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  1. I was going to offer to put him up, but my liver quit when it found out.
  2. I'm impressed with Dyson; he's got the audacity to flog hairdryers for £300, fans for £350, and people are actually hoovering them up.
  3. What were the complaints about? Were they niff-naff, or serious. I’m wondering whether Porsche owners might be more critical than some other owners.
  4. If and when you find a screen, Lotus issued a procedure for fitting them.
  5. Looks like the tank has melted.
  6. Not sure, if it’s supposed to be there, but there’s no hole like that on my car. Also, the hose to the expansion tank appears to be disconnected.
  7. Were it not for Primark, most people in Thanet would be walking around naked. I do hope you kept the singing down to a minimum on your way home?
  8. It’s 5C and blowing a north-easterly here so if there’s anyone stood outside a pub, it’ll be the diehard twats. Cases will rise, it’s got to happen with more intermingling.
  9. There was no way I could see the cover gaskets sealing if they was dry, three previous failed replacement jobs having proved it. So, I used Permabond A136 on mine, a tiny continuous bead on the carrier, placed gasket in place, same bead on the top, and tightened to spec. No leaks. I found the cam housing rear cover to be another source of leakage. A new O-ring cured that one.
  10. Money’s a powerful motivator, and who knows if that’s the case with EVO? You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, eh? If not, then there must be some substance to their journalistic conclusions. I don’t like the look of any Porsche cars (apart from the original 911 Turbo which has the sexiest rear wheel arches ever, but I’ll never be able to afford one), but I simply don’t get the hatred for them on this forum. The politics of envy, perhaps? I’ve watched Porsche racing in the world of motorsport for years, and from what I’ve seen you can never underestimate them, they have a track rec
  11. Maybe the blokes at EVO just prefer Porsches.
  12. If you adjust the balance screw, all it will do is open or close the butterflies on the front pair of throttle bodies. That in itself won't give you the best idle, as it assumes the air bleed screws are all identically set, which they almost certainly won't be. You should balance one pair of throttle bodies at a time with a synchoniser, then adjust the balance screw to get equal airflow through all four throttle bodies. Once set, the IAC should be well within it's operating parameters, and the ECM can control the desired idle as it should. Yes, it's a pain to do, but worth it. I'm sure @C
  13. If the tickover is too high and cannot be corrected by the IAC then either the valve is knackered, or someone has been fiddling with a screwdriver. Just be be clear, which screw are you referring to? I was referring to the throttle cable stop screw.
  14. I would say so. And I'm not aware of any connection for it on the airbox, either. @Sparky can you recall where they were connected?
  15. If the limp dick is connected to the airbox, presumably it's being sucked rather than simply waving in the breeze?
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