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  1. Chillidoggy

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    I'd just like to say that I am also helping move the project forward by providing online support via e-mail, and sarcastic comments via Messenger.
  2. Chillidoggy

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    The work is progressing nicely, Sparky has done a fantastic job on the pipes, and the front compartment looks a lot smarter now.
  3. Chillidoggy

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    Day two. We had some annoying setbacks. First, the vacuum hose I ordered which was a duplicate of the previous order turned out to be 1/2” instead of 3/8” when I opened the packaging. Second, the inlet manifold hose tail was a smaller size than it should be. Third, the spare wheel fouled the proportioning valve. Undeterrred, we soldiered on, and the made some good progress, dodging the rain showers. Despite Sparky’s best efforts, no-one had any of the correct sized vacuum hose in stock, and the correct size hose tail is on order. Replacements will be here early next week. We switched sides for the proportioning valve, and just managed to ease the spare wheel in though, which was good. Of course, if like me you don’t carry a spare wheel, then the problem disappears! Sadly, I have to go home tomorrow, and leave Sparky to finish the job off, but I’m confident that the conversion is on track so far, which is good news for LHD cars, and great news for Anders!
  4. Bibs’ forecasts are always uncannily accurate. It’ll be shorts weather, you watch.
  5. Chillidoggy

    Not Lotus but

    Mini Marcos - No, that doesn’t look like it.
  6. @Bibshas done a huge amount of work to organise this, in a very short space of time, and deserves credit. Without his input I’m convinced there would have been no celebration party. Well done Bibs! Now if you could just organise the weather..........
  7. Chillidoggy

    Not Lotus but

    I think it could be a Mini Marcos, or Jem,, but difficult to be sure.
  8. Chillidoggy

    oil in coolant/radiator

    It’s unusual to have oil in the coolant, but not unheard of. I’d be inclined to use a pressure testing kit on the cooling system first off.
  9. Given the narrow dead end that is known as Potash Lane, you may well be right.
  10. Chillidoggy

    Future of Lotus

    I tend to keep my eyes on the road ahead rather than the dashboard. Not that I can see the dashboard without changing my glasses. It's at that point the accident is likely to occur.
  11. Oakdene Cafe? Careful Jon, from what I remember, their car park is like the Somme, complete with bomb craters!
  12. Sorry to piss on anyone’s fireworks, but isn’t there something in UK law about having to get police permission for vehicle convoys?
  13. Chillidoggy

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    Yes it is, and the latest evolution offers front pump fitting as an option, although rear fitting remains possible for anyone that might prefer it. If you PM me for information on the conversion, I’ll be pleased to discuss it with you.