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  1. I don't recall ever seeing this trim option on any Evora...…..has anyone seen this? The picture is from the Lotus Evora Extras brochure circa 2010. I have a roll of cocobolo leather, so may need to add these 'flashes' to mine. Justin
  2. Has this one been discussed previously? Black seats but oyster trim band, I did not think the factory did such a spec. I thought the trim band always matched the seats in early Evora. It has the original gear-knob, which is my book is a major plus point. Justin
  3. Touching the exquisite early Evora stainless steel (?) buttons for a tad longer is indeed no hardship. I always drive with my headlights on in any Lotus, though perhaps not the Excel in daylight as the pop-ups might slow me down. Justin
  4. Looks carbon grey to me, the best Evora colour and the one the designers thought worked best on early Evora. Justin
  5. I am glad my 2010 (MY11?) Evora has both door sill button (Lotus handbook words for the pin on top of the door card) and the central door locking switch (CDL) which is in fact a button on the dashboard...…… the CDL don't always work on mine and the pin (door sill button) is rather useful in such circumstances. It is also attractive in a good way but on the downside, attractive to thieves in a bad way. Perhaps someone will start a TLF register for Evora with door sill buttons. Justin
  6. The full tan cabin would be a lovely place to self-isolate. Justin
  7. What is the difficulty in putting on your side lights or head lights when using the car? Surely enough for others to see you and hardly a chore to press two buttons. I have to say I loath cars doing things on auto. I even hate rain sensitive wiper systems. Justin
  8. I like it. I have cocobolo leather in my 2010 but mixed with black. I prefer a mix of an interesting tone with a wave of a more neutral hue. My Excel has blue leather with black instrument pod and grey tweed seat faces with blue stitching. Heaven. The full tan, including the plastic trims in matching colour, is as OTT as the wonderful Essex Esprit red cabin. Justin
  9. Forgetting CV-19, which may of course change the car market forever (or may not), Evora NA pricing is interesting. Some seek out the NA, as it is lower on VED (tax disc), more economical and, in the real world, fast enough. A low miler, this one was 19,000, that is 2010, 11 or 12 is quite appealing. It has depreciated on age, the low miles only add a small premium. A similar 2015 NA would be quite a bit more. Add IPS, you have a rare car: NA, IPS, low miles. Spec (colour and interior) may put some off but it is still a desirable package and hard to find another. 2012 Evora NA at £35K. Yes, on the one hand pricey but on the other, great value. I think you could own that car, take it to 50,000 miles and still sell it for between £25K and £30K in 2 to 3 years time. Maybe more if the NA appeal continues to fascinate the buying public. I think low mile NA Evora will price harden over the next 5 years*. Justin *CV-19 exempt comment.
  10. This one? Now sold or at least that is what they say in this ad. Justin
  11. I don't think any Government Department automatically likes to tell you that no tax is now due if you fill a form. HISTORIC status has to be applied for, it will not do it automatically. I had fun recently with DVLA when I wanted to change the plate (bought from DVLA auction) on the 73 Jag. They rejected my application saying I had to have a MOT (on a car that does not by law require a MOT). I did have a MOT, as I tend to do one on cars over 40 years old as I am no mechanic, but I had to physically send it to DVLA to complete the number plate swap. Normally you can change a number plate on-line. I worked out the problem......the DVLA software does not allow for cars over 40 years old without MOTs. If you want to change the plate on a car over 40 years old, DVLA will make you get a MOT and send it to them. I am sure they will update the software, one day. Frankly, the law allowing cars over 40 years old to have no MOT is bonkers. Make the MOT simpler for old cars, yes; but all cars should be inspected annually. Justin
  12. Good research, a lock-down bonus. It ain't how the General made it though. Amazing dash and love the crackle paint finish, like Ferrari cam-covers or less glamorously, MG Midget/B dashboards from '60s/70s. Justin
  13. The system has changed since I did one. Def Post Office as per link and advise from others. Print this out and take with you. Or you could try it on and send to DVLA but you still would have to send Rec Del and that means a trip out to P Office so best persuade PO to deal with it. It needs to be a PO that does tax discs (VED). When I did mine in 2014, I filled in form V10 for a new tax disc to HISTORIC class, V5 with change to HISTORIC class and sent the MOT with the V5, tax disc and V10 to DVLA Swansea. The HISTORIC class is a rolling 40 years from 01 Jan each year. Date of manufacture must be before 01 Jan each 40 years (so 01 Jan 1980 for 2020 exemption) or registered for use prior to 07 January 1980 (for 2020; 07 Jan 1981 for 2021 etc..). I got confused on the issue with mine in 2013, as my Jag was built 08 Jan 1973, so I had to wait until 2014. Gordon Brown had removed the rolling 40 years in 1997 but Osborne restored this in 2011/12 or thereabouts. Justin
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