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  1. I think listed on TLF classified too. Justin
  2. Happy Bibsday Leader. Have a short holiday.......................................................did you enjoy it? Justin
  3. Nothing to do with the fact he part owns the company auctioning the car..... Justin
  4. Yep, most are fine on clutch. The failure rate was notable on a part that should last min 50,000 miles and is an expensive fix on Evora. Even 5% failure is too many but Lotus fixed the issue and certainly MY12 appear to be as it should be. I have no issue with a brand new model having some teething problems. I had a clutch failure on Ford GT (05) at 23,000 miles. Ford replaced FOC without hesitation saying it was a part failure from new. I was surprised at this generosity. Justin
  5. Can be lack of use, I've had a few cars needing new clutch due to previous low mileage (judder). And early Evora had known clutch failure issues on a small but significant %, so it's not surprising. The car is now sold. I was second in line as I was attracted to a lower miler. Justin
  6. GMA and the Group of companies are doing a lot more than the V12 cars. Electrification is very much a part of it, as is innovation elsewhere. If you appreciate Lotus, you should be in awe of GMA. Lightweight is the key and they want to show the big manufacturers that fat cars are bad. If you don't appreciate the pinnacle of low mass sports cars, fair enough but those cars are only a small part of the projects that Gordon Murray Group are pursuing. Justin
  7. This is great, though a bit OTT from Dario. So fascinating, the project GMA are on. Living history, a very special time we are witnessing. Justin
  8. The graphics are close but no cigar. Rear gold line detail, trying to copy Esprit profile, doesn't work for Evora curves, that needs resolving. It needs LF1 style interior tweaks, some gold threads and leather. The World Championship badges rear and inside just don't work. Commercially, not worth doing but it would look fab with some adjustments. Lovely to see. Justin
  9. Odd. Definitely pre-12 interior but centre console trim black not aluminium finish. Retro graphics to mimic S2 Esprit World Championship commemorative are aftermarket not factory. Wheels are I think S wheels, not sure they did those on NA? Car appears to be NA, tax band seems to confirm. Interesting to know the history of how it ended up looking like this and registered 2015. I should call the seller but I'm not sure they will know. Justin
  10. S1 Elise probably Lotus greatest ever road car. I don't think I could be without one. Justin
  11. LF1 is a cracker. As factory though.....Evora LE never had gold wheels from Hethel and as a seller, I'd revert to original to maximise selling price. Justin
  12. I'll be interested to see how quickly this sells. Seems value but I wonder if many buyers are looking for more originality and issues fixed. If it were mine, I'd fix the airbag, return wheels to original colour, remove sticker to tailgate, more information in text and price at £30k or thereabouts assuming the paintwork is decent and FSH. It should sell quickly as none of the jobs above should amount to more than £3k. Justin
  13. Not a 12c. 570 I suspect.
  14. Airbag needs fixing. I don't understand why reputable Lotus sellers advertise cars with known defects. Fix them before advertising or mention in the blurb. Justin
  15. The market is skewed presently due to supply chain issues on new cars. So perhaps 400's are a bit toppy. In normal conditions, I'd have expected to see a 2016 400 at £40k or thereabouts by now. One did sell for £38k but was resold weeks later for £46k (Jan 21). The bargain Evora are Sport 410 and early NA are still value. I agree, I probably wouldn't buy a 2019 onwards presently at prices asked (except the Sport 410 at £68k now under offer) but that is less Emira related, more supply chain effect. Justin
  16. I don't agree. Emira is heavy and has less BHP than 410 onwards. Emira will have zip effect on early Evora, a successful Emira may even harden prices for those as awareness is raised. +2/luggage capacity very important to many Evora owners. Post-2016 Evora are still depreciating (except 430) but I don't see any clean 400 or 410 'tumbling' in value due to Emira. If they do, I'll happily pick up another so I don't mind either way. Justin
  17. jep

    Hello :)

    Early NA are fabulous. All you need in reality and prices are hardening. Sport 410 is brilliantly bonkers but easily usable daily if you don't need rear seats. Prices insanely low, £30k less than 430, which can't last as folk wake up to Sport 410. You'll love the NA, I hope to never sell mine. Justin
  18. jep

    Hello :)

    Welcome. There is a stonking value Sport 410 at Silverstone Lotus. Evora a special car. As is Exige. Justin
  19. I look forward to your G spots. Justin
  20. Cheers @DH2. I'll call you tomorrow if you're around. Justin
  21. Amazing. It's only taken me 22 years.....
  22. I'm thinking of having these fitted to my R. I spoke to Dave Andrews of DVA Power, who seems to be a recognised expert on set up. He can't fit the verniers as he has no facilities to take the body off. Dave is an engine guy not a workshop for servicing cars. Has anyone done this to VHPD engine and who did you use? Hangar111 perhaps? Justin
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