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  2. Nice. I was just about in the video!
  3. Is anyone on here going to this? I'm thinking of going down for the Saturday.
  4. I'll check to see if Wolfgang's car has the sports cat... It's already rather loud!
  5. So should the yellow one when I finally get round to calling them up!
  6. I know this is quite an old thread now, but I finally found someone to bring their car for a quick video comparison. The two cars are both Esprit S4. Red has the twin exhaust system from ramspott-brandt which looks to be very similar to the Quicksilver twin system, both systems have a small box. Yellow is the completely standard tractor. Sorry about the wind:
  7. I spent years looking to rent an Esprit before I bought one! I would have paid a small fortune too. I don't think it's too bad renting one out. I hope they have a nice selection process to weed out the idiots though, over 30s, must be wearing a Bond suit, that type of thing. But in general it would probably be genuine enthusiasts trying to get their hands on their dream car. Just tell them to wait until it's warm and take it easy with the crappy gearbox and all should be fine. At least I now know where to look if I ever sell mine and need an Esprit fix.
  8. This was jimblob's from last year... although it's in a garage so can't tell exactly what the sound would be like outside. A few more before and after videos would be nice. When I change mine I'll try and get a video made outside somewhere. -------------------------------- Although the more people talk about flames the more I want a straight through pipe and ear plugs ( )
  9. Good timing. I'm looking at getting a new exhaust too. The Lotus Dealer by me does the Quicksilver ones... has anyone heard a comparison between the 'no silencer' and 'tiny silencer' options? I want my car to sound good, but I wouldn't want long journeys to require ear plugs so at the moment I'm heading for the one with the box. It's lovely and quiet at the moment.
  10. ...hmm, which Exhaust to put on.

  11. Hi guys, Sorry it took me a while to update. Had the pulley off and it did turn out to be the pulley itself and not the crankshaft, there was a large chunk missing! Anyway, pulley has been replaced and I've driven 2000 happy miles since. Thanks for your help.
  12. Can people stop posting photos of great condition S3/Essex Turbos please!! I'm starting to want one and I've only recently bought the S4! My bank account can't take another sensible car.
  13. Yellow Lotus Elan: You were going the other way on the M40 North around 11:30 I think it was. Grey Lotus Elise: Only briefly caught a glimpse of it, but was a dark grey Elise with go-faster-stripes, heading north (clockwise) on the M25, about 12:30. Red Lotus Excel: I doubt it's anyone on here but you were just pulling out a petrol station on the E40 in Belgium by the border heading east. I've never seen one before! 7:45/8:00pm Never seen so many Lotus in one week... still no Esprits on the road.
  14. Spotted Sunday evening near Chichester, I was in my Esprit. Managed a wave and half a photo as you went passed. Anyone from here?
  15. A bit late to post but I've been too busy. Spotted a few Lotus in the car park of Goodwood (not including mine) : Okay so not a Lotus but I used to own one... Lotus Elan... Paint looked a bit dodgy mind Anyone care to claim one?
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