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  1. Chillidoggy

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Brexit will put paid to that malarkey!
  2. Chillidoggy

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    On the factory tour yesterday, learning that all the Lotus GRP bodywork comes from France.
  3. Chillidoggy

    What made your blood boil today?

    Broke, if you have a V8.
  4. Chillidoggy

    skiing's S3

    Some yokel with a big hammer, as I recall.
  5. Chillidoggy

    June meeting

    Sorry, changed plans, going home tonight, so no pressure.
  6. Chillidoggy

    Newby !

    My take - Esprit S4, all the way.
  7. I’d name anything driven by Bibs.
  8. Chillidoggy

    Lotus Mugs

    And I got a Toblerone which said I was a hero.
  9. Pushing the boat out, it’s the Danny Bahar outfit tonight. Minus helicopter and champagne. Oh and minus the hair.
  10. I have exactly the reverse: My missus has just chauffeured me up to Hethel in the Esprit, ready for the factory tour tomorrow. Not sure which of us is more excited.
  11. Congratulations on getting the wife to clean that up, Steve. Good work, mate.
  12. Chillidoggy

    Lotus Mugs

    Just been bought 4 of these mugs for Father’s Day! Superb!