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  1. Rest assured, that concept has not reached my wife’s ears as yet.
  2. That engine block looks really clean Tom, did you have it blasted to get that finish?
  3. That was what I meant to say, but didn’t come across clearly enough.
  4. How about swapping the fan connections to see whether that makes a difference.
  5. I now have one kit remaining of this batch. Mail me if you want to bag it. [email protected]
  6. You could try these. They refurbed my interior wood door trim, made a nice job, but not cheap.
  7. “Dear Mr. Clark, I assure you it will all be fine, so I’d really appreciate it if you can you keep stumping up the readies for this tosh highly detailed and accurate X-Wing replica. After all, you’ve no idea how hellishly expensive it can be living on this 150m super-yacht moored off Bora Bora. All the best mate, Mario D’Agostini.”
  8. D’Agostini presents No.1 in a series of ‘Ugly Planes of Britain’. Collect all 100 magazines at a vastly inflated price that will inevitably end up cost more than buying the real thing. And good luck finishing it, cos after the initial frisson of excitement we’ll probably discontinue the series due to flagging sales and lack of interest.
  9. It’ll be minimal, she’s an old hand with choppers.
  10. Swung by to see the wife’s new best mates at Polar Helicopters... Took the lads up the road for a quick ride, think they now require clean underwear.
  11. Chillidoggy

    Anton du Beke

    Nonsense, I bet you’re glued to the set.
  12. Post brake conversion debrief. We left no tern unstoned.
  13. @Steve V8will be well used to reliability issues, after all he’s got a V8 Esprit.
  14. Land Rover Defender 110 County. People will think you’re a rich farmer, trying not to be ostentatious. Job done.
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