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  1. A different type of car meat. Justin
  2. Independently run franchise shops. Surbiton branch did my GS van. Nice job, nice people. Justin
  3. Evora are reliable by most accounts. Plenty of leggy early cars, 400 has a great reputation though I have yet to own one (I have a 2010 car). Plenty of info on this forum. There are no horrors to worry about, depending on how sensitive you are. Justin
  4. You definitely need to drive a 400 and a 410. The 400 still has the supple suspension, whereas (some?) 410 have a firmer ride. Others on here can no doubt fill you on spec changes. The GT410 launched early 2020 perhaps answered that question in part but I don't know if the ride is as comforting as the older 400: Lotus Evora GT410 review – more refined but no less fun | evo A softer ride may be of no consequence to you, of course. Jamie at B&C will be more than accommodating in assisting you. Justin
  5. 'The Spy Who Loved Me' Evora! Wheels tucking in, white trim covers about to deploy. Justin
  6. That is fine for a private seller but dealers have to churn to earn. The white IPS unsold for 12+months and now price rises £2K. All circumstances for dealers are different and it has been an odd time with CV19 but an unsold IPS of pre-400 vintage would not be a car I would raising the price on. A manual pre-400 I could just about understand. Justin
  7. Nankang I think are speed limited to 112mph from memory for that size. I have Nankang on my 1973 XJ6 and they are superb and are speed rated to 130mph - which has been tested in 2017 on the 'bahns. I would have no hesitation in putting Nankang on an Esprit - they are cheap enough should they be rubbish but I doubt they will be. Unless you are planning on many high speed runs at 112mph+, I would not be concerned about that limit either. Of course, they may not provide perfect handling on the limit as per Lotus original set-up but tyres have moved on a bit since the 70s and I doubt you
  8. Perhaps you mean original showroom posters @JamesN? Not easy to find but they are around on Fleabay and other auctions/autojumbles. Grand Prix event posters are relatively common from the 70s and 80s and not much money, though slowly rising. Showroom Lotus posters don't fetch a huge amount but they don't pop up that often. Bargain artwork in my view, should be worth £100's but in reality are not. Justin
  9. I bought a Clio RS200 for 'er indoors. It was 9 years old, 32,000 miles from new - and drove like new, having had a university lecturer as first and only owner. 2 years on, 46,000 miles now on the clock, I decided she was probably not getting full value from the 200 horses, so I bought a 5 door Swift Sport. Only on washing the Clio for sale, did I take a close look at the tyres (shame on me, I know). Date stamp is 46/09, which means the tyres are 2009 as fitted by Renault at the factory. Still plenty of tread on the original Michelin. So I really do know this car has been wasted on the
  10. Evo magazine #283 Mar 2021 AMG GT Black series + Lotus engineering supplement 9771464278144 | eBay E Bay perhaps an option if tricky to find, especially overseas. Justin
  11. Will do to all that have messaged me. Later today when I am in the office with a proper scanner. Justin
  12. I'll colour scan this supplement today, probably in 4 parts so it can be emailed. Message me if you want a PDF version. Justin
  13. 'Cos clutch is a lot of dosh on an Evora. If it were £1k, not many would care. When a main dealer price for replacing is £3K+, I understand folks factoring it in. I'm long in the tooth on hefty repair bills on cars and I do roll my eyes at times when I see comments about certain wear and tear repairs - but I do understand the concern on the cost of a clutch on Evora, esp if an older car where it may be 10% of the price paid for the car. Justin
  14. Great for those who don't know how brilliant Lotus have been/are but if you know your Lotus history even a tad, not really adding. Justin
  15. A bit odd to have different prices on PHeads to their own site. Sometimes a price rise can work. I could not sell my 928 auto some years ago at £15K. I stopped listing it and re-marketed at £19,928 about 3 months later. I got more enquiries and sold it for.......£15K. It is wise to remove the listing for a few months though........ Justin
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