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  1. I just had a lovely Lotus moment. A father and son admired the sports car and we chatted. The 8 year old asked about Ariel Atoms, so he knew some stuff. As I pulled away, the kid said ‘Enjoy your showing off!’ Justin
  2. My father had a Speed Awareness Course today via Teams/Zoom. Here is his story from the session: I did my best to keep quiet or agree, however let myself down once when asked whilst discussing loss of concentration what I would do if children were getting bored/irritable in the back seat to which my knee jerk answer was ‘buy a two seater‘. Everyone laughed; except the instructor of the course.
  3. Why no matching oyster leather band going around the rear seats? I thought that a feature on all Evora of the period. Perhaps rear seats are not leather, so does not feature? A shame the original gearknob has gone. Red engine cover incorrect? Personally, I would prefer to see silver wheels and body coloured roof/mirrors, not sure if black wheels a factory option in 09, black roof certainly was not. Apart from that....lovely...though sad it has seen so little use. If all genuine, worth the asking price though why has it been 'got at', looks-wise. Justin
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    McLaren - get a full McLaren warranty and a car with full McLaren service history so you can continue the warranty subsequently. 2 year should be easy to negotiate in the price, if not longer. McLaren another level of brilliance - like Lotus only better in all regards except price and running costs. Worth the extra - only you can decide. Probably not. Justin
  5. 911 and hedge fund managers - appropriate, as the hedge is where many a rear engine Porsche ends up.
  6. Yeh...but they were diesel and cost a fortune for that wunderbuild. Merc had to ditch that business plan in the 90s...and, my, how later cars rusted like an unprimed hull in sea water. Justin
  7. I will happily slag Porsche off all day long - but based on the driving experience. Or rather, I will promote Lotus and all the benefits of hydraulic (or no assistance) steering, supple suspension and lightweight whilst using Porsche-dishing to hammer home my point. I own a 928 - love 'em - and have nothing but admiration for the business model Stuttgart has built. I understand why most car buyers go 'safe'. When petrolheads go 'safe', compromising due to a fear of costs and perceived reliability over the purity of the drive, that gets me goat. And I think this is the nub of @C8RKH
  8. Yep. And we paid as UK taxpayers via the two scrapage schemes Labour introduced to put millions of diesels on the road. VW should be forced to replace all those cars FOC. Justin
  9. Every car manufacturer has issues, it is the nature of the game. We all know why Mr Lamborghini set up his car firm. I get your point fully and the thread headline/title. It appears Porsche is fixing quickly the latest slip. Perhaps they have learnt the lesson that doing the wrong thing last time does not necessitate doing the wrong thing this time. Far worse is the VW/Audi diesel crime - I would have shut VW down but then again, I dislike nearly everything they make so perhaps not an impartial view. Justin
  10. At least they are dealing with the problem quickly. Engineering and mechanical items fail and manufacturing mistakes happen. Lotus know the early CR Evora 'boxes have a manufacturing fault but they won't assist with the cost of fixing as most failures have happened a long time after production. Fair enough I suppose for the size Lotus are (or were...) but a bit of me thinks if you know a fault has occurred in the casting of a part, you should replace it irrespective of the time-frame. It ain't easy making sports cars, I forgive plenty. Justin
  11. Welcome back. Get out in ya Esprit asap. Justin
  12. May/June 2021 - Issue 19 - For anyone who may wish to buy a copy. Not my 340R, it belongs to one of the 340R gang who (used to) meet up every now and then. Hopefully another gathering soon. Justin
  13. What pretty Esprit....I hope it has gone around the clock (a few times)....and that you use your Evora lots and LOTuS. No point in looking at 'em, the thrill is the drive. Justin
  14. That makes sense. Evora: S1 is spot-on to my eyes, probably the prettiest mid-engined 2+2 ever made. 400 and beyond still lovely but less petit looking. All Evora are an event, every journey. Targa Evora - a dream that has gone. Justin
  15. Welcome to TLF. You are in the right place. Justin
  16. A specialist is the way to go - someone who knows the ropes. Knock me down with a feather that Lotus Factory used Autoglass. Hopefully an expert team at a knockdown price. As you say, a lottery as to who you get. A pup or a gent with 40 years experience. That is corporations for you. Justin
  17. I wouldn't let Autoglass anywhere near a Lotus - or any car. I had to have a Fiat 500 (modern) screen refitted after Autoglass messed it up. I use Old School Windscreens in Surrey but I am sure any Lotus specialist will do a good job. I am not sure insurers can force you to use their favoured contractor - they could not in 1992 which is about the last time I claimed on a Lotus screen. Justin
  18. @Dan_Glasgowis in need of your assistance perhaps @johnpwalsh - not me. Good luck all. Justin
  19. Welcome. Subject covered here @Dan_Glasgow Justin
  20. jep


    Interesting. Always fascinating to see the logic behind car choices. I could never own an Audi - terrible steering. 911 leave me unsatisfied and are too heavy - add electric steering to make it 'no thanks'. Exige is so far removed from your other options. I would have thought Alpine might appear. If lack of depreciation really is a major factor - Exige would be wise choice plus a Focus ST estate or hatch. Or RS. Golf R I know zip about. Good luck and have fun deciding. Justin
  21. A journalist not checking the facts. Shurely sum misstake. Justin (no heated seats MY10)
  22. jep


    As a basic rule of thumb but a generalisation, the modern Lotus tends to have very glacial depreciation after year 5 or 6. And almost stop depreciating between years 8 to 10. Many factors vary this, the most obvious is use and mileage. For example, if I had not used my 2010 Evora much since purchase in 2018, it would probably be worth what I paid for it, if not a tad more. 18,000 miles have been added, so it is worth less than I paid as it is getting in to 'leggy' territory (for an Evora). 2021 has been a different year for second-hand Lotus. Demand in the past 3 months has increased and
  23. Don't bother viewing a car. If buying from reputable dealer (any Lotus main dealer, Will B, P Matty et al), just call, agree condition and pay ya deposit. My pal bought an Elise S from Will B unseen last month - all good. I can't remember the last car I viewed before buying - probably a 928 in 2014 but it was 34 years old. If a car is mis-described, dealer or private purchase, you can reject it subsequently. I would however view a private sale of an Exige, unless obvious the seller is a gent/pukka lass. I bought a car last year privately unseen. Deposit and paid balance once
  24. Welcome. That is a tough ask presently - Exige seem to be popular, as are sub-£35k Elise S Series 3. Two LF1 sold within hours last month at just over your budget and there don't seem to be many manual cars below £45k. A blue/cream on for sub-40k on Autotrader with 35,000 miles. Much more choice 45k to 55k - unhelpful comment - prices perhaps on the up, so you may need to consider, if possible, raising budget a smidgen. Justin
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