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  1. thanks for this info, I will use this next week on trip to Essen. Justin
  2. If you are off to Europe, especially France, you should have spare bulbs with you. I fear the French police will enjoy stopping GB cars and enforcing 90Euro fine. I bought mine on E Bay today for the headlights: OSRAM D1S 35W Original XENON BULB XENARC NEW HID 66144 at £32.97 each. The rear lights are a LED cluster and I think you can only replace the whole unit. Not sure what the French authorities position is on that for having spares. Other obvious needs to keep the French at bay are Hi-Viz jacket for each occupant, GB sticker, headlamp conversion stickers and a warning triangle. Breath test kit is optional. You also need all your documents with you (V5, insurance, licence). I did ask my local Lotus dealer about a Spare Bulb Kit for Evora but none is available from Lotus. Justin
  3. Perhaps presently in production but various others over the years. Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino (Bertone), Maserati Merak, Ferrari Mondial, Lamborghini Urraco and apparently the Toyota Previa (but that has 5 seats....) Your car looks stunning, welcome aboard. Justin
  4. Wil, you are clearly well red. Fab. I hope you love it as much as I do my Lotus. Justin
  5. Receiving my Certificate of Provenance, via Bibs for upgrading to Full Forum Member, from Lotus Cars for my Evora. Carbon Grey with cocobolo/black interior trim is one of only two cars made in that combo and mine the only +2. Totally unimportant but adds to the gaiety of the day. Off to Essen Classic in April with self-same car, its first autobahn attendance in my ownership (perhaps ever). Justin
  6. The Elise is one of the greatest sports cars ever made. And given what it does for the price, probably the greatest ever. If you enjoy sports cars and have never owned an Elise, your education is not complete. Welcome to the forum and welcome to Elise ownership. I assume this is your first Lotus. Now go and drive an Evora or Exige or Elan or Esprit or...………any Lotus E. Justin
  7. Free Solo: If not discussed already here, see this. On National Geographical channel, Ch 129 I think. 'Free Solo' is not a Star Wars movie. Or Man From UNCLE. Justin
  8. Spot on. No time to waste. And use the cars as much as possible. My Excel has just turned 61,000 miles, it was 37,000 when I bought it. Evora has done 8000 miles in one year and off to Germany to the Essen show in April with it. My 340R has done 39,000 miles...…..pretty poor show in 19 years.....except it is one of the highest mileage ones around. Many have done 5000 to 15000 miles. A waste in my view. Sure, I love looking at a Lotus but driving it is the best tonic. Justin
  9. And perhaps one of the reasons my admiration for Lotus keeps growing, apart from the brilliant cars, is the people in and around Lotus. Be it Club Lotus with Graham Arnold and now Alan Morgan, my first specialists Lyte and Wakefield, Bell and Colvill, William Taylor of Coterie, Jeremy Walton, some bloke called Bibs, Russell Carr, Scott Walker, Mike Kimberley, Brian Angus, Clive Chapman, Hazel Chapman etc..... and the many owners I have met over the years. Justin
  10. James Bond. The only reason I bought a white Lotus Esprit S1 in 1992. That opened my eyes to Lotus and I have not looked back. Many Esprit followed, Europa Type 72's, Excel's, M100 Elan...….and then the Elise arrived in 1996/7. Who'd have thunk it? Bloody hell, that was a revelation. And still is whenever I drive the 118bhp S1. And the Evora.....bloody hell again. It took me 8 years to buy one but my word that is a fabulous motor car. The irony is, I don't own an Esprit now. I should do but somehow it does not quite fit in (at the moment...…..). I have never driven a Lotus I have not liked. Justin
  11. As that thread link says, factory setting when cold is 33.5 front and 36 rear. I will certainly be asking Lotus Cars about this, as I am staggered by the comment that Lotus personal say it is better (for handling) at 30/30. Delighted it has worked for you, great news. Justin
  12. Pat. Good to meet you today and thanks for the bottle of wine (uncalled for but thanks). I hope that was of some assistance. Your car did not feel way out to me, so hopefully any small issues will be a minor adjustment or some bushes. Perhaps get it to a trusted Lotus main dealer to give it the once over. Bell & Colvill is a bit of hike for you but I would suggest worth the trip. Others here I am sure can recommend others. Justin
  13. How to veer off-topic, sorry everyone! I have a Clio 200 as a day to day for the other half. Yes, boxes can be weak on Clio but KTR in Blandford say this is usually through poor gear-changing; and there is no consistent pattern to why Clio boxes mash syncro's, so is it driving style? I don't track the 200 or the Twingo but plenty do track Twingo. Mine has done 62,000 miles and as it is upgraded to 160bhp, I find it hard to believe it was not tracked before I got it. Gearbox seems fine on mine, strong and neat. Perhaps a standard one may be a bit slow for track use but with 160, I would think great fun. There is a dedicated forum for 133 so check that out. And speak to KTR, who really know Renaults. I bought both mine from them. 160 upgrade is £2K but worth it. Luckily, mine was already done. Perhaps you can chip more cheaply, I have not researched as I bought as is. Long and the short is, Twingo 133 are seriously under-rated. Justin
  14. Fair enough but 133 is loud when KTR exhaust fitted; and could have option Renault Sport stickers from new. And it revs its nuts off to 7200.
