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  2. From one great to another. 964 Turbo is a brilliant machine. Exige V6 is perhaps the pinnacle of road going Lotus from the extruded chassis era. Justin
  3. It will be interesting to hear how Emira is against Audi TT. I have to admit to an almost pathological dislike of Audi vehicles, so your comparisons of the two will be intriguing. Justin
  4. They are popular so I am sure more will be coming in stock soon. Perhaps send them a message - I think the business is very small and a hobby project, so cut some slack. I have one on my LF1 (it was fitted on purchase), sounds fab if you like supercharger whine, which I do. IIRC price circa £400. Justin
  5. There is nothing quite like a V6 Exige. Welcome back. Justin
  6. That's showbiz. Imagine how all those folk at the Lotus factory have felt over the years, as their hard work and innovation has been trashed by clowns who have never even owned one. Justin
  7. I like the Lotus red and gold look...Nova not a looker but I had a 1.2 Nova Swing which was economical, comfy and reliable. SR had tartan style trim but a Fiat 128 3P, also with tartan, replaced the Nova so I never elevated to the SR. Astra GTE Mk1 was a brilliant machine. Recaro seats as standard, revvy engine. Justin
  8. Diamonds Are Forever with the Mustang.
  9. T50 will be running at Goodwood Members Meeting on 16th and 17th October. Justin
  10. I still cannot get over Exige LF1 having heated seats....part of the 'convenience pack' which includes the almost as irritating parking sensors. I appreciate LF1 is not a CUP, which suits me but I still see no place for heated seats in an Exige or Elise. Thankfully my Evora does not have them. A heated debate.........that is so off-topic. Sorry Bibs. Justin
  11. Only a goon attaches the tag to the key. I have two cars with tags and they remain separate from the key. You really do get used to it. If thieves really do disable trackers so easily and often, why do insurers insist on them on all high-end cars (McLaren, Ferrari levels)? I cannot answer that but I was comfortable doing it off my own bat for that tiny extra peace of mind. I could well be a fool. My car keys live in a safe at home, all the time, day or night. It ain't gonna stop a planned raid but it makes it that much more tricky for the opportunist. They will seek easier prey. Justin
  12. I have a Metatrak on the NA. It works well and is value compared to others I looked at in the premium tracker market (Vodafone for example). Metatrak have been around for years and are primarily for commercial operators to monitor usage of a vehicle and track employees as required. It has tags but I find that no bother at just get used to it. Hiding the tag in the vehicle is pointless, as you will not know it has been taken if you are not there to see it happen. I fitted it voluntarily, it was not an insurance requirement. I just wanted the best chance of getting the car back, though I accept an expert thief may know how to disable it. Having new brakes, clutch, gears, I don't think I would replace the car easily for the money I would likely get back from the insurer. Justin
  13. It can be relative to an individual's idea of 'comfort'. I consider Elise S1 to be a good long distance companion, others may think 100 miles is quite enough. Heated seats do not warm my cockles. Justin
  14. You will love it, I know that. If you have the opportunity to try different cars, you should always grab that chance. It adds to your knowledge and life experiences. We often kid ourselves that 'our' car is special but in reality, there is always another great car just around the corner. Justin
  15. I drive both NA and a Sport410, having access to the 410 via a close pal. Love both but NA has something just 'right' about it, so I would be interested in your thoughts once you have bedded in your beautiful new car. Congratulations. Justin
  16. Bottom of the door is fine, cable is protected by the door seal trim. You can disable the alarm with two clicks of the key fob (I think that is correct, check handbook) if you would rather run the cable through a tiny gap of the door glass. If the 12v is not live and you are paying to have it made live, it may be just as cheap to ask them to wire a cable direct to the battery feed and have the connection in the boot. Mine has this but it is a CTEK connector and I don't use CTEK chargers. Optimate, AirFlow or cheapy Lidl ones are my preference. Oakmere ensured my 12v cabin feed was live FOC but I had one made live on Elise and was charged (!) 2 hours labour. Justin
  17. @Mitch Foden-Clarke the Halfords was just the male connector, you would then have to use a bit of DIY with a Tamiya connector or Molex or similar to join the wires. Or buy the Optimate branded one or one ready made which would just be a bit more expensive. I am assuming the Exige 12v port is NOT live from factory.......plug something in to see when the ignition is off. Evora boot 12v is live always from factory for trickle charging but the one in the cabin is not live when ignition off. My Exige, I asked Oakmere to ensure 12v in cabin (there is none in the boot) was permanently live. Or have a feed connected to the battery with a tail in the boot for easy hook up to the trickle charger. Justin
  18. Lotus Evora GT430 and Evora GT430 Sport (2017) review | CAR Magazine This article suggests carbon non-adjustable seats are standard, though it only pictures the Sparco seats. Justin
  19. Carbon seats: happy to be corrected, I have not seen a 430 with carbon seats - yet every Sport 410 I have seen has had carbon ones (Ely car swapped them out). Apologies for duff info. Sport 410 brochure very clear what is standard, is there a 430 brochure? Justin
  20. It probably drives better now than it did when it left the factory. Justin
  21. And Barry Ely has sold his. 1300 miles, asking was I think £64,995. It had Sparco and carbon seats as 'back up' - or back-pain. Actually, carbon seats are v comfy. Justin
  22. AC and stereo were options on Evora Sport 410. As were Sparco seats, I assume you have the carbon seats which were standard and I think the only Evora to have them as such. GT430 had Sparco. £60k dealer bid is strong....not sure what they hope to retail that for as Barry Ely has one with very low miles for I think £65k. Rare cars, that along with GT430 versions, will become the halo Evora. Justin
  23. Perfect timing @Escape. British cars (registered) now have to display a 'UK' sticker with flag not 'GB' when travelling to Europe. 111 years of history dumped in one signature of Boris's pen. Justin
  24. Lovely Exige. I had the cigarette lighter port wired live and charge from there (using a male adaptor on the charger, £4 from Halfords). Justin
  25. I get this quite a bit whilst driving various sporty cars - particularly in Germany on derestricted 'bahns. Most are having a bit of fun, excited to see what is to them an unusual sight. Rarely is it bad mannered but it can be tricky on occasion to identify 'friendly fire' from 'incoming hostile'. Justin
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