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  1. 74000 miles reached with the NA. 300+ miles today, motorway, A roads, B roads. A total joy. Comfortable, ragable, chuckable. Desirable. Justin
  2. I wouldn't take it to a generic garage. If you are Surrey based, Max500, Lakeside Engineering or Bell and Colvill to name three. Max is very experienced on Elise S1, he's just done my C service. Justin
  3. Contract administrator. Can be architect, QS or specialist but they need specific PI cover to do it. Justin
  4. You need someone on board who knows what their doing ideally. A proper QS acting for you. I assume it's a JCT contract. Get proper warranties. You need to research this esp roofing guarantees. I would not do open book or cost plus. Get a fixed contract price. You must be prepared to enforce pay less notices if they fall behind schedule. Don't pay anything up-front or in advance. All payments should be in arrears. Justin
  5. Elite company. Great snap. Justin
  6. A coolant rubber hose is probably split but may not be noticeable until under pressure. There is one near the manifold by the bulkhead that can weaken due to heat. Or a lose jubilee connection. Justin
  7. uv_lotus on Instagram for loads of pictures of Yuvi, the Sport 410. Justin
  8. Back on topic, campers:
  9. jep

    Evora required

    S sub-£35k will be high miles or doggy. Probably both. Personally, I prefer NA to S. Both fab, as are all Evora. Justin
  10. Both seats painted. And other parts of the leather. And not very well. Justin
  11. jep

    Evora S1 NA

    And rejected. Twice. Justin
  12. jep

    Evora S1 NA

    It's not currently on-line. 9000 miles, 2010. No sports pack. Silver with oyster leather. Ex- Jersey, came to UK in 2020. It's been tarted with black wheels and some wrap but for £30k with warranty, it's a decent car but I dislike interiors that are poorly repaired so it was not for me. Instrument cluster damage is unliveable with for me and that's an expensive replacement. It can't be fixed, it needs a new cluster. Justin
  13. I've rejected this. Interior has been 'got at' and the instrument cluster has a broken trim surround that will need a new cluster, a £1k plus job if you can get a new one. A wasted afternoon. Justin
  14. jep

    Evora S1 NA

    Call Sytner Solihull. I rejected the 9000 miler as instrument cluster has broken trim and both front seats are repaired poorly (over-spray). The interior just feels 'got at'. The black cills are wrap not paint, the wrap is peeling. I suspect the door mirrors are too. The headlining has numerous marks. The interior is more like 50,000 miles+. My 73,000 miler is cleaner and more original inside. The car is probably worth the £30k they were asking but it didn't float my schooner. Justin
  15. Red to red and blue to bits. 😃
  16. Yep, saw that advert this morning at 7am. I've resisted but it looks fab and value. Yummy. Justin
  17. jep

    The Queen

    And never was. 😃
  18. jep

    S4 Bargain?

    Luckily I'm in the 90+%. Justin
  19. jep

    S4 Bargain?

    Lovely car for a long term owner. Not a bargain. Any category insurance claim is a blot and a previously salvaged car will scare off 90+% of potential buyers. Hence why Barry has priced competitively. A tricky sell down the road but if know that going in, that don't matter too much. Justin
  20. The Sytner 9000 miler was incorrectly relisted. It sold on Saturday, it is being prepared and I hope to collect next week. I'll run it along side my high miler and see which I prefer. Justin
  21. ......not owned a Lotus since 1992.
  22. .......replied to random surveys.
  23. Thread title made me wonder if this was about Boris refusing to resign.
  24. The Phil Spec was introduced exactly because Lotus had strayed, just a tad, towards firmer suspension on Evora. Logically as they couldn't sell them in large enough numbers so they looked to chase the more 'hard core' buyer, starting with Sport 410 in 2016. Phil Spec, originally a US car with more compliant suspension akin to S1, was launched in UK at the request of Phil P. I like all Evora set-ups but I always considered smooth ride/great cornering a Lotus USP so would take S1 ride over others if forced to choose. Justin
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