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  1. 'Clear Editor' solves the problem of previous info on a reply. To message someone, view the profile of who you want to PM. View profile by clicking on their name/icon
  2. Welcome aboard. Esprit a very special car to own and better still, to drive. My first Lotus was S1 Esprit. Justin
  3. A very interesting read. Thanks for a well written, thoughtful post. I remember MJK saying once that GM money killed Lotus with kindness...... hopefully this is growing pains but your post highlights a worry. Your solution regarding a direct communication from the CEO is a wise thought. Justin
  4. Congratulations 👏🎊. A beauty. The plural of Lotus is ....... Lotus. 😃 I hope you get to drive it soon. Justin
  5. Admiral insurance premiums have fallen over the past 18 months on my two non-Lotus policies. Both renewal quotes were less by over 10%. A phone call saw a further reduction. A polite further enquiry, gave another reduction. I did shop around a few years ago but it came to light that many multi car policy insist all cars and drivers live at the same address. Admiral do not require this. I even enquired with Renault Insurance.....who wouldn't quote on the 5GT turbo. Justin
  6. jep

    Lotus Emira

    You are fully protected under consumer law, I wouldn't worry about. The only risk I see is if Lotus Cars Ltd goes under, which is far less likely than at any time in the last 70 years. 😄 Justin
  7. jep

    Lotus Emira

    I have no issue with the E Bay listing. It is up to Lotus Cars Ltd if they wish to have a buy back clause at list price or market value ( whichever is lower). If they don't, a purchaser should be free to do as they please. I suspect Lotus Cars are more interested in selling as many as possible, rather than have restrictive contracts. I do though find it laughable that anyone pays a premium for any car just to be seen in the latest 'must have'. It happened with Elise S1, the latest Alpine and the ridiculous fever over 911R that saw a £136k list price hit £800k+ £300k or thereabouts, which is still a bizarre premium. Porsche changed their allocation process after that fiasco. Justin
  8. jep

    Evora S wanted

    Welcome. Try the NA, the best Evora especially on UK twisties, the lower mass is noticeable. All Evora fab, you're in for an eye opening experience. Justin
  9. Very near Bell and Colvill service centre and Max500, so could be on a shakedown or owner heading to/from. Terrific colour, similar to ruby red/fire red on Elise S1. Yummy. Justin
  10. Hard to argue with any of that. You have to give the market what it wants, especially when you have tried to give them what they should want (Evora) and the audience failed to show up (apart from the usual suspects). Boy, am I glad they made Evora but I'm also delighted they are making Emira. Justin
  11. Great news. Carbon grey, the connoisseurs choice. Silver wheels are my preference. You gonna have a lot of fun with that. Evora a very special car and the wider world will wake up to this soon. Justin
  12. @LeglessAlex Alpine looks fab in green with gold wheels. Emerald Isles homage I assume. So good to see you use your cars. Emira - what changed? Justin
  13. Blimey. I'd just buy a 12c with McLaren warranty for £80k or thereabouts. Probably depreciation free, quicker than 570, better suspension and a classic design, particularly the interior. £5k pa to renew warranty, which you'd have to do on 570 anyway. Warranty available up to 15 years old. Justin
  14. I had Goodyear on the LF1 Exige, which many road only Exige owners seem to opt for over the factory Pirelli. Seemed good to me, though I tend to drive slow in, fast out with regard corners on a public road. Justin
  15. Great story. It reminds me that Ian Callum wrote to Jaguar with some boyhood sketches. Justin
  16. The later addition radio now removed. I found a correct dash trim finish (sans radio), which seem to be uber-rare nowadays. I suspect many were binned back in the day.
  17. Certainly not an inspiring car ownership history but clearly had to drive company cars throughout much of his career, naturally. I suppose if you work in the industry, you may have access to other cars, especially at Lotus in his early days, so less need to own. Julian Thomson had an Elise S1 from 2000 to about 2003 and hardly used it. He eventually bought a 160 in 2016. I think sometimes you can be too close to a project to be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labour. Justin
  18. Get those Lotus out. Lovely morning for a run and they haven't salted roads around Surrey. Roof off in Elise. Cleaning cars is an over-rated pastime. Justin
  19. I had one in 1986. Brilliant car. GTE that is. Justin
  20. I don't know but if you email them via the website, they will answer. They are responsive. I didn't look closely at mine, I handed it to Bell and Colvill. Justin
  21. Demise of Royal Mail is a sad state of affairs. The service in SW London is shockingly poor via the sorting office. The local PO are fairly surly and deliberately attempt to upsell services you don't require, in particular GND at min £7 when most need Signed For at £1.70. Parcel Force is aptly nick-named Parcel Farce. UPS is cheaper and they collect, the staff care and smile. I use UPS via PackLink for eBay sales, they collect a small packet and get it to the destination within 24 hours for £7. I'll pay a bit more over MyHerpes (sic) or DHL as UPS seem a well oiled outfit. Off topic and mild rant over. Justin
  22. T.33 will be on show at Goodwood Members Meeting 09/10 April. T.50 will also be there. Justin
  23. A touch of frost this morning. Popped to Bell and Colvill to drop off Evora radiator.
  24. Radiator arrived before midday Friday. Impressive. Looks fab, hopefully an easy fit for Bell and Colvill.
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