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  1. Spot on. He returned it to Bell and Colvill in July 2021, I assume a straight sale. Alex has an Emira on order. Justin
  2. Body warranty: check with Damien at Bell and Colvill service, he'll know and is very helpful. My 10 year old 12c is having new wings under body warranty at McLaren Birmingham. The corrosion was so insignificant, I didn't even see it. Justin
  3. That's not really affected McLaren prices, certainly not in the way it has affected shopping cars some of which are up by 40%+. It has perhaps stabilised McLaren prices especially with the Artura delayed but I don't see any significant rise in McLaren prices. Alpine residuals have long been strong, mainly as so few sold new. I've seen cars below £45k this year which was not likely in 2021. Justin
  4. S2 not as common as S1. E Bay often useful, here is one, probably available cheaper but a start.
  5. Don't forget the green Aussie import with 9,000 miles at £28k. I'd be happy with £20k for mine and it is near mint underneath, really clean with factory marker pen writing still showing. I may revise this price in a few months...down if WW3, up if M100 continue this surge. Justin
  6. It depends how clean it is underneath. Assuming it is clean but not exceptionally to suspension, £17995. If it is super-clean and shinny, £19,995. Justin
  7. If only to annoy @exeterjeep 😄
  8. Agreed. And very unlike PM Sports Cars. It's not as if it is a particularly unusual M100 in terms of very low mileage or provenance. Mileage is not especially low and a few turn up regularly with circa 20,000 miles. What must my 9,000 miler be worth? Odd. Justin
  9. POA on a M100? Gosh. Justin
  10. jep

    M100 Elan photos

    The wheels on all those need brightening up a bit. 😄 Justin
  11. McLaren are a fabulous drive. The steering and chassis are supreme, particularly the adjustable suspension on 12c/650/720. McLaren are a different ownership experience to Lotus and Alpine, particularly Alpine which is effectively a mainstream product from a large manufacturer, albeit a rare car but you would be very unfortunate to experience any reliability issues (minor niggles at worse). Evora likewise really does not have significant maintenance issues. A few problems for sure but for a bespoke sports car, pretty good. Emira I suspect the same, though it looks heavy on paper so it will be interesting to see how Lotus lose the bulk at the steering wheel. McLaren are still learning how to build cars from a standing start in 2010. They do have issues, regularly, though 3,000 miles pa you may not experience so many, if any. The warranty is a bargain at £5k pa, so that tells you something and I wouldn't entertain owning one without a warranty. You have to be really 'invested' emotionally in the marque to enjoy the ownership experience, so you can readily forgive the various issues that are almost inevitable. If your driving priorities are steering, supple suspension, nibbleness, power and ease of use (parking excepted, doors can be an issue), there is nothing like a McLaren. The bargain is 12c. Still available with McLaren warranty and the adjustable suspension is brilliant. Turbo lag adds to the drama. Get 2 year McLaren warranty in the deal if you buy a McLaren. Remember, the McLaren new was a very different price-point, so although the man-maths is suggesting it is in some way comparable to Alpine and Lotus, the reality is that it isn't. The 570 price new is also an illusion, as it effectively was subsided by the development costs of 12c. 570 as a brand new from scratch model would have to have retailed at £170k+. And don't forget, if you thrash a twin turbo McLaren, you're in single digit MPG. I did a tank in 80 minutes on the autobahn and the tank ain't small. Conclusion: McLaren for the ultimate driving satisfaction. Lotus, Alpine for as close as you can get but with a significant reduction in wallet anxiety. Justin
  12. I try to drive it as Martin would....still good at 72,000 miles. Justin
  13. One for @exeterjeep
  14. Quite a few ex-factory cars from 09/10. Mine is ex-Martin Donnelly. Justin
  15. That's my kinda Evora. Dark coachwork, small silver wheels. A splash of colour inside would be nice. Original gear knob intact - 😄 I still think the first Evora is the best looking. The S1 Esprit of the millennium. Justin
  16. Even the retrim is acceptable, not quite right but good. Justin
  17. What a beauty. Justin
  18. Fab. A dream day Scott. Brilliant. Justin
  19. That is not how Bobby saw it. He said to me they did a version with compomotive wheels and body changes that Lotus copied. Hearsay now but that is the conversation I had. Justin
  20. Not sure Bobby Bell agreed.....Bell and Colvill did a Turbo Esprit (after the S1 turbo they did) prior to Lotus and in conversation with Bobby some years ago, he said Lotus copied quite a bit of it. Probably it didn't have ruched leather (no loss). Justin
  21. Lovely....but his original design without ears and add-ons is supreme, though if driving S3 or Turbo Esprit every time. Great snap.
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