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  1. I know the whereabouts of a very clean red M100 with 9,000 miles. Esprit is where I started with Lotus. Fabulous machines, though I've not owned one since 2006. Prices consistently on the up. Excel is the bargain Lotus, crazy cheap still. Justin
  2. Sad to say, this is a common truth. I've brought three pals to Lotus in the last 2 years (four if my brother is included who's just bought an Elise S1, though he didn't consult me). They all adore their cars which appear to a revelation to them having been fogged by untruths in the motoring press. Justin
  3. 118bhp S1 is so pure, so thrilling. 720kg but a chassis so strong and nimble. Heaven. I haven't been without some form of S1 since 1998. You'll need a Certificate of Conformity (not certificate of provenance) to show TFL that their database is wrong. I'm trying to correct this via Lotus Cars but it's painfully slow. Cert of Conformity is ordered via a Lotus dealer/agent if you don't have yours with your car's paperwork. Justin
  4. Advance ticket but available on the day. And free. Car access is by pre-registration but it can be fairly relaxed. The advanced ticket situation is probably H&S requirement now the events are so popular. It was a fabulous morning out, Speedtail a real treat to see. And hundreds of Lotus.
  5. Elise S1 probably the greatest Lotus road car ever..... perhaps tied with Exige V6. So you have that covered 😃 Hopefully you solved your London ULEZ issue with the S1, it complies but TFL website is wrong. Justin
  6. Welcome aboard @AMP. Pictures please. Justin
  7. Great car for someone at a low price. M100 look good in red. Justin
  8. The 50000th Lotus out for the first time in 2022:
  9. Twas a joke.....but I think you got that! Justin
  10. That's Evora not Excel. Call yourself the boss? 😄
  11. I adore the GMA cars, total wow. Any lightweight enthusiast (enthusiast of lightweight? 🙂) should really appreciate the bravery and genius of the company, irrespective of the price-point. Incredible. A dream to own one. McLaren: I'm still on that path. Lotus never fail to inspire me. I've driven five this weekend, all some distances and have adored every minute. Such special cars, it's all you need in a sports car. I'm responsible for thread drift. Sorry. Justin
  12. Adore that purple M100. Trim looks correct to me and factory finished, not retrim. Just been out in the 50,000th Lotus. What brilliant cars M100 are. A total joy. Justin
  13. I saw this. It ideally needs a bit of TLC as airbag popped, wheels need a proper refurb and some general tidying. Price fair, though I think it would sell quicker with the jobs done and ask £29,995. Unless the price includes all those jobs done....then it's a bargain 🙂 Justin
  14. It was missing a couple of invoices but service book all stamped correctly. No concerns at all. Justin
  15. I've seen this car. It's a cracker, a beauty. Now sold to a pal of mine, his first Lotus. He collected it today and is thrilled. Justin
  16. jep

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yep. We'll be there but not with a 430. Two Evora, NA and Sport410. The 12c was accepted but it is in Birmingham, hopefully back next week. Justin
  17. 30th April 2022 Club Lotus track day and meet at Castle Combe. IE. Tomorrow, unless you read this after 29th April 2022. Many just turn up to view, free entry. Prototype Elise S1 will be there. Justin
  18. That's lovely. 4 owners in first 8 years not surprising, I can see Evora as a two year fling for many, some moving to S. I assume it has long ratio gearbox. I prefer close ratio. A shame so under-used, good value for someone. Justin
  19. Not many around in white. Lovely colour
  20. Sport 410 is a bargain. GT3 in essence. They just shouldn't be £30k less than a 430. You'll get a years as new warranty, nothing to worry about in my view. A catalyst went on ours at 13,000 miles, warranty covered it that Bramley had put on in May 21. Otherwise, faultless in 10,000 miles. Justin
  21. Talking of bargains: Sport 410 with comprehensive 1 year warranty. Crazy good value. Carbon tailgate, seats, roof and front access panel. 430 is awesome but this Sport 410 is probably £30k less than if it were a 430.....and the Sport 410 is rarer. Justin
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