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  1. Maybe he didn’t fancy sitting in a car all day with Pete talking about his stamp collection.
  2. Will they carry torpedos?
  3. A possible explanation - I read this morning that the authorities are seriously considering the use of drones or un-manned aircraft to monitor small boats packed with illegals trying to get to the UK.
  4. Winner of the “2019 Most Accurate Comparison Award.”
  5. I shall be round to inspect it when it’s finished!
  6. Saw Le Mans 66 a couple of weeks ago at the cinema. First time I’d been in ages. Thoroughly enjoyed the film despite the inaccuracies (previously mentioned by Mark and Ian), and the usual 132-speed manual gearboxes that all film directors since the dawn of time have been legally-bound to fit to their movie cars. A must for any petrolhead, and Christian Bale plays a cracking Ken Miles.
  7. That'll be the vegan diet. Turns dogs into humans, according to the Daily Mail.
  8. Remind me never to get on a plane with you.
  9. Wonder what type of heating system it has? Presumably sucking a Fisherman’s Friend.
  10. And this is where the aforementioned skill (breaking a British Standard digestive in half) comes in. Funny, she said exactly the same to me.
  11. This is where the skill comes in. Timing is everything!
  12. WTF are you doing? Don’t you realise a McVities digestive is the best biscuit for dunking?
  13. And the winter maintenance programme has started turning into Trigger’s broom already. I thought I’d kick off with a seemingly simple task, replacing a tacho bulb. I imagined I could get at it by releasing the binnacle cover, and pushing it up enough to get to the bulb holder. Forgetting I’m not as limber as I once was, nor as slim, I gave up trying to get into the Lotus position with the driver’s seat in, and took it out. After the usual wrestle with the binnacle cover, I managed to raise it up far enough to get my hand in, and pulled the bulb holder out. Sadly, both wires to it were broken, so I ended up doing the binnacle cover shuffle, and soldering the wires back up in situ. What a bastard job. I then noticed the convoluted air ducting to the binnacle was cracked, at least on one side, so that’s the next job.
  14. So, pretty much a tubular replacement for the Lotus arm? The original pressed-steel Jag arm (as I recall), was inline, which I thought was strange given the arc it would describe, but then I guess Jag chassis men knew way more than I did. I think the forward Metalastik bushes used to wear quickly, though. I’m intrigued now, so going to see if I can find some old photos of my old chassis.
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