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  1. The way I see it you have two options:- 1. Have your flywheel step reground as per the Service Notes. Fit a standard S4s clutch and S4s release bearing with a standard clutch slave and push rod. 2. Have your flywheel step reground as per the Service Notes, get it drilled to suit an S4 pattern clutch cover, and fit PNM's uprated S4 clutch kit with a standard clutch slave and push rod. I choose Option 2, and the car has covered 20K miles without any problems.
  2. In my experience, debating anything on an internet forum is a fool's errand, because it solves nothing. No doubt there'll be yet another response here calling me something more than 'obtuse', but that'll only serve to prove my point. By the way, my grandfather died in 1952, fighting with the British Army in Korea.
  3. You’re clearly bothered by it and want to know the truth, so the answer is to e-mail Jackie Stewart. Then you’ll know. Simples!
  4. You’ve intimated Stewart is a racist, so go and find them yourself.
  5. I don’t for one minute think it’s race-related, and it’s sad to see it appears to be the default position for Hamster fans when faced with constructive criticism from a well-respected F1 champion who is entitled to his views.
  6. Is this a full engine rebuild, or just a fuel tank job?
  7. Forgot to mention, do let me know when you get fed up with, or frightened by, the Delco braking system.
  8. If it's a sand interior, with a flat steering wheel, then I've been in that one. I think the owner had tilted the binnacle upwards too. It was in 2014, I think, about 47K miles, and somewhere just south of Brum. Its original American owner wanted to export it to the US, but it wasn't old enough to meet whatever the import requirements were at that time. I didn't buy it, but probably should have, given all the grief I've had to put mine into good order. That's all I remember.
  9. The hydraulic hose connections are not easy to get to, so I unbolt the PAS pump from its mount, and move it to one side before lifting. Presumably you’ve already removed Rubik’s heat shield, so the bolts should be accessible. As for the engine mount bolt, I haven’t had that problem, because both of them were already loose when I did the first engine removal job!
  10. Pretty sure I drove one with those same wheels and rim protectors when I was looking for an S4s. What colour is the interior?
  11. These ARE his toddler years.
  12. "I'd be happy to run that up the flag pole and see who salutes." Excellent, I haven't hear that one for a while!
  13. "Reach out"? "Bump diaries"? I thought you'd retired from spouting all that kind of nonsense.
  14. What does the Exige handbook say about fuel grades?
  15. Another stunning drive by Max, those last few laps were nail-biting. I thought Sainz was sure to pass him, but he stood firm. I see Alonso has got a penalty for weaving, so he’s back down to 9th. With Hamster bagging 3rd, Merc must have solved their porpoising problem so Hamster didn’t have to give us another Oscar-worthy performance exiting his car.
  16. The wet quali achieved nothing, but it did serve to mix up the grid. Predicted to be a dry race, so it will be interesting to see those who should have been further up the grid trying to make their way through.
  17. I’m still struggling to get that photo of Kim in his dirty underpants out of my head.
  18. It’s already affected Hamilton’s dress sense.
  20. Thank your lucky stars you’re in Copenhagen. Your return journey is likely to be a little more eventful, she’s on the top floor setting up something that has “Starstreak” written on the side.
  21. You need to pin that down first. What’s it for? Clutch?
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