….). And an Elise S1 is basically all wind noise with the hood on at speed but they don't leak from the front header rail which seems to give the bulk of the decibels. Justin
  13. Yes, the driver side mat is short. In fact, just wrong for some bizarre reason. However, it protects the necessary bits and does not catch your heel or disrupt in any way. I had rather forgotten this as it matters so little to me but I should have mentioned. The passenger side one fits correctly. Mine were complimentary but had I paid for them, I would be miffed. I would hope Lotus have resolved this, perhaps a dodgy batch, but I am sure they have more pressing matters to attend to presently. Any mat you do buy, please ensure it is fixed in position with the screw-in retainers. The Lotus ones at least have the hole and finish trim to do this, though I am sure it is easy to buy the fixing kit. Excels are lethal if fitted with non-fixed overmats; they slid and end up catching the accelerator pedal, holding it down on full-bore. Justin
  14. Mine has a charging point in the boot, though I can leave for 2 weeks+ without trickle charging. Plus one between the seats. Lotus still sell overmats with Evora text or did in 2018 as Bell and Colvill supplied a new set for mine. I hope you will get that MPG way down over the next few months....5000rpm to the 3 red lights is the best place to be. Justin
  15. Agree. 500 plus miles a day in a NA Evora should be as comfy as an armchair. I have done so a few times, so easy and no passenger complaints either. Justin
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