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  1. I’ve been watching F1 for a very long time but never before have I seen only one car on the grid to start the race! The race stewards held Bottas wholly to blame for the collision with Max and handed him a five-place grid penalty at the next race, and I read this morning that Vettel’s result will remain until any appeal. Full marks to him and Ocon. Finally a Hungarian GP that had stuff worth watching. They should just put a hose pipe on the track in future!
  2. Bottas guaranteeing himself a drive for next year……
  3. No, I haven't seen that one. It looks like one of Sparky's Lego projects at the moment. £5 million to restore, though. It looks like they're going to be manufacturing most of it from new.
  4. If Trump can become president, and manage to stay in post for the duration, then the American ideology that 'anyone can be the president' must surely be true.
  5. Given the last US president, it’s not unrealistic at all.
  6. Arguably one of the most time-consuming and awkward jobs I've ever done.
  7. I’m pleased to see due process has been served. Hopefully we can now get back to enjoying the racing.
  8. I shall just say that even with the dash removed, it’s still a complete pain of a job, although it’s marginally easier with two people involved. Preferably not hungover, though.
  9. In my experience it happens in successful businesses.
  10. I’m waiting to see the outcome. It could go either way, or end up getting thrown out. I think it is all about Regs and Rights; the FIA will make the decision, and that will be the end of it in my mind. Speculation won’t change that. I happen to think the challenge will fail, but F1 is a business, and in my experience bitching, whingeing, claims and counter claims happen all time in business!
  11. Put the pitchforks away. Red Bull is within its rights (and the FIA regs) to challenge the decision. If you read the text in the BBC link, it’s clear that without new evidence, there would be no review. This, presumably, means RB believes it has that evidence.
  12. As far as I know, it’s still in the Hawkinge Battle of Britain Museum along with a multitude of other mechanical parts, cannons, landing gear etc. Bit of an own goal, the plane was shot down by British anti-aircraft fire returning from a mission. There’s only one Typhoon remaining, currently in Hendon museum.
  13. I found this in Pegwell Bay. Well, dug it up, actually. Along with the remains of the Typhoon that crash landed there.
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