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  1. Should have been POA. 😃
  2. That's a shame but understandable. Justin
  3. I hope it is a huge success. It's already huge, so halfway there..... Justin
  4. No Not on the badging. I recall the MK2 Renault 5 was marketed as Supercinq on launch. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 front engine turbo were 5GT Turbo. GT in reality meaning the four seater road car as a opposed to the mid-engined two seat turbo - which were only in Mk1 body. Clear as mud 😃 Justin
  5. We will see. I have no experience of importing items since Brexit. I don't mind paying the VAT, the country needs tax income, but handling fees will irritate. I miss the single market. Justin
  6. I did a near full day in the 340R. 5am start, Esher to Honiton, five National Trust house visits at various locations, then to the coast for fish n chips, back in Esher by 11pm. I had a passenger, who insisted on the detour for the battered cod....but she is called Lottie so perhaps born to appreciate the finest vehicles on the planet. Justin
  7. Welcome aboard. Or abroad, as your in Sturgeon land 😃. Stunning combo with matching lightweight seats. Justin
  8. I have ordered the Elise Shop Evora radiator. I don't have a EOIR number for my business which I would require to import from EU, so I did it personally. No VAT charged at checkout, I assume I will be charged via UPS plus a handling fee. I paid in Euros via my Euro Visa card. It's not the money saving, which I think will end up marginal, more the quality of the product. All alloy should last longer. The standard 340R radiator breaks on the plastic mounts, the alloy one eliminates this failure. Justin
  9. I need a radiator for Evora NA. Part from Lotus is £645 plus VAT. Elise Shop in Europe do an alloy one....if they ship to UK as Brexit may discourage. Any info on options appreciated. Alloy radiator will I assume last longer. I need the AC condenser rad in addition and perhaps renew hoses. Justin
  10. Almost anything but Audi. Awful steering, poor ride quality unless you fork out for the air suspension, over-priced for a VW clone and most Audi I see on the roads don't have indicators fitted. I'd buy a Focus ST estate but perhaps too small for your needs. Stay safe, that is all that matters. Justin
  11. Fuel stops apart, I've done plenty of long runs in Lotus. Channel tunnel also intervenes but I'm still in the car. I've certainly done 7 hours in the 340R but that will involve numerous juice refills. I find it a very comfortable companion. Personally, I'd rather be in a Lotus than a eurobox, however long the journey. Justin
  12. Posting on a Lotus forum that you have chosen a motorbike over a Lotus, I would expect a few adverse or cautionary replies. Personally, I'd have bought an almost certainly depreciation free 6 year old Exige V6 if I were the OP, available with 12 months warranty from Lotus main dealers. Bonkers to buy a bike, far too risky but obviously I wish the OP all the best; and hope he sees sense quickly. 😃 As for the Audi - yuck,yuck,yuck. Justin
  13. jep

    Utility Bills
  14. No. No Yes. But it has to be. No car company can survive long term attempting to make 1500-3000 cars pa.
  15. Exige V6 350 is one of the planet's greatest cars. I only had my LF1 for 8 months but I adored it. 3rd gear pull is just spectacular. Justin
  16. @Rambo No. Sadly, I don't think Emira is my kind of sports car. I hope I am wrong but weight and focus on a conventional interior just don't inspire me. I wish Lotus the greatest of success and I think they are correct to go (more) mainstream. I'm heading to less mass; and less mass produced. I think the pre-Geely Lotus will be very highly sought after particularly Esprit, Elise and Exige. Frankly all of them, perhaps even the cruelly under-appreciated Excel. Justin
  17. Nearly 40 years on and still folk confuse 5 GT turbo with the mid-engined 5 Turbo or 5 Turbo 2. Mind you, pre-facelift R5 were Alpine Turbo except in UK when badged Gordini due to a TM dispute with Chrysler. Justin
  18. The clear out continues, or attempts at. Renault 5GT turbo also now advertised on Pistonheads and TLF. The only car definitely staying forever is the prototype Elise S1. Very sad to sell any of the cars that I am extremely fortunate to own but with a fair wind, further excitement is on the horizon. Justin
  19. @exeterjeep I know you're keen to buy a M100 but I can't take your offer of just under £2k, however much I admire your devotion to the marque. Justin
  20. Do they do Lotus Eclair?
  21. Excellent: certainly it would be 'most excellent' if I could buy one for £25k.
  22. It looks like one of those 1,000 Porsche that didn't make it across the Atlantic earlier this month.
  23. I think you under utilise your classified ads. It is not highlighted enough on initial look at TLF. Auction - perhaps but you probably don't have enough eyeballs to generate a decent price for the seller. Worth a go but suspect prices will be soft, as most auctions are even with a large subscription base. Good for buyers. Justin
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