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  1. Max of Max500 knows a Carlton owner. It may be worth messaging or calling Max. Justin
  2. Lord knows why Lotus wasted money ordering 3 different type of side repeaters instead of using stickers. They then compound this idiocy by issuing naff Union Jack stickers instead of having the correct stickers made for each model when they realised their mistake. This came to my attention when B&C replaced my side indicator with a new one with Union Jack. I protested but they had no answer and had thrown away my original repeater. I asked Dan at Divine to make the Evora sticker, sending him the Union Jack to give size guide. He has listed them ever since and B&C then ordered some. Teamwork, though why no-one thought of this earlier I have no idea. Justin
  3. jep


    You're special (as Mother referred to me....others said 'weird')
  4. jep


    I used to beg original record company/concert promo posters from retail shops. I still have 2Tone posters. The Gary Numan one is small but striking. I have the 12inch single of 'Complex'. Correction, my last Gary single was 'She's got Claws' on 12inch. I think The Jam, 2 Tone, Bowie and Squeeze took over for me, sorry Gary N, pocket money budget. Justin PS. This is my favourite poster:
  5. jep


    I bought Are 'Friends' Electric on picture disc in 1979. I still have it. I bought every single until about 1981, last one was perhaps This Wreckage. He defined UK electronic music for years to come, probably forever. I still have this original poster hanging on the wall:
  6. jep


    Steady with the title of the thread.....I assume you mean Gary Numan, keyboard and musical whizz but his surname has been highjacked recently to assist others to get, er, high jacks.
  7. You won't get a more compliant ride than the factory set-up from 2000. You simply won't notice any marginal increase in cornering ability by a potentially more sophisticated shock/spring installation on the public road. You've bought a car, an era defining car, in the S1 Elise. Best experience it as it was intended and built. Why mess with greatness? Justin
  8. On suspension, you can't get the Koni original shock absorbers so stick with them unless there is an obvious problem. Do not be tempted by so called 'upgrades' to factory Lotus suspension. Lotus are set up perfectly for fast road use, that's what you are paying for by buying a Lotus. The factory know best. If you have to alter the suspension, do as the factory advise (probably Bilstein). Never reduce body roll or suppleness in a road Lotus. A Lotus used principally on a track may be different and a change in set up can be warranted but leave a road car as original as possible. Exciting times for you. Justin
  9. I recall in March 2020, no cars selling and people saying prices would plummet. March 2021, people telling me it was the wrong time to buy. December 2021, how smart I was to buy in March 2021. No-one knows the future. Do what is right for you but don't leave it too late......getting older brings plenty of challenges that may mean you could never drive a Lotus. Enjoy your brilliant automobile. Justin
  10. I prefer a matt or satin finish, my still original Excel is a subtle satin and when I do see gloss woodwork in Excel, perhaps a restored finish, it doesn't look quite right to me. For me, gloss woodwork belongs in 50s 60s cars, though I still prefer the more matt veneer in the very early Elan's. I personally wouldn't use wax, a varnish would seem more appropriate for a car interior. Very thin coats, built up slowly. Justin
  11. jep


    Yep, this popped up last week. The 1300 miler that Collecting Cars had for sale in auction sold for £60K (post auction). This advert info a bit wonky (it is not 190bhp as it still has a cat) and the 340R is not 200+KG lighter than Elise S1. Lovely to see and hopefully sells soon. Justin
  12. Welcome to The Lotus Forums. You shouldn't get any large bills on a young-ish Elise S3 and if you buy from a main dealer you will get a 1 year warranty which will cover a lot of items, perhaps not a clutch though I bought an 8 year old Evora from Bell and Colvill and that had a clutch warranty on a 50,000 mile car. A pal of mine runs a 2013 Elise S which he has had for one year, 28,000 miles when he got it. No bills apart from servicing and he drives it enthusiastically. I think he has done 5000 miles with it. It is worth more than he paid for it presently (he bought via an established specialist trader) though that can change. You may want to consider an older Elise like a 2013, as most likely depreciation-free. If you buy a car up to 5 years old, it will probably depreciate......if you holding for many years, that is fine but if this is your first Lotus, consider an older car which you can test the water. If you like Lotus, you can change for not much cost to a younger car if desired. If Lotus is not your thing, you can sell for probably what you paid. If you are very car inexperienced (for specialist type cars), probably best to buy via a main dealer or a top-notch Lotus independant, ideally one who has proper pre-delivery preparation facilities as opposed to a trader. Nothing wrong with specialist traders but it is unusual to get a full inspection, fresh MOT, fresh service, new tyres if needed etc......We bought an Evora from Bramley last year and they gave the car to B&C before sale, every minor fault was fixed and new tyres fitted. Unfortunately, Bramley don't sell Elise, even Evora was a bit low-end for them. Justin
  13. We had similar on a newly acquired Evora NA this year. 13 year old car, 21,000 miles. Bell and Colvill checked it out, nothing to report. Get it checked by a Lotus specialist - it's the only answer. Justin
  14. jep

    Red 340r - M26

    The red R was Andrew, Honda engine. He was collecting from Maidstone Sports Cars after a service. MSC did the conversion years ago, Andrew bought the car from B&C in 2016 or 17. Justin
  15. jep

    Red 340r - M26

    Probably Gareth or Andrew, the only red 340R's that I know. One has a Honda lump, 300+bhp. Not a factory colour, obvs. Justin @Bibs do you Lotus-spot on a grassy verge?
  16. Buying from a dealer has redress and no established Lotus dealer would not compensate if the car had subsequent issues especially B&C who are top-notch. Buying privately has no redress unless the car is blatantly mis-described but getting a private bod to play ball is near impossible. And the court route for litigation is currently a waste of time - it used to work but COVID-19 has screwed our legal system. This seller reads legitimate to me....but I'm not underwriting your purchase 😃 Justin
  17. How experienced are you with buying cars? How good is your antennae/instinct? If you're taking uneducated guesses and you buy a dud, look in the mirror. Plenty of lovely cars sold privately, plenty of horrid cars sold by traders. For RPM (real peace of mind) buy from known Lotus specialists like Bell and Colvill etc.... If the seller has nothing to hide, he'll no doubt allow you to pay for an inspection but make sure it's at a Lotus specialist not a generic garage. Frankly, a brand new MOT should show it is sound (assuming you hear engine and gearbox are working) but suspension is key to a Lotus and MOT may not show geo issues. HPI the car. Good luck. And if the seller says 'they all do that ......', be afraid. Justin PS. From the advert it looks a good car but not I think especially cheap for a private sale. Remember, many buyers want FSH by a specialist so consider that for when you need to sell.
  18. No. Theft cover is a tiny aspect of the premium paid. Accidents, to car and people make the bulk of the premium, hence why premiums are more for so called higher risks: young, convictions, densely populated areas etc... Awful for your pal but pay attention when doing your insurance. We needed a tracker for the Sport410 Evora that I share for the insurance cover, my pal was a bit unconcerned but I arranged a MetaTrak after 3 months of ownership. I need to get my valuations sorted which I haven't done and is a requirement on my policy. Justin
  19. MetaTrak is the one I fitted to Evora. Proper company, been around for decades. Subs have gone up lately but relative to running a sports car, the cost is diminutive. Justin
  20. Lovely but time to get it dirty again. Justin
  21. Do you name your cars? If this is out of the blue, it must be ELO. Perhaps Geely will do an Electric Lotus Off-Roader one day.
  22. Lotus have made two of the prettiest +2 automobiles ever, Elan and Evora. Wedge E's not far behind. Justin
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