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  1. “Do we just sit back and ignore the fact that a very very small minority are demanding and will highly likely force through massive changes in our country, without us being able to have a say?  What are your thoughts?” I think that’s been happening for years, courtesy of the unelected dictatorship across the Channel that we know so well. Apart from that, I’ll be really cross if the phoney homeless, champagne-socialists disrupt my flight to Florida later this year.
  2. I think Nautilus Blue is a very dark blue, much darker than your photo, which looks like Azure to me. Maybe @Royalcan help, his car is Azure, I think.
  3. B21 is Lotus Racing Green metallic. That’s the colour of my car. B20 is Azure Blue Metallic.
  4. Have you ever taken it for an MOT, Alan? If so, did the tester sport a white stick by any chance?
  5. Not sure what else I can say Thomas, except what I said earlier. Hook up the four headlamps for main beam, and it’s simply astonishing. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it. I drive a brand new Ford, and the lights are better than that. Oh, and don’t go into those woods on foot, I have it on good authority that bears shit in them.
  6. LED conversion. Oh. My. God. It’s literally like night and day, and arguably the most cost-effective improvement I’ve made on the car so far. Couple it with the 4-main beam modification, and the result is truly astonishing! I recommend that if you’re going to convert, you don’t buy cheap LEDs. I bought from superb quality kit.
  7. I haven't even got a bike licence, but I really want that green and yellow one.
  8. @MarkKassim Just wondering whether there have been any before and after dyno tests?
  9. Well done, I hadn’t got a clue what it was, there were no badges to indicate a manufacturer. I thought it might have been a Maserati. So it’s a rare car car, and very pretty, too.
  10. They lined up OK, I’ll be at the Classic & Chips meeting Wednesday night, so should be able to test them then.
  11. New pair of Gaz rear dampers arrived yesterday to replace the one I found leaking. I also have the car booked in to get the headlamps lined up this morning, so will soon be able to decide whether the LED conversion has been a success. I now only have the fog lamp bulbs to fit this morning before all the external lamps are LEDs.
  12. I maintain I had no problem with the Model 35, and I'm sure there are a few who have converted their brakes use the same (not my doing, I might add). As part of an upgrade, I recommend 38's for the later kits although they're a bit more expensive, but had a decidedly different conversation with PVL about the Model 35 switch, although I felt I wasn't talking to the right person. Still, let's see if the 38 cures your particular problem, I certainly hope so.
  13. Just so we're clear - this photo is taken from my car. Model 35 switch, works fine. There are others working with the same switch, which is the reason I don't understand why you're having a problem with it.
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