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Community Answers

  1. jep

    Evora wanted

    @TrevS I'll do some pictures once I get the car back from the wheels refurb and clutch master cylinder replacement. Hopefully this week but perhaps later. I'll private message you. Justin
  2. jep

    Evora wanted

    Wrong colour for Trev. I can understand wanting the spec you desire. I definitely wanted a dark exterior colour but not black interior when I was looking in 2018. If someone is after a carbon grey NA with cocobolo leather, they are about to find a very sorted car (mechanically. Paintwork in places would benefit from TLC). Justin
  3. jep

    Formula One

    I remember when it was local stewards who issued penalties and that was that. Onto the next race. Stirling Moss fighting to overturn a penalty for Hawthorn - which cost Sterling the world championship ultimately. It seems that in sport, folk want consistency these days. I don't get it. You don't go to a foreign country and expect the same laws as home. F1 is an international sport, let local rules apply. Vive la difference. Justin
  4. Insurance premiums are rising fast on EV. Faster than ICE, due to higher costs on EV repairs and longer labour times. One chap had his Tesla renewal go from £450 to £1,400.
  5. That's a punchy price, with the auction premium, for a car that needs at least £1k spent and probably will end up needing a lot more. Good to know the demand is there, I'm pleased to see this fetch near £25k. Justin
  6. jep

    TLF Stickers

    Effectively a clear version of No2. I'm not fond of a white background (sticker-wise not ethnicity)
  7. jep

    TLF Stickers

    No.1 but add 'the lotus' curved text (as No.2). A shame no 'fix inside' ones, I favour those. Justin
  8. jep

    Formula One

    We don't want Mercedes F1 becoming Ferrari. My understanding is the ethos of Merc is to allow their drivers to fight. Witness Rosberg Vs Hamilton, a scenario I very much doubt Ferrari or Red Bull would have allowed. It's very important to keep that philosophy throughout every era and season, otherwise a team can drift to a culture of favouring one driver. I have always supported F1 teams that allow a driver fight. I actively despise Ferrari and Red Bull as their ethos is just distasteful to me. F1 is a competition but the most important competition is between drivers not constructors. The more casual viewer expects and wants to see drivers fighting. More nuanced observers may not like this but it is in my view how it should be. Justin
  9. Phil Spec is the one to have for regular use. Same with Emira, touring suspension a must. Sport suspension on Emira is far too jiggly on a bumpy UK B road. For me, it ruins the car but I suppose if you mainly do motorways or smooth roads, it won't be so obvious. Or if just used as a Sunday steed, it may be seen as entertaining. Mr Popham spot on. Justin
  10. EU is extremely worried about Chinese EV flooding the continent at cheap prices. This story is only gonna get bigger. Like the cars. Justin
  11. Close ratio would be my choice but I've driven both and long box is fine but just not as entertaining if using 3 and 4 on a sweeping A road. Justin
  12. Early cars do have a heavy clutch, that's normal and you quickly get used to it. I commute in London with mine, as well as long runs, and heavy clutch is not an issue. I'd worry about lack of service history. And potential lack of recent use. COVID is no excuse. My car has had in the last 2 years: radiator, clutch master cylinder, starter motor. And in 2020, gearbox rebuilt, clutch, discs, pads. Wheels are being refurbished as I write. FSH, all Lotus main dealer until Steve Williams in 2023. Frankly, at £25k, it's a steal! Justin
  13. Don't knock it, the owners will probably all buy electric Lotus cars
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