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  1. I did understand the belt for AC was not related to WP but I think the WP belts tend to come loose, if I recall it is connected to the PAS system? I just wondered if the WP was struggling, this may manifest itself more when AC on. Probably completely wrong...……. Agreed re gauges. I take them as guide, not at face value. My S1 Elise temp gauge is all over the place but no sign of any mechanical problem. Justin
  2. @Reindeer you can't go wrong with Bell and Colvill. Give Jamie a call, he will tell everything about the car, they don't sell rubbish, it will be top notch with a proper PDI and warranty. I bought my Evora from them in 2018. 50,000 miles, 8 years old. Now 65,000 miles. Justin
  3. @DJW great list. Ford Probe...mmm, quite different to a Lotus, how was it? Alpine - I hope to get one day but not sure it will best Evora and don't have +2. Was gear change quick enough? Metro Turbo - light with turbo drama, perfection. 340R you need to try, though perhaps too tame for you after 2-11, Atom etc.... @PAR 3 of the great Lotus road cars. S1 Elise is probably the ultimate lightweight, affordable sports car in my eyes. 118bhp is enough. M100, so bloody good, esp in the wet. Evora - the hidden gem. 276bhp plenty, 400 why not, it can only get better. Terrific trio to own. What next? Justin
  4. Is water pump belt a tad loose, so when AC on, it struggles to keep engine cool? I know I had issues with water pump, which from memory was in relation to power steering pump/belt but I forget the exact problem. It cost me a head gasket. I assume you engine cooling fans are working when AC on. Justin
  5. That looks great. I bet both Lotus fun on the autobahns but even more so on the twisty stuff. I assume you track the modified Elise. Lotus always attract positive comments in Germany. Justin
  6. jep

    Would you Trade ?

    I am trying to think how the two are comparable. Made by Lotus and all that entails and ? Evora is a +2, well equipped, usable sports car that can do 600+ miles in a day and leave the driver fresh. The Exige is a small, quick, near essentials only, 2 seat sports car, originally designed for track use (based on a race car that Lotus Motorsport made). It may have morphed a bit more towards road use due to its rather unexpected success but it is still not really comparable to any mainstream sports car, whereas Evora is. Many do go from Exige to Evora and vice versa. Or indeed switch between the Lotus offerings but the choice can only be made by the individual. If you track a lot, Exige may suit best. If you road mainly and like to take others and luggage, Evora. Both brilliant. Ideally, own both. Justin
  7. Yep, re Seven but I have never driven 1, oops, one. I drove a Caterham anniversary Seven Sprint with a Suzuki engine. I cannot say I enjoyed it - an Elise is so much better (as a road car). I am sure a Lotus Seven is special, as would many of the Caterham versions. I have long desired a S4 Seven. Justin
  8. That may miss the point. The T.50 is supposed to be the full stop on the internal combustion engine sports car. Muira, F1, T.50 (as Mr M sees it). Nothing built since the F1 has exceeded that pinnacle, so Murray has had to do it himself. Weight, dimensions, useability (IE. luggage), manual, V12 na, controlled aero and 3 seats. Evija is not relevant to T.50. And vice versa. Justin
  9. Don't dismiss NA Evora - plenty fast enough and a late 13 or 14 NA is a rare car, so will depreciate gently over the next few years before I predict an upswing as buyers seek out the last version of the purest Evora. S more likely to be in the shadow of 400, as the latter's values approach those of S. Justin
  10. Two of the best road cars I have ever driven. Evora and S1 Elise. Justin
  11. Welcome and congratulations. Esprit Turbo is a one of the great sports cars of all time. Justin
  12. Lord Murray of Gordon sold his F1 (XP3) as the value and ensuing insurance costs spoilt his enjoyment. Full kudos to him. He understands a car is to be used and enjoyed as a driving machine, hence incorporating luggage space. Be thankful, Lotus owners. We have access to focussed yet practical cars that are, in reality, usable and affordable. The F1, T.50, 600LT, Enzo etc...etc...may be on the margins better than any Lotus but we get a major dollop of what makes the top-end lightweight sports cars so special without the angst of owning a precious pearl. Justin
  13. I do not understand why the Sky coverage (and perhaps C4 also) was so sympathetic to Perez. As I understand it, he has broken the law by not self-isolating for 14 days having been to Mexico. Foreign Office rules are clear to see on the website regarding travelling from Mexico. How the FIA, F1 and Racing Point can have allowed Perez to even be around the paddock is bizarre. His comments on the attached link suggest a man out of touch with the realities of the world, seemingly above everyone else. A shame, I was fond of Perez as a character in F1, how he has hung in after a battering at McLaren but I have no time for him now. Justin
  14. Not much I don't like about the SD1. I spun one without going that fast when about 20 years old (me, not the car), I am not sure I understood RWD. Love the dash design, with the vent covering the LHD steering column access and the instrument pod easily 'slid' for LHD configuration. Wonderful design, ultimately let down by so many factors beyond the British motor industry's control. Justin
  15. jep

    Stick or Twist?

    Agree with @Bruss. Audi R8 I imagine has poor steering feel compared to Evora, so would be ruled out for most Lotus fans. And it is heavy. I think the Ferrari will thrill you for a while but ultimately the driving experience will most likely not satisfy like Evora. Justin
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