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  1. Yes. The white LE. Crackin' car. Justin
  2. Not all do. A pal just sold his LE. Original clutch and no AC issues or any major components in it's 13 year life. It's pot luck. Justin
  3. Clutch was fine. Gearbox rebuild was circa £6k and I left the good gears 1 and 2. Fitted new clutch and lightened flywheel at the same time. Annoying but spread over 5 years, acceptable cost on a rare car. Spread over the next 10 years, good value. Justin
  4. Mine failed at 68000 miles.... certainly not identified prior to my purchase and certainly not fixed under warranty. Point blank refusal by Lotus to even admit there was ever a problem. Which was clearly a fib. 10 year old car, I took it on the chin though I rolled my eyes at the fib. Justin
  5. Sport pack did not mean CR box. I'm sure it was random on early cars. Press cars got them, very few production cars until 2010. I've driven both, back to back. It makes little difference but I'd go CR given a choice as I like using 3rd and 4th on tighter A roads.
  6. @Rambo press cars had CR box. CR box then filtered in to production and by 2011 I understand all cars had CR. My car was a factory car, Martin Donnelly the first steed. It's fully loaded, every extra so perhaps it was built with factory use in mind. CR ratios had a production problem but this was sorted on S onwards. Justin
  7. It was great. That was the 50000th Lotus along side your V8. Peter signed the handbook, which was already signed by Prince Charles now King Charles. He also signed my Mc F1 memorabilia. 🙂 X180 - he said he improved the rigidity by adding curves to the body design. And the Cd, I think to .33 but Lotus used .32 as they had been lying about the G cars Cd figure for years. Excel: he confirmed rear mud flaps added to save the gearbox at high speed - this undid most of his aero work improvements. Jaguar: the end made Ian Callum very ill. Peter so relaxed about his designs and the compromises needed to satisfy all involved. No toys out of the pram. Instagram: 50000lotus Justin
  8. I never use AC except in a heatwave. AC puts moisture in the system, so try it without AC on which may help dry out the pipework. I don't have misting issues in Evora. 400 is great, as are all Evora but 276bhp is best. Justin
  9. My NA is 2010, 77,000 miles. Owned since 2018. It's a daily and will remain so for many years. I never intend to sell it. I see no reason to change it for another Evora. Clutch done at 68000 but was still good, the CR gears failed so we did clutch simultaneously, very few other issues. Why change? A low miler NA will depreciate as I add miles. Likewise a 400. I prefer the interior of pre-400, I prefer 276bhp which is more ragable within UK speeds limits. And early cars may well appreciate in value. Late SR NA is super-rare and worth considering but already have a following so aren't usually cheap. I'd stick with what you've got. Justin
  10. No CGT is partly why cars have become a popular investment. Particularly rarer cars EG: GTO, F1, CGT, Enzo, F40 etc....etc... Justin
  11. Government should tax vehicles on weight and width. It would help the environment in multiple ways. Justin
  12. One Lotus is never enough. Justin
  13. Not cheap at all. Expensive. Sport 410 is the correct name for this Evora, despite the decals suggesting otherwise. Silverstone have a 4000 miler with warranty for £65k. I sold Yuvi last month for under £60k with near 18000 miles. A very rare car, currently undervalued in the marketplace but they ain't a £70k car. Should be, with 430 at £100k but they're not. Justin
  14. Interesting render. Not sure it's done the Evora any favours. I adore the Evora shape, particularly the early cars. Pure and unfussy. The Emira I suspect is pandering to a customer base that desire a bit more drama. Fair enough. I've only seen Emira in a showroom or quantum at the factory, I look forward to spying one on the highways. Evora and Emira are not like for like. Evora is +2, Emira is not. This makes Evora a truly extraordinary design achievement - a pretty mid-engine +2. It's probably never been achieved before. Justin
  15. No Moore Fiestas. Justin
  16. Or thank them for being honest. A good sign I would say. You can negotiate what you require and see if a deal can be done. Justin
  17. Drove passed and had to have a snap. Justin
  18. Half way to Wet Nellie 2.
  19. The chassis number sequencing was changed, later cars are as the link you sent but earlier cars not. Justin
  20. Agreed. There's a danger it becomes a 'cock of the walk' car instead of being driven and used. I also think the livery just misses the mark. The Bond Lotus attempts always just miss for me on the later cars. Evora white with tartan was probably the best, the Exige white with tartan lovely but just not quite inspiring enough. I always enjoy seeing them of course, delighted they exist. I'm not sure I'd want to own one. LF1 the greatest livery ever on Exige, interior divine too. Justin
  21. Owner now Up-cycling instead
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