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  1. I've had a few inquiries coming in, there's a strong possibility I will produce another batch of brake kits. PM or mail me for details.
  2. If it were mine, I’d put the same shims back in that came out when I took it apart, and then have the geo corrected when it’s finished and roadworthy.
  3. And if my auntie had had balls, she’d have been my uncle.
  4. Wait, what? A mistake from Hamster? Surely not!
  5. And boy racer blow-off valves.
  6. I mistakenly bought a set of red “Chinacone” hoses off eBay. And I found it very, very, difficult to get them to seal. So, I bought a compete set of black rubber hoses and fitted them instead. No sealing issues, and they look like a factory fit, rather than a blinged-up shitbox Citroen Saxo.
  7. Try releasing the upper link as well.
  8. On the contrary. The majority of Sparky’s best posts have been made under the influence of alcohol.
  9. To me, it was penny-pinching given the cost of the car. My carpet is easily removable, and the spare wheel still fits in there, with or without it. I stand corrected, but I believe Lotus subsