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  1. Thanks for the reply’s. I don’t have an engine crane at home so would prefer to leave it in for now and don’t worry Barry I’m used to doing the belts and tensioner with it in 😁 Gives me a chance to get on with it tomorrow and find out where the compression from no4’s gone hiding. Hopefully just a valve, boroscope looked ok, but you never know.
  2. Just a quick question, is it possible to remove the cylinder head of the 910 in my SE without removing the engine from the car? If so will I need to remove the mounts and shift the block so to speak? Just looking at it then and though, mmm that looks tight (what isn’t on an Esprit though), so thought I’d better get some opinions before I pull the camtowers and then end up pulling the lump anyway.
  3. Rockauto in the end, they were fairly helpful answering questions etc. I didn't mind a refurb part just so long as they were genuine ones (Bosch made pintle injectors) complete with the real part number so I could confirm flow rate etc. All the alternative new (non Bosch) ones looked to be either ball or disc type rather than pintle and I never got a direct answer to this question, just that 'they'll work for your application' or 'they're an equivalent' etc. The repro's are that cheap that we had a bit of discussion about ordering a set anyway and giving them a try just to see. I think the FJ20 part number was farmed out as the best alternative but I decided that the Bosch type was what I wanted. The FJ20 again looked like the disc or ball type, not pintle, but I have since seen some marketed as this part number with a pintle cap etc so it maybe luck of the draw which type you get.
  4. Well it lives! I managed to get a set of genuine 5EZE's from the states in the end, fitted them at the weekend and just completed a long shakedown run... Better than ever now ? Thanks for all the help with this.
  5. Just re-read my post, made some sense but my grammar left a lot to be desired (bloody tiny phone screen, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it ? ). Thanks for the reply Travis, mine's an '89 SE also so this option looks to be favourite at the moment.
  6. Oh and final question, will Rochester 17104224 fit. It comes up as a cross ref for the original, just thought I'd ask if anyone's used this type yet.
  7. I've been looking into injectors and Rochester's are available on the other side of the Atlantic. Not very convenient but do-able. Travis has stated that he has used E5ZE's in the past and I can get a matched set of these fairly easily. The design is better than the Rochester's as they use the Bosch pintle pattern, so better volatilisation. I also found that this used to This used to be the injector type supplied by five-o. I also noted that when looking into specs these are rated at 370cc/min but at only 2.6bar (they flowed nearer 390 - 395ish at 3bar when tested.) Travis how did this work out? Any issues with over fueling?
  8. Thanks for the info guys. So five-o's aren't recommended then, glad I found that out before ordering. Qavion, WC sell the RC ones afaik, but I thought that they were of a higher flow rate than the Rochesters fitted as standard. Did you have any issues with fueling after fitting them? I'm just outside Warrington, still not much closer to Austrailia though ?
  9. Hi all, I'm after a little advice on this one. My SE developed a misfire, well to be more accurate I lost two cylinders. Using the 'which bit of the manifold gets hot or not' technique, it looks like 2 and 3, they share a coil and injector driver so I,m glad it wasn't 1 and 2 etc. I first looked at coils, but all was fine, all in good condition to look at and lots of power with a healthy spark from each. So injectors next, unplugged no2 and it's back on three out of four. We're getting somewhere now, so I measure the resistance across each injector. 1,3 and 4 give 2.8ohms but 2 only returns 1.5. This looks enough to cause a drop to me so now the rub, does anyone have a spare that they could lend/sell so I could see if this cures it? Are five-O still the best source for matched sets, as if this cures it I may as well look into a new set. Thanks in advance.
  10. I thought that this may be the best place to ask this so here goes. Will a power steering rack physically fit a SE? If so does anyone know if the pivot point of the trackrods differs form the original and if so by how much? I've seen Hilly's electric column conversion (Corsa / MGF etc) but I don't really want to take this route. Thanks in advance
  11. It will be the LFA V10 (well that's where my money would be.) Dare I say it, prospective Esprit buyers will have the money to put the petrol into it besides, Lotus already have a good line-up of four cylinder fuel efficient sports cars
  12. I sold an S2 Elise to buy an Esprit but ended up with a S1 Elise, a Rover T-series engine and a load of turbo bits (not quite sure how that happened it just did) but it's now finished which means I will get bored soon and I'm already looking at Esprits again.
  13. Ah ha. You passed me in the Mrs's car heading up the M6 later that day (evening) and I nearly flashed and waved like a nutter but luckily stopped myself at the last moment. (You may read this as I got the wash wiper pull instead being in the Jap mobile). Cheered up an otherwise dull journey
  14. I knew that this would happen....................................I've just spent
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