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  1. One for the home-restorer or for a open-eyed Lotus fan with deep pockets. Even LotusBits, experts on these and fair value, would give a bill in excess of £50k to get this back to as new. Even with interesting history, I don't see the value finished anything over £20k. Sadly, the front engine Lotus wedges just are not appreciated, though that is a good thing in many ways 'cos they are very cheap given class and rarity. Justin
  2. I thought it was known policy that Lotus would no longer be trimming cars in-house. I recall this in a Lotus film in 2021 with an ex-trimshop staffer interviewed about her new role. Justin
  3. jep

    340r Picture Thread

    Chilly commute.
  4. Yokohama have a great reputation and Lotus used them for 340R and other cars. Toyo for a cheaper option. Justin
  5. Essex - the breakfast of champions.
  6. Searching for all prototype/pre-production Elise. I have the following number plates, mainly from the Discovery Channel documentary. I have checked them all on DVLA website and only the press car has any recent history (2012). I have asked Andy Graham at Lotus Cars Ltd, he says Lotus only hold records on production cars and he cannot assist further. N286 KNG: red, press car (Top Gear, Autocar etc…), registered June 1996, currently listed as SORN and no MOT since 2012. N288 KNG: Blue, registered 01 June 1996. No tax, no MOT records held by DVLA N576 GEX: white, registered 10th August 1995. No tax since 1996, no MOT records on DVLA site N585 GEX: yellow, registered 13th September 1995. Untaxed, no MOT records on DVLA site M203 BEX: silver, registered 31st Dec 1995 but possible May 1995, conflicting info on DVLA site. PM me if preferred. Justin
  7. It reminds me of those 70s Polistil 1:24 models of snow or mud covered Fiats, Lancia, Porsche etc... I still have a few.
  8. I do wonder what a scientific answer would be....not expecting one but I'd like to understand the genuine science of hot water on laminated or toughened cold glass. Justin
  9. I tend to use luke warm water to clear an icy windscreen. In 35 years, no issues. I occasionally use a scraper but I won't use de-icer as I see that as lazy and an unnecessary expense. I was admonished by a vehicle recovery driver last week, he claimed it could crack the windscreen. Is that true? I doubt if luke warm would, I don't use boiling water but could that shatter a windscreen? The only car I have with a heated screen is the 340R which ain't often icy........ Justin
  10. The Exige will be rightly mourned, the majority seem to have no idea how brilliant it is. And for it's capabilities, such value. We may see Elise again but will won't see the like of Exige. You're in for a wonderful future of fun. Justin
  11. 4.2 straight 6 in a XJ6 S1 manual is the way to go. Justin
  12. @Doug Ashley Twingo 133 CUP, Lotus-like handling and steering, sub-£5K to buy:
  13. Personally, with 35 years experience of a multitude of car repairers, I don't think it reasonable to expect every problem with a car to be fixed at the first attempt. I employ a Gas Safe engineer full time and we do boiler repairs and plumbing. The engineer has worked for me for 24 years. He doesn't always fix on first visit....some problems take multiple attempts; not many but it happens. And sometimes, we make mistakes. With specialist cars such as Lotus, I think it wise to build a relationship with your local repairer, allowing them some leeway. This will enhance your ownership enjoyment in the long run. Justin
  14. Fab car, I think originally a US spec and the CEO liked it so much, he insisted Europe had one too. Don't worry about the V5; my 340R is listed as a MPV. My 1996 Elise is apparently an Elite. Justin
  15. Good but I find red door mirrors and Union flag too much. Door mirrors rarely justify being highlighted. Let us know what you do. Irrespective, it will still drive fabulously. Justin
  16. A touch of red should work well. LF1 fab black and a splash of red.
  17. Esprit naming I understand. Essex, HC, SE, Sport 300, S4S - I could follow it. I think I got lost from Series 2 Elise, esp when Toyota engine came along. Old age probably. Justin
  18. I still don't understand all the Evora model names.....I adore Lotus but Evora naming is woeful. Sport 410 but decals are '410Sport'. GT410 Sport...I would go on but I've already lost track. Justin
  19. Perhaps GT410 Sport, which is a different model. Read this....was news to me Justin
  20. Sport 410 (correct name despite stickers/decals suggesting otherwise) - I am not aware was ever spec'd by factory with Ohlins suspension. I rather thought that was the USP of the 430. Happy to be corrected. Justin
  21. One of the true bargain hot hatches:
  22. Promising Young Woman. Carey Mulligan won an Oscar. A thought provoking film, fab performances, good script. Subject matter may annoy some.... On Sky and Sky cinema. Justin
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