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  1. Prices Soaring

  2. The Donald.

    Given the thread title, I’m not entirely sure whether I should click on the link.
  3. Virgin trains ban the Daily Mail

    I'd like to have the time to read a newspaper properly. Sadly, I spend too much time on TLF to achieve it.
  4. Time to start explaining

    I see what you mean, no sign of any chicken wire in there anywhere.
  5. Time to start explaining

    I came to the conclusion he must have a twin brother who does all the proper Lecky work, it’s the only logical explanation.
  6. Anyone Involved or Invest in Peer to Peer Lending

    Kimbers changed tack and invested in some service company or other. I think it was called Carillion.
  7. Carillion gone bump

  8. S4s clutch release bearing

    Have a look online mate. There's plenty.
  9. 2018 diet.....

    Me and the wife are going to Slimming World, or WeightWatchers. Not looking forward to it, but there you go.
  10. S4s clutch release bearing

    Which one are you fitting? If it's the S4s bearing, you should be able to get one faster than that.
  11. S4s clutch release bearing

    Posted by you on July 1, 2017- the S4s 's flywheel is also stepped by about 1-2mm this is why you have to be careful if your going to get the face of the flywheel machined....and thats why the bolt pattern is different.....there's no reason why the friction plate and pressure plate can't be refurbed..... Been on the whiskey?
  12. S4s clutch release bearing

    In that case, and if I were you, I’d use the S4s release bearing. I know you can get a gearbox out and back in quicker than it’s takes me to think about opening the garage door, but......
  13. S4s clutch release bearing

    Bollox, I was hoping there would be a number on it! With the spacing on the bolts looking closer together than my S4 pressure plate (counting the flywheel teeth in relation to the holes), I'm fairly sure that's an S4s pressure plate you have. If you really want confirmation, then I have a spare S4s flywheel in the garage, and I could measure the hole centres from that.
  14. Carillion gone bump

    I shall have to try that when I get to the checkout at Tesco's next time around.