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  1. 24000 miles with my NA in 4 years and it's probably worth what I paid for it from a main dealer. I've had a lot of bills though, some routine, others not. Hopefully the next 4 years are less onerous cash-wise than the last 2 but irrespective, it's a fabulous machine and a credit to Lotus. Justin
  2. Stunning in white. Just need to remove that factory PPF. 😉 Justin
  3. Max500 in Guildford. I don't know how experienced you are with classic cars but you should find a specialist to look after your steed, not a generic garage. Sometimes this means a bit of travel and a higher labour cost. Club Lotus is worth joining, more magazine than internet. Malcolm Ricketts is near you, he doesn't service cars for the public but he may know someone who does. Malcolm races 60s Lotus, has a fab collection and also has a very early Elise bought new. Justin
  4. If you selling to a pal, I would strongly advise you are clear that he understands the car is 13 years old and could throw up a chunky bill at any time. My NA is 2010, 73,000 miles. The last 2 years have seen £15k of bills. Clutch, gearbox, radiator, brakes. That don't bother me, I've done 24,000 miles with no depreciation but I may not feel the same if that happened early on. And I'm not planning to sell any time soon. Of course, he may suffer no failures but best he is opened eyed. I would say the same with a 13 year old Porsche etc.... Your price seems about right, perhaps a bit high with no warranty and air bag popped but there are very few Evora NA for sale and strong demand. Justin
  5. I can't help technically but our Sport 410 had no DAB reception and no visible DAB antenna. Whilst it was at the shop having a MetaTrak fitted, I asked them to look. They fitted a visible DAB antenna on the windscreen and ordered a loom for the unit as the wiring appeared to have been poorly modified. I assume a previous owner had made a poor effort rather than a dealer or Lotus. A good ICE shop should be able to sort or hopefully your dealer for free. Justin
  6. Gordon Murray is obsessed with lightweight. The T.50 weighs 980kg with metal wheels. If he thought carbon wheels made sense on a road car, he'd spec them, it's not as if his cars have a budget constraint. Gordon adores carbon fibre but only where it's function is fully served. It should not be used for show or for impracticality on road cars. Justin
  7. Because you can't repair them. But more importantly, you can't tell how deep or severe any damage may be and the wheel could fail at speed. So any damage means a new wheel at considerable cost. A totally ridiculous situation for a road car when the noticeable difference in driver enjoyment over a metal wheel will be negligible. Gordon Murray Automotive don't spec them for road cars. Justin
  8. Lovely. But carbon fibre wheels a big no-no for road cars. Justin
  9. @Redwing spot on reference Lotus being a bargain. The very essence of ACBC principle was to bring lightweight and precision handling to the masses (and to make money to go racing himself 🙂). The frankly pathetic drone of ignorant journalists and car enthusiasts who are too dim witted to comprehend the joys of low mass is staggering. We were blessed that Lotus Cars produced such wundercars for so many many years. Hopefully a lot more is to come....... hopefully. Justin
  10. Excel market is difficult to assess. If you advertised a rough car with MOT for £5k, I suspect it would be sold within days. There seems to be strong demand for cars that need TLC, especially from home mechanics. Likewise a non-runner at £3k will sell, one has just done so recently. A £5k car will need easily more than £10k to be as a FSH well maintained car would be, even if the labour is free, assuming paint needs to be paid for (ie. A professional respray). Demand for clean, usable Excel is soft. Esprit is the wedge that attracts the wedge, understandable so but a genuine FSH clean and maintained Excel at less than £15k is ridiculously cheap. An Excel can be used daily, it's that good and reliable or be a very cheap exotic and rare sports car. Will the world ever wake up to these brilliant cars? Lovely to see two today at Newlands Corner. Justin
  11. Newlands Corner Easter 2022. Pictures also on Instagram simplify_addlightness
  12. Excel is ridiculously undervalued. Adore mine, same spec but with LotusBits exhaust. Fab cars. Justin
  13. I've seen the Bell and Colvill white 430 CUP. It's been in their service reception for a few months. I photograph it every time I am there..... Which seems to be a lot at the moment 🙂 Now I'm a sucker for a white car. The tartan just adds to the temptation plus the silver wheels. It is totally yummy and if I was not in selling mode, I'd probably be discussing this with Jamie at B&C. Hopefully a TLF-er buys this gem Justin
  14. Even nicer day to drive Exige. 😄
  15. jep

    M100 Elan photos

    When the wheels are at the refurb shop, get them to paint the centre sections body colour. 😄 Congratulations. Justin
  16. Brooklands New Year's Day gathering, postponed meet was today. Fabulous turnout.
  17. Bizarre mistake by the factory or your ordering dealer. Such frustration, hopefully Lord Bibs can assist with a swift solution. Thankfully, you have Elise to ease some of the pain. Stick with it, Exige definitely worth the (long) wait. Justin
  18. Full marks for the Elise Shop radiator. Now fitted and all good. Slightly cooler running on the gauge. Thanks to Bell and Colvill for fitting this job in so quickly. Justin
  19. Welcome. How very frustrating and annoying but your perspective view is wise. Hopefully you get your Exige, one of the greatest Lotus road cars. Justin
  20. Goodwood Members Meeting was a brilliant weekend. Plenty of Lotus dotted around, on track and in the car parks. F1 V10 laps were a joyous noise of cylinders and octane. GMA display a wonderment of lightweight inspiration.
  21. It only had a bit part; came on as a sub
  22. Presumably a prop car.
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