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  1. Hi Ian .. 

    Long time no chat... Hope you and yours are all well ... 

    On the Rims, The suppliers/ manufacturers measure the sizes from the outside of the bolt up face to the inside of the outer face.. That is where the tyre goes..  So not including the 'J'  ..    Which means a 10'' rim from manufacturers measurements , will be to the inside where the tyre fit . The confusion comes when people quote rim out lip to outer lip or overall wheel width. 

    Most split rims have a manufacturers code etched on each section along with size.. but only visible with the tyre off..

    On the refurbishment front..  £700 is typical retail price. but you can get top job done around £500.... saying all that , I have done my own for pennies in comparison..  

    Centers and inner, shot blast , finesse, and powder coat , £100..   Rim outer polish. £35 a piece , or do it yourself on a bob.£0. (not That difficult. )   , Re-plate all Nuts and bolts £10.  Two tubes of seal £10 ..  Bit of your time , Jobs a gud un.  for as little as £120 to £260


    PS .. if you stay with the alloy outer..  Best not to lacquer or coat .  just use jet seal or equivalent.  This stops the milky finish and spider leg oxidation from happening.. 

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