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  1. And to lessen risk of getting very ill, get a flu vaccination, free for over-65s now, free for over-50s from 15th October (UK). Available at most pharmacy and surgeries, some doctor surgeries are already offering free to over-50s. Justin
  2. I doubt the burnt orange Evora will do well on Collecting Cars, though I hope I'm wrong. I'd remove the racing seats belts for sale. Justin
  3. A few months later, Ghost Town was No 1 in the hit parade. And Ian Botham scored 149* at Headingley and Bob Willis took 8/43. Happy days (I didn't live in Brixton, obvs). Justin
  4. Whatever happened to Norfolk Mustard?
  5. I think it's stonking value but perhaps I'm biased, as (a) I know the car, I've driven it and it is lovely (b) I adore white cars (c) I adore Evora NA. If I didn't have my own NA, I'd buy this one. Justin
  6. 2009 White Lotus Evora 3.5 V6 Euro 4 2dr for sale for £32,500 in FULHAM, HAMMERSMITH AND FULHAM ( I know this car (and the owner). It is a beauty and totally genuine. It has been faultless in the 6 months with the present owner and he has done 7000 miles in that time. It is not my car and I have nothing to gain from the sale. Justin
  7. I forgot to road tax my 12c after SORN for 5 months. I was stopped by the police on the first day out.....for speeding, though they didn't manage to get me on radar. They let me off the speeding, fined me for wrongly spaced number plate digits and that was that. It was only 3 weeks later I realised the car was not road taxed. Why the police had not used ANPR to check this, I have no idea. Please bring back physical windscreen road tax discs. Justin
  8. If insurance companies can find a reason not to pay, they'll use it. So it's a fair question. As Lotus dealers offer this modification and Lotus Cars sold a roadster Exige, the car is clearly safe without the roof. I had heard the same as above, it was stability at very high speed that is the issue. I would be asking my main dealer for clarification of why there is a warning information sticker. Depending on the answer, as Bibs suggests, you may then wish to discuss the modification with your insurance company. Most owners will just ignore the issue but it's not a problem until it's a problem. Unlikely though that is. Justin
  9. Almost certainly not. And best use 97, 98, 99 octane in any event, which are all E5. Justin
  10. jep

    TLF GT430 Club

    Marked as 'sold' on Pistonheads.
  11. Fantastic. Austin 1100/1300 are very under-rated. My first car was a £75 one in 1984. I bought a 1300GT for £1200 in 2003, a cheap Mini Cooper. My only concern nowadays with original Mini or Austin 1100 is, as an everyday car, they are not strong if hit by a modern. Justin
  12. jep

    Slammed Delorean!

    Even uglier than normal.
  13. Brilliant and congratulations. Have a short holiday ....................................... .............................................................. Did you enjoy it? Justin
  14. The Aston Martin Velcro cannot be far from being launched soon. Did you look straight ahead and to the right?
  15. B&C have these in stock. I've bought two more as I hope to never sell the NA. Justin
  16. £12.... I'll ask B&C tomorrow as NA booked for service and MOT. Justin
  17. Can this be bought as a separate item....mine is nearly full. Some genius produced perfect copies for the 340R many years ago so if they are not available from Lotus Cars Ltd, is anyone skilled to reproduce Evora ones? Justin
  18. I'd offer you bed and board but the spare bedrooms are full of Lotus memorabilia and I rest the cars in the beds 🙂. Duck feathers of course, add lightness. See you on Saturday hopefully. Justin
  19. I'll pop along on Saturday, very local to me in Esher. Justin
  20. So what chassis number does it have? Justin
  21. Good luck, great idea. Julian Thomson - no 'p'.
  22. jep

    Formula One

    You bet. 🙂 He'd win 25 if Masi was still in charge
  23. Velcro - what a rip off. Sorry, couldn't resist
  24. But as you slow down from 150km/h, do you end up with 11 points? Or even 22.
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