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  1. Caturday...

    The benefits of a visit to Bibs’ gaff. Gorgeous!
  2. Snow Day!

    Ironically, it’s probably got one of the best climates in the UK! Bit worried about the palms and the agave cacti, to be honest. Still too bloody cold for me, though!
  3. Snow Day!

    It’s zero degrees here odd bits of snow falling. I made some decent progress on the brake conversion earlier, but the cold finally beat me, so I’ve retired indoors to thaw out, and have a few beers. Bloody weather, I need to move somewhere warm.
  4. Under Tray Fixings

    Ah, I thought I’d already covered this one off. DaKa, If you upgrade to an FFM, you will have access to all the parts manuals, and the one specific to your car. It could be money well spent, because it will confirm that there is no gearbox undertray, thus saving shedloads of time. It will also confirm that the aforementioned “gearbox cover” is in fact as I said, the boot floor. Good luck with the riveting!
  5. Under Tray Fixings

    Now look, he doesn’t need any help.
  6. Time to start explaining

    Public Service Announcement:- Following this auspicious occasion, the Watford Exotics group of companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of “Farmyard Exotics” (previously known as ‘We Buy Any Old Esprit’), with Mr. Barry Kearley retained as the managing director. We hope you will join us in wishing the Company every success in the future. The previous core business model of tracking down old bits of 4-wheeled rubbish, doing them up and flogging them, will of course be discontinued, as a move into the supply of poultry to KFC has now been approved. The poultry is specially bred, has eight legs, no breast, and shits red and white cardboard. The Board of Directors is comfortable with the fact that this will mean all the Company’s eggs will be in one basket, however it has full confidence in the local management, although it accepts that poaching of staff may be an issue in the long term. Ian Lord, Deputy Director, Watford Exotics (Margate) PLC.
  7. Under Tray Fixings

    The gearbox cover is the boot floor.
  8. The part numbers are identical for TE and S4s, so it’s the same heat shield. If you get stuck, I might have some pieces left.
  9. Time to start explaining

    Wait - is that a Porker I see behind the Esprit? He hasn't crossed to the dark side, has he?
  10. Time to start explaining

    It’s not dirt, it’s dried sweat and tears.
  11. Time to start explaining

    How's the number plate?
  12. Refilling coolant after pipe change. Leak?

    First off, you maybe want to check it's OK to put red coolant in the Esprit, I thought blue was the recommended stuff. As for bleeding the system, the radiator bleed plug is your only option, and removing the air is possible by running the engine up to temperature. Once the thermostat opens, coolant will then circulate, along with any trapped air. Once the thermostat opens, shut the engine down a few minutes later, and let it cool. Open the bleed plug again, and check the header tank level, refilling as necessary. It may take a few cycles like that, it certainly did when my cooling system was completely empty.
  13. Don't know if this helps, but if the turbo heat shield is the same as the S4/S4s, then I made a new one as shown. There's also a piece of mirror-finish stainless steel to cover it, I seem to recall Sparky got PNM to make him one of those, but in any case it's just bent, with four holes in it, nothing fantastic. No. 66 is a spacer, the thickness of the material, and there are penny washers either side to prevent it compressing. I blagged a sample of Firefly millboard, and covered it in Thermal Velocity self adhesive heat shield. It's worked very well, and is still in place.
  14. Time to start explaining

    He's probably shoved a dried chicken foot up the exhaust as part of the process.
  15. Missed an opportunity for a decent wind-up there, Wayne!