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  1. 30th April 2022 Club Lotus track day and meet at Castle Combe. IE. Tomorrow, unless you read this after 29th April 2022. Many just turn up to view, free entry. Prototype Elise S1 will be there. Justin
  2. That's lovely. 4 owners in first 8 years not surprising, I can see Evora as a two year fling for many, some moving to S. I assume it has long ratio gearbox. I prefer close ratio. A shame so under-used, good value for someone. Justin
  3. Not many around in white. Lovely colour
  4. Sport 410 is a bargain. GT3 in essence. They just shouldn't be £30k less than a 430. You'll get a years as new warranty, nothing to worry about in my view. A catalyst went on ours at 13,000 miles, warranty covered it that Bramley had put on in May 21. Otherwise, faultless in 10,000 miles. Justin
  5. Talking of bargains: Sport 410 with comprehensive 1 year warranty. Crazy good value. Carbon tailgate, seats, roof and front access panel. 430 is awesome but this Sport 410 is probably £30k less than if it were a 430.....and the Sport 410 is rarer. Justin
  6. Bonkers. Diesels over 5 years old should be every 6 months inspection to test emissions, paid for by the manufacturer. All other vehicles annually including classics. The disgusting diesel vehicles of a certain vintage (French and German circa 1995 to 2010 usually) pumping out filth should be handed back to the manufacturers who should be forced to supply a clean vehicle to the owner. Justin
  7. It was early £30s when B&C sold it from memory. I don't know the price now. I've driven a later pre-400 IPS. Not for me and even 400 IPS frustrates but I'm a very committed manual gearbox driver. Justin
  8. This was sold in 2019 or perhaps 2020 by B&C. I considered it at the time as it was I think the test-bed vehicle for the auto box. I swerved as personally I find the pre-400 auto box unsatisfying. I forget the price but early £30s I think. An interesting piece of Lotus history. Justin
  9. jep


    My mistake. 410 Sport courtesy of B&C. Justin
  10. jep


    380 CUP and 410 CUP. Both on bumpy roads so perhaps unfair but in my mind, the LF1 S was more compliant. All Exige fab, though I've not driven a 430 (yet). Justin
  11. jep


    I like a compliant road ride, so prefer the S Bilstein set up, which from my limited experience is softer than the CUP models I have driven. Very much a personal preference, I'd take an Evora NA ride over an Evora Sport 410 any day but I like both. No Lotus has a bad ride, just some are voodoo compliant with minimal roll. Justin
  12. jep


    Exige is a very solid place to put your dosh. Highly unlikely it will be remade by others (Elise, there's a small chance) and V6 is perhaps the greatest Lotus road car ever made - S1 Elise may pip it to the finish line. LF1 is the wise buy. Probably 10% premium currently, that will widen. It will be the Essex Esprit of Exige. Roadster is very rare and value (factory roadster with no wing). CUP amazing but truth is, unless you track it, the S or standard suspension best for road. CUP will always be very desirable in the market. I can't see any Exige over 5 years old suffering much if any depreciation, mileage dependent. Plenty for sale, take your pick. Justin
  13. Those trim nuts do come loose, I think you access under the door seal rubber. I assume your window is sealing fully? Even 1mm drop will cause wind noise and they are prone to irregular operation. Justin
  14. Thanks. For many years in the 90s and early 2000's, Lotus did a regular but sporadic parts sales list. So many bargains.....once an Esprit Sport 300 chassis for not much...I was tempted but didn't. I did buy a few 340R spares. Justin
  15. I don't know about this email from Lotus Parts. When was this? Justin
  16. 340R has magnesium wheels from factory (or should have, only UK got them). 43,000 miles on, still good but car is garaged and has limited use in poor weather. It will interesting to see whether carbon fibre wheels become a norm on supercars or even less exotic wagons. I'll take my cue from GMA in the meantime. Justin
  17. jep

    340r Picture Thread

    I didn't realise the rear number plate lamp was a Rolls Royce part on 340R and all S1 Elise:
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