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  1. jep

    340r Picture Thread

    Terrific. How long have you owned the 340R? Justin
  2. Good to see one. The Elise S1 killed the Caterham 21.
  3. Lightweight πŸ™‚
  4. I'm not even driving mine to Steve Williams, 30 miles or so. It drives but only with some wit and skill. It will be on a flatbed next week Justin
  5. Ordered Tuesday 11am. Arrived Thursday 9am. More importantly, free lollipops:
  6. On reflection, if you're gonna clean up the air, best stop the regular use of vehicles deemed polluting, rather than ban those vehicles altogether. So I'd say Khan has it right, as it seems unreasonable to me that someone living in London with a non-compliant occasional use classic would be banned from driving it completely. The charge is designed to pursued those regularly using 'dirty' vehicles to switch to 'cleaner' ones. Happy days for VW et al, who lied and filled our roads with filthy diesels. Justin
  7. ULEZ compliant too. Rinky dink.
  8. Emira is not comparable to Evora. Emira will attract a much wider audience and is mass produced - Geely I'm sure will try and make as many as they can sell. It will deprecate much like other luxury sports cars. And has deliberately been made to be like other luxury sports cars. That is the point of Emira. Evora is a specialist sports car, low volume with a dedicated niche following, especially second hand (which they all are now). We'll never see it's like again, further adding to its appeal. Justin
  9. Excel likewise today, though I suspect some advisories, I haven't collected it yet. New owner due to pick up on Thursday - a sad but also happy day. Love Excel but time moves on. Justin
  10. I commute regularly to Fulham in the XJ6, 1973. Did so today. 340R is also ULEZ friendly. Brooklands is in Surrey so all fine. Ace Cafe has an issue though. Justin
  11. Good thread. I've now ordered an Evora clutch master cylinder from GregsRaceParts. Mine has just failed, 82,000 miles. Metal cylinder as early car. It went in traffic on A40, somehow I travelled another 10 miles in London, using 2nd gear and keeping well back from any traffic to avoid having to use the clutch. It's the first time I have kept the 20mph limit in town πŸ™‚ If you turn off the ignition, the pedal can be lifted back to aid some use but I wouldn't recommend going far. Justin
  12. Yep. That's ridiculous. And the irony of the biggest polluters, the aeroplane, not paying the full cost of the damage they do to the planet. Justin
  13. jep

    Formula One

    Max, who I've never warmed to, was very eloquent and thoughtful on this subject during the build-up to Spa this year. In essence, he said that's what we're paid to do, get on with it. Only in more coded language. Justin
  14. Ask any Lotus dealer if they can order. If not available, Dan at Divine Handcraft could probably make them. Justin
  15. I remember a 400 selling for Β£36k in 2020. Tough to find one at that level now. @C8RKH spot on, selling Evora is a specialist arena and most take time to sell. If you want your dosh NOW, Evora is gonna have to be cheap. Not many Evora owners need to sell quickly. Justin
  16. Welcome. Keep us posted by keeping posting πŸ™‚ Justin
  17. jep

    340r Picture Thread

    Modern cars are rubbish ☺️
  18. jep

    340r Picture Thread

    How many today? Justin
  19. Sold today. I'll miss the brilliant Excel. Deposit paid by a first time Lotus owner. I'll do a new MOT before collection. 11 years, 30,000 very happy miles. Justin
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