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  1. Great number plate also, though you need to tidy up the front end by removing it altogether.
  2. Choice between mainstream marque and Lotus is not dissimilar to choosing a traditional looking house or a more modern/contemporary design. The UK is full of Neo-Geo, fake Victorian, pitch roofed, all rather samey houses. Many really want that but there are a considerable number on the margins who would like something different but ultimately 'go safe', factoring in easier re-sale, proven format and a fear of the unknown. It will be a long slog for Lotus to breakthrough in an effort to get near the mainstream. The cars will need to change, as the market is not going to come to the Lotus w
  3. Allon White. Don't know much about them but I hear good reports. Lotus specialists. Justin
  4. Was the LM002 not a derivative of a military vehicle, originally with an American engine, that flopped? Paid for I think by Italian and US governments - then given to Lamborghini as a road vehicle as no-one wanted the military version. Has got the Countach engine though. Justin
  5. No front number plate - perfect.
  6. Steve Williams perhaps, near Windsor from memory. Justin
  7. I hope you can insure a modified Elise at your youthful age. Honda engine is heavier than the brilliant K-series, as was the later factory Toyota unit, which rather changes the characteristics of Elise. You should try a K-series as nature intended, you may be surprised. Justin
  8. jep

    In love again

    M100 fab but I would suggest is less involving than Evora. Elan is an incredible machine but perhaps too good, too precise, too sure-footed. Folding roof adds charm and character but not sure that compensates fully. I have a ton of fun in the Surrey Hills in Evora NA. I certainly don't yearn for more power on those roads. Perhaps go back to NA Evora and add Elan. Cash left over. Justin
  9. jep

    In love again

    Lord Murray of Gordon has a 308GT4. T50 is clean as it has fan to do the aero, as did McLaren F1 in less sophisticated form. Not sure what happens at 200mph and the fan fails but I will never find out and those who do will not be around for the post-mortem. Justin
  10. Mike always great on the phone, just do it his way. Justin
  11. I don't recall this on any Esprit I owned but a good quality wiper blade is a must. A poorly fitted windscreen can also cause issues. I had a modern Fiat 500, Autoglass replaced the windscreen. I had to have it re-done by Old School Windscreens in Chertsey as the wipers juddered. Once fitted properly, all fine. Justin
  12. All Lotus road cars are fibreglass. The bumpers may be plastic or composite but body panels are fibreglass or carbon fibre. Either way, no rust. Justin
  13. 9 series Lotus engine is cambelt every 2 years. Justin
  14. Front number plate plinth screws in to the splitter. Easy job, I do mine for MOT each year. Damage to centre tunnel trim is common, so not to worry about. Would be nice to change it, personally I would buy the spare (in case they become unavailable) but not fit it - you are bound to drop something on it! Justin
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