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  1. Just think how good it would be if you got rid of the excess weight of the seat heaters. Justin
  2. Fab lookin' motor. Not much can top Evora for driver involvement and enjoyment, coupled with a stunning design. Certainly not at the price and low running costs. Justin
  3. Congratulations. Exactly how I started my Lotus journey in 1992. £5,000 from free paper Loot. MOT'd and running well. It ended up in Japan in '96. Justin
  4. Re: electric cars and weight, yes cars will be heavier. All the more reason to tax the weight of cars to force manufactures to do as ACBC/MJK did with the Elite/Eclat; thinner seats, lightweight materials, a focus on low mass. Chapman was convinced this is how luxury cars had to be going forward, with smog legislation and higher fuel costs. He was right but (perhaps) for the wrong reasons and ultimately manufacturers were allowed to get away with using BHP to overcome obesity. If batteries make a car heavier, best reduce other weight. No more unnecessary electric motors and fripper
  5. Weight. I would tax vehicles on weight. More and more cars are now over 2 tonnes. Unless manufacturers are forced to reduce weight, they will not do it. In the 60s, they all claimed it was not possible to get the internal combustion engine to do 30 MPG. That soon changed with the oil prices shocks of the 70s and more tax on fuel. You can engineer a safe car without just adding to the tonnage but it will not happen unless the manufacturers are forced to do so. It is purely laziness to just add more and more 'bits' to cars with no regard for the environment and the damage to the road
  6. Who don't like a Lotus memorabilia collection. I am sure plenty of like-minded folk on TLF. I hope your Grandfather drove a few Lotus too. Welcome aboard. Justin
  7. Thanks so much @Mike Kimberley. Just so good to hear these nuggets of truth and wisdom. You must do a book - and can you encourage Brian Angus to do one too! Perhaps not for this thread but I would be intrigued to hear your thoughts on the McLaren road car program and how that may have impacted V10 Esprit. Justin
  8. +2 configuration is so clever. Enables using the Evora far more often yet the profile and shape is untroubled by what is a very tough design challenge. I bet Russell Carr and the team were anxious when MJK (I assume) insisted on +2 layout. I think they created the prettiest +2 mid-engined car in the history of automobiles. Justin
  9. MJK and his team nailed Evora - the arrow hit the bullseye. It is a travesty that Evora did not fly (sales-wise) like an Eagle. Thankyou Mike for Evora. Justin
  10. When in the Lotus position, I never get an ache. Justin
  11. All the unnecessary electronic aids in modern cars (for added 'comfort') is not dissimilar to the rubbish that has afflicted the recent gin boom. Gin is about the juniper - the taste of the berry. Your basic gin is all you need - Beefeater or Gordons at circa £14 a bottle. The junk on offer at ridiculous prices where the juniper has been swallowed in a vat of unmentionable botanicals is laughable. Sans Juniper they should call 'em. A Porsche gin cannot be far away. Justin
  12. Sheena Easton 'For Your Eyes Only' top of the bill.
  13. This is a much better phone holder........... Justin
  14. You gotta drive them first. I fell in love with Evora in 09 when I test drove one at Bell and Colvill. Mind you, it took 9 years before I bought one. I like to build up the anticipation. G Esprit is special. Personally, I don't like the gearbox on the X180 Esprit but I have a problem with any car that has a gear change not to my liking. It don't mean I'm right. Justin
  15. No, no, no! Another unnecessary electric motor, adding weight to the car and waste to the world. Don't start me on devices to close a tailgate. I was so happy when my second-hand modern was not optioned with electric seat adjusters. Justin
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