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  1. Yes, if you can find somewhere to fit that bracket, but it's a little expensive in my opinion. Have a word with @top-plumber
  2. I now have 4 conversion kits left from the batch. Anyone else interested in ditching their Delco Moraine rubbish and fitting a brake kit please message me at [email protected]
  3. Can't deny that's impressive stuff. He must have searched absolutely ages to find an article on a 1.3 Vauxhall Astra estate.
  4. Just don’t get me started about GP appointments.
  5. You should try Tesco for whisky rather than Scotland. Saves a fortune on fuel, and you generally don't get frostbite or sodden. And there's a bonus in as much as no translation is required during the process*. *Exclusions apply.
  6. The main reason I sold mine after 26 years.
  7. £550 and only tea and coffee? This is in itself rant-worthy.
  8. Gaz dampers. A relatively easy job, and not expensive, either. Yes, straight swop, using the original springs.
  9. Spent some time in my favourite place yesterday, underneath the Esprit. Earlier, I'd found one of the dampers leaking, so decided to order a new pair. Looking at the date codes, the originals had been fitted a long time ago, maybe as long as 17 years, so they'd done well. Aside from the odd extension arrangement at the top of the damper rod, it was one of the easiest jobs I've done on the car, which made a nice change. Subsequent drive proved the new units made for a more controlled damping, and the knocking noise that I was hearing when driving over bumps has disappeared. Result.
  10. Surprisingly, the BBC reported the case had been thrown out a couple of days ago, they didn't exactly trumpet about it, though. Ball now says he's broke, having pissed all the money away on his lawyers. A bit rich, seeing as he crowd-funded the action in the first place.
  11. Sorry about that. To be fair I was in a rush. Best have a look at the S4 parts manual.
  12. Currently under the Esprit changing rear dampers, but there’s a diagram in the parts manual of where all the pipes go, and the vac valves.
  13. If you’re planning on taking a vacuum valve off, make sure you don’t lose the two screws that holds it in place. Never did find one of them even when I stripped the dash and centre console out. Tiny things, which sprout legs once they’re free. The rubber elbows go hard and perish after a while, as so many here can attest to. The first job is to fix those vac leaks before you go any further, otherwise you’ll risk disappearing up your own rear end.
  14. If you can wait till tomorrow I’ll have a look and see which one I fitted.
  15. I think the heating/cooling system is about as good as the Delco ABS. From experience, chilled air is only available from the four dash vents, two in the binnacle, two for the passenger. Nothing to the footwell. Make sure all the flexy hoses are where they should be, I had a couple that had fallen off. Sparky also found the diverter flap lever disconnected. I can’t remember the details for the diverter control, maybe someone else can help, but I know there’s a couple of vacuum switches involved cos I’ve changed one before. Air-con only works when the fan is on. The hot/cold knob is connected via the green cable to a water valve, which is situated up above the pedals. Might be worth seeing if that’s operating fully. It’s also worth making sure you have no vacuum leaks. If the GM pump is farting every few seconds, there’s a leak. I changed my water valve to an electric solenoid, it’s either on or off. As the heater is pretty shit anyway, it actually works quite well. edit - I think the diverter knob has a cable which then controls the vacuum switch/valves.
  16. According to the owner’s manual, OE is Tungsten 088, 570 amps, 100 minutes reserve.
  17. Chillidoggy


    Two more I’ve just picked up. The Citrus sherbet one is currently undergoing a road test, and is performing very well indeed.
  18. My thoughts, too. They’d surely never get the webs in.
  19. Might be worth checking to see if the wastegate solenoid pipe is intact/not split while you're getting tucked into it. EMH2 refers.
  20. Surprised @petehasn't chipped in with his wartime stories yet.
  21. Sorry, don't recognise the bloke.
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