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  1. I wonder what the viewing figures were like. Hamster was moaning about them last week, as I recall.
  2. Impressed you bothered to check!
  3. I confess I was a bit concerned as to whether my wheels would seal properly on fitting the tyres, or whether they’d be more leaky than a government-arranged, post-Brexit, ferry contract. Took them to the tyre garage, they all fitted ok, and so far (an hour), there’s no sign of any leakages. I’ll check them again tomorrow but if it all looks good, the Sikaflex has done a decent job. I might have over egged it a bit, and the seals weren’t as neat as I would have liked, but for a first effort, it wasn’t bad. I’m also keen to see how the new Yokohama’s perform. They look the part, and have a treadwear figure of 200, so they could well be nice and sticky. I’ve popped the wheels back on the car to get them out of the way, and got rid of all the cardboard boxes the wheels came in, so I can actually move in there now. And so it’ll be on the the next job on the list, to finish off the LED lamp fitting. I’ll have to remove some of the GRP from underneath them, but the new LED’s still haven’t arrived yet. The ones that have look very well made, which takes a bit of the sting out of the prices.
  4. My original outer rims are surplus to requirements now.
  5. Not long had Virgin Media dig up my road and path. How good/bad is it?
  6. Sorry, as I generally supply the kits rather than fit them, I don’t have old Delco parts spare, and I sold mine years ago. I only mentioned it because Karl was looking for one, and I was fairly sure I knew someone who had a spare. If you want a kit, then you’d better let me know if you want to go on the list. There are some spaces left, although I’m not expecting the next batch to be ready for a few weeks yet.
  7. Dreaded binnacle job done following seat removal so I could get to the bolt. I can only imagine that the GRP removal mods I did last time aided its removal and refitting, and without damaging the new walnut dash, too. I even managed not to break the windscreen. Turned out there was nothing wrong with the parking brake warning lamp (and low brake fluid level warning), the lack of illumination was due to me having stuck the bulb holder in the blank hole adjacent to the brake lamp socket. I changed the original flasher relay for the new electronic version, and replaced a few more bulbs with LED’s, I’m waiting for the remainder of them to arrive this week to complete the job. I haven’t bothered changing the dashboard lamps, but I do need a new rheostat relay, as illumination is best described as haphazard, sometimes they’re bright, sometimes not. I did ask the chap down the road from me to borrow his relay to double check, but his GT3 has no dimming facility, the lamps are either on or off. Guess I’ll have to take the plunge and order one.
  8. I suspect that the plane may not be available until a seriously deep clean was carried out, which could take a week. This would be followed by her vetting would-be travellers prior to boarding more thoroughly than airport security. Any non-desirables would be refused boarding, and deported to Scunthorpe by stagecoach. The lucky ones permitted to board would have to remove their shoes at the door, any kids would have to sit bolt-upright with gobs firmly closed, any noise, and that’s it - they’re out. On the wing. So, it’s a possibility but somehow I just can’t see it working.
  9. Yes, their Pussysoul album is a classic.
  10. Nope, it’s definitely coming off, she was adamant about it. The woman is a legend in Bickley, so who am I to argue?
  11. I remember owning cars years ago where the engine stopped at random times, usually the sign that I’d be by the side of road with the bonnet up for hours trying to fix the effing thing. The 850 Mini van I had was particularly adept at it. So this new-fanged stop/start system scares me, and I always turn it off, unless I forget, whereupon I swear at the car first, and then turn it off.
  12. It was underseal. But she’s not happy with how it looks, so I can see it all being removed in the near future for something else, maybe sprayed on.
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