  15. If you want a 'sleeper' modern equivalent, try a Twingo 133. Brilliant and much like an 80's hot hatch. Cheap and easily tuneable to 160bhp. You will love the Evora and 276bhp is plenty, though obviously 345/400 and beyond is wonderful too. Justin
  16. The information in the Evora book, quoting Pete Hunter at Lotus Cars: "The hides come from Andrew Muirhead and Son, an old, respected Glasgow firm...about five different types of leather ranging from something we call Sateen up to Arisaig which is three times the cost. We will cut the leather for the Evora seats here...because the leather that Recaro uses is Volkswagen spec which is very expensive and does not match our leathers. So we cut our Sateen leather and send it out there (Recaro Germany)……" Justin
  17. I would e-mail Jamie at Bell and Colvill to see if he has anything coming in via p/ex or knows of something that may not be advertised. I bought mine from Jamie, 50,000 miles, original clutch. All well one year on and 8000 miles. A few minor issues that B&C fixed free of charge. £30K should get you a 09, 10 or perhaps 11 plate. Two late cars, 2015 plates, have just sold for early to mid-£40k's. 205 Rallye: legend and I am sure great fun. Justin
  18. Yes, Recaro seats, I knew I was wrong (when I re-read after posting) but could not see how to edit the post. Re: leather from Scotland, I was quoting information in the Evora book ('Sublime Supercar', a fab read) and I was careful not to say the leather was inferior or lower spec but the book suggests that it was better value. I will dig out the exact quote but perhaps this is a lesson to me not to pass on second-hand news. S1 Esprit, leather trim. News to me that S1 Esprit could have leather as I have never seen one photographed with leather (as original, I have seen some poor attempts retro-fit) or seen one in the flesh. Sorry for my duff information, I saw a fair few S1 Esprit as owner or buyer or admirer in the 1990s and read tons on them so I was convinced this option was not on the S1. I stand corrected and will position myself on the naughty step for a double helping of humble pie. Justin
  19. 340R all sorted and now exempt from ULEZ charge. 😀 Elise S1 next. Justin
  20. It is pot (hole?) luck. My Excel is on original suspension from 1987 and 60,000 miles and it drives as it should (not just me saying but LotusBits and B&C). I had another Excel many moons ago that was suspension knackered and it was a 30,000 miler and about 15 years old at the time. Sitting unused can be worse than in use. Luckily, Lotus are light. The Porsche 928 will sag its suspension if unused. I had to change the springs on a lower miler one. Over the years, I have generally found I had to change shocks due to minor leaks (MOT failure) rather than because they were no longer doing a good job. Back when I had zip to spend, a clean up, prior to MOT, of the shocks was the order of the day. Justin
  21. Lotus charge £118.80 to get a Cert of Conformity. They kindly confirmed the NOx is under 0.08 but I think TfL will insist on the full Cert. Justin
  22. 1955-1975 Citroen DS, in case any millennials wondered what weed I was smokin'...…….. Justin
  23. I just went out for a small blast. I had a smile on my face just accelerating in 2nd gear at 2500rpm within 1 minute of starting the car. I lifted off at 3200rpm, it was the pick up and noise that made me chuckle. I splashed about on a bumpy B-road for 20 minutes, I did not get over 65mph and never found 4th gear but still had the best of times. I can do all this in an Elise of course but the Evora lets me do this and an easy 500 miles in a day or easy in poor weather or easy on the commute or...……..the list goes on. Justin
  24. Perhaps meet in Stokenchurch and ride up the old A40 towards Oxford. That will be a good test as that is a great road with some bumps along the way. Or the Mercure Thame Lambert Hotel which is near Jct 6 M40 and on the A40. I am in Surrey but I like the trip up to the old A40. Feel free to private message me. Justin
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