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  1. I'd enjoy blatting the proto Vs your 160 @stephenwhyte. Proto had the first 135 engine mod - most achieved more bhp than the minimum and this one is, er, quite loose and yummy. I'll bring the 340R along also - to ensure I take the honours ultimately. 😁 Justin
  2. So is it about half the size of a 1:21.5? 😜
  3. Commuting this week, adding to the 129,700 miles already clocked by the Elise. Rain will not stop play.
  4. I would ask a Lotus main dealer. I did not know any part number, I just asked Bell and Colvill if they could get LF1 cill protectors. Justin
  5. I love a tuned K-series. 190bhp in the 340R is a cracker. Elise S1 was so perfect, the very first day that naked chassis whizzed around Hethel in the dark in December 1994. Justin
  6. Fresh out of the box. Julian Thomson owns a 160. I have never driven one - I think the only Elise S1 that I haven't had the pleasure. 3 Lotus - you are only just getting started. Justin
  7. Mmm.......I would prefer a specialist but it is a long time since I had cracked fibreglass painted. I had my Elise painted after a side-swipe in January but the fibreglass was not crazed or damaged. It was done by B&C Coachworks in Haslemere who were once owned by Bell and Colvill (but ages ago). I would favour taking it to a paintshop that regularly fixed such bodywork. Paintwork is so expensive these days that the saving to get it done by willing but ignorant hands is just not worth the potential pitfalls. I am sure TLF-ers can recommend a top paint gun. Justin
  8. To paint the front properly, down to the gel coat repairs etc......will be £thousands, not hundreds. If you don't repair the gel coat, cracking will reappear and perhaps worse as it fractures the new paint. Justin
  9. I would buy 2 x RH and 1 x LH so you have spares for each side. The factory won't supply these much longer I am sure. TLF members get a discount, B&C did for my order. £243 plus VAT, so over £50 saving when you add the VAT for the two. Justin
  10. @AD Fox You and Yuvi such perfect wingmen for the journey. Justin
  11. Yeh, that is way off and awful. B&C ordered mine in April, arrived 2 weeks ago. Picture of my spare ones @PaulLF1 Justin
  12. That is the Evija Tender - to get you to your destination if you misjudge your range. It will be available to buy stand-alone: £2M (with a free Evija). Justin
  13. @PaulLF1 ask the factory via the main dealer. I just bought two brand new spare leather cill covers from the factory. Leather spot on, as was gold thread. £290 each inc vat. If the factory have in stock or will make, why not? I did wonder if it was outsourced to Allon White! Justin
  14. Cracking often originates via the gel coat, not the paint, so painting over is not a long term solution unless you deal with the gel coat repair. The good news is, it won't rust so unless you want perfection, it is nothing to worry about. Justin
  15. These are good so far, fitted last week. One headlamp was peeling badly, Max500 wet/dried and fitted the film. My other light was in good condition so the film was applied with standard preparation. I wish I had done this prior to the first lamp peeling. I dislike PPF on cars and never fit it but I will now always use on modern headlamps as (a) they seem to peel lacquer after time (b) they are so expensive to replace. Justin
  16. With thanks to the power of TLF and others in the Lotus community, this Elise S1 is now in my safe(-ish) hands: Technically not a prototype but a pre-production car registered on 03 January 1996 some 7 months before the first production car. It is the oldest surviving RHD Elise. The chassis has a brass plaque fitted in period by Hydro Aluminium to state is is a proto chassis. The car was built in the engineering department not the production facility. Ruby Red Metallic (B23). This Elise was used as a development vehicle to test Elise changes/improvements. It was the test bed for the 135bhp engine (which it still runs), it was the first Elise with steel brake discs when it became apparent that the MMC discs were unlikely to be available and it ran various other changes throughout its 4 years and 107,000 miles with Lotus Cars Ltd including tests for the close-ratio gearbox. It was purchased in 2001 by Dave Minter , a significant engineer on the Elise program and widely known due to his starring role in the Discovery Channel documentary which charted the genesis of Elise. Dave added 23,000 miles in his 20 years with the car from Dec 2001 to yesterday. The car is showing its mileage visually but it drives superbly. I popped to the factory on the way home to take the snap. I am over-excited and tingling to own this significant and very special Elise. Thanks to all who made it happen. You know who you are. Justin
  17. Love green trim. They did late Excel with green leather. Awesome. Justin
  18. @ElitexxxI would suggest LotusBits - who have a ton of spares readily to hand - but they are usually super-busy and not always super-fast. Best chat to Mike, who I like very much but they do have their unique way of customer interaction. LotusRescue on TLF? Max500 in Guildford but I doubt he will restore it, more day to day aspect. I would strongly advise you take knowledge from those on TLF. It don't matter how nice and chatty a mechanic is - does he know your model of car inside out? Why pay someone to learn on your car? Get someone with the knowledge already. I fear £20K is light for the cost of the restoration to get the car fully restored. Chat to LotusBits, they will know how much an Elite/Excel costs to restore. They have done a few. Good luck and I really wish you all the best with the project. Justin By specialist, I mean one recommended by others on TLF. Justin
  19. Are RMS Romford Lotus Elite specialists? Take it from someone with 30 years Lotus experience (who does no spannering and pays to get work done), only let a specialist touch your car. Justin
  20. I bought plenty of Europa Specials in the mid-90s for between £8k and £12k, all top notch. I sold a few too and I don't recall any at more than £15k. They were easy to buy and tough to sell in the 90s. Justin
  21. @tim_marra you should live in WhiteHeaven. All muck-shots welcome. Justin
  22. Thanks both. I have never used ES Motorsport but will give them a call. The Sport Racer E Bay ones are I fear no use, as red stitching which I don't think can be detached and replaced as a section with my existing. The band in the middle is easy, that just un-clips and goes back on to a new/replacement card. Justin
  23. The door card black leather (passenger) has lifted and shrunk on the top roll by the air vent. An attempt to repair failed (by others). I can get the leather renewed but matching 11 year old leather to new leather is never easy. If anyone knows a source for a door card with black leather to the top roll and lower section, please let me know. I have emailed Steve at SJ. It may be available new as DeRoure list it but it is £500+ so I will go second-hand or retrim. Is the leather from the Scottish supplier, as per seat trim? Justin
  24. Honda lost their way in UK and Europe, certainly for cars if not bikes. They built the marque well through 60s to 90s, especially in the 80s. It is odd they appear so anonymous of late. Trapped between cheap cars and 'halo' marques perhaps but one thinks the management have misjudged the marketing and branding. Justin
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