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  1. I've had a few pups in my time...…..but luckily I sold them and only have fine Lotus cars these days.
  2. I certainly do...…...but I only bought it in Feb 2019 and I have done 400 more miles than the previous owner did since 2015. Luckily, my Evora has done 10,000 miles with me since March 2018. Justin
  3. 25,000 miles rolled up on the M100. I have only done 777 of them.
  4. Bernard. Welcome aboard. Even with the stamp duty costs, it is worth moving house to own an Evora...…… Justin PS. it will be fine, I am sure. Most of my Lotus have ground clearance scraps and the mechanicals are protected by undertrays. The Evora has good ground clearance compared to many dedicated sports cars.
  5. McLaren 570 do not have the suspension of the 720 or the 12c/650. The latter have hydraulic systems with each corner having spheres (a bit like a 1950s Citroen DS...but updated!) to pump fluid as required to aid road-holding. 540 and 570 have more conventional shocks and springs. In reality, I don't think you can use a McLaren as an everyday car. The door opening system means parking requires a bit of thought, otherwise you cannot get out or worse, you find upon your return you cannot get back in the car if someone has parked too close to you. Certain speed humps and car park entries are a challenge (ideally a McLaren needs the nose lift system, an option). This may be fine for the car obsessive but for another to be using the car with these irritations, it may take the gloss off. A McLaren is still a 'major event car' in my eyes, to be used to make the day extra special. It is a level above an Evora in terms of finish and, of course, power. However, that comes at a price both in terms of initial cost and running costs. More fuel, more expensive servicing and if something does go wrong, it is not cheap. McLaren do warranty up to 12 years, at a price, so a 12c could be called a bargain (sub-£90k) if you want to be near the pinnacle of modern car design from a well-funded manufacturer. The Evora is very special and has the added appeal of normal doors, almost normal egress and access (I am pushing that a bit but better than a McLaren), more luggage space, narrower body, shorter, riding slightly higher, proven 'shopping car' mechanicals (in essence) and cheaper. It is rare, stunning looking, innovative and relatively cheap to run. 276bhp feels fast enough in the real world, 345 must be fab, 400, 410, 430...well, do you need that, perhaps, but can you use it much? So 600bhp plus from a McLaren....good bragging rights but the Evora has enough for 99% of occasions. The Evora is doing exactly what Lotus has done for nearly 70 years: giving those who desire a proper sports car, based on the principles of racing (lightness, handling, steering) at a price that is obtainable to many with low running costs as the mechanicals are from a proven source. This in a package that is beautiful and rare. No other car can compare; 911 is heavy and common, Astons are fat, TVR's don't handle, McLaren's are expensive, Lambo's are Audi's, Nissan GTR et al are more straight-line honed, Alpine is two seats, fast saloons/hatches are yawn, etc..... Justin
  6. The car is RHD and came from Porsche Stuttgart (factory) to the dealer in the UK, as a 3000 mile car. The whole story is bizarre and the attitude of the Porsche dealer quite unbelievable. Initially, they even tried to claim there was no issue with the paintwork, despite over-spray and sinking. Justin
  7. A chum of mine bought a £100K 911 from a main dealer. The car was badly re-painted, which the dealer never mentioned prior to the sale. 3000 mile car. Subsequently, the dealer has behaved poorly with fob-off stories and poor communication. The matter will now be taken up with Porsche GB. It is sad to hear a story about a poor Lotus experience but every manufacturer has its problems. I have to say, my 8 year old Evora bought from Bell and Colvill, has a been fab and B&C are diligent and really care. Justin
  8. jep

    Evora S side indicators

    I received my sticker for the side indicator repeater today and it fits like a dream and looks the part. I peeled off the Union Jack sticker that B&C had fitted and I can confirm the side repeater is marked 'EXIGE'. The Divine Handcraft new sticker covers this up perfectly and frankly from a few inches away you cannot tell it is not as it should be (IE. under the Perspex as factory). I should have taken the Evora to Germany. My chosen steed dumped its coolant in the Black Forest. Justin
  9. Great news Kevin. The real story here is: don't mess around with a local garage, go straight to a specialist. Justin
  10. jep

    Evora S side indicators

    And these are the stickers that Dan at Divine has made for me: I don't have mine yet but his stuff is normally decent. Obviously this sticks on TOP not fitted inside as per the original but in my view is much better than (a) a broken side repeater (b) the Union Jack sticker that Lotus appear to be offering to cover up the lack of EVORA text. I am away playing in Germany on the autobahns this week, so will not be able to report on the sticker quality until next week. The size should be spot on as I sent Dan a Union Jack one as a sample. Justin
  11. jep

    Evora S side indicators A couple of links. Neither have EVORA text but MAY be the same design but I don't know if they are correct so check with the suppliers. B&C will be able to confirm what they can obtain to replace broken Evora side indicator repeaters. It seems that ones with EVORA text are no longer available. I will let you know how the stickers are when I receive a finished example. Justin
  12. jep

    Evora S side indicators

    Not sure if the ones you need are the same as my 2010 NA but I just had one replaced by Bell and Colvill, who seemed to have no problem obtaining one from Lotus. However...……..apparently it is a EXIGE one with EXIGE text on the infill panel. B&C covered this with a Union Jack sticker, which was not too my liking. I have asked a supplier to make up some EVORA stickers to replace the Union Jack one. If they are a decent quality, B&C are interested in ordering a batch. More annoyingly, B&C threw away my busted side indicator which I would rather have liked to keep as a display item. Justin
  13. jep

    340r Picture Thread

    Summer has arrived and so did 40,000 miles on the 340R. 19 years, as a few other cars have gotten in the way.
  14. Royal Blue. The 50,000th Lotus, as identified above by Chipp. It was raffled by The Sun newspaper with the proceeds going to The Princes Trust. Handbook is signed by the bonnie Prince. I hope his father did not drive it..... Now called Ekland, as Britt was involved in the PR campaign. Wonderful history, drives superbly and a privilege to own. Justin
  15. Totally agree, M100 very under-rated. Just bought a 24,000 miler, 1995 S2. Seriously enjoyable drive and just gets better the faster you go. When I checked the oil the first time, I wondered if it had any in. Eventually I realised the oil was so clean, I could barely see it. I am used to black treacle not golden. I did manage to break the header rail trim when first lowering the roof. I have removed it (and thankfully it appears I was not such an idiot as it has been repaired before) and frankly it looks better without it. Add lightness. Justin
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