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  1. Don’t forget your wallet this time.
  2. There he goes again, waving his MIL-walkie tool around.
  3. I think your best investment will be a copy of the Lotus Service Notes and Parts Manual, then settle down and browse them. Sometimes the parts manual is more helpful than you might think!
  4. Yeah, I noticed that.One minute Hamster is bringing up the rear, the next he’s popped up into 6th. Shame we didn’t see more of it.
  5. Good grief! Not much more to be said apart from that's gonna cost. Those M8 bolts though: the pinnacle of bodgery.
  6. Good recovery drive by Hamster, but once again he was shown up by his upstart team mate. Encouraging to see the Mercs have made progress though, it’ll be exciting to have them back in the mix at the front. I felt for Leclerc, he’s driving superbly, and didn’t deserve to retire. I don’t like the circuit, but it’s better than the fakery of Miami.
  7. It’s silver? For some strange reason I thought it would be red.
  8. I had all the alloy engine parts vapour blasted, which would account for the shiny finish on them. It may be that there were various revisions to the 910 block as time progressed and power outputs rose. Castings have to have holes so as to remove any sand used in the casting process. These may later be used to accommodate core plugs, or tapped holes for oil galleries etc. I'm not convinced that my block is die cast, though. That's an expensive way of doing it, and not usually worth it for low volume production. But as always, I stand corrected.
  9. There's a possibility of another production run of kits, PM me if you're interested.
  10. I’m pretty sure that you know where these should be listed by now. 😉
  11. No, there’s nothing else to change. You just need the tools to disassemble/reassemble, and the sealant. There are no seals or O-rings. take a look at my S4s refurb thread, I think page 70 onwards. There’s some info about the wheels in there.
  12. I took the centre, the inners and caps to a wheel refurbisher to get spray painted. Disassembly and reassembly is a DIY job. I used new chromed bolts and locking nuts. Felgenfuchs sell those, too. Just be aware that there is a small difference from the OZ original, in as much as the rear outer is 0.25" wider than the standard. OZ-Outerlip 17", 2,0x17 | Radinox. 17AR20RX35OZ OZ-Outer Lip 18" (40 bolt), 2,75x18 | Radinox. 18AR275RX40OZ
  13. Don’t bother refurbishing them, it’s like painting the Forth Bridge. Buy new Radinox mirror-finish stainless outer rims from Felgenfuchs, and fit them instead. You’ll never need to do them again.
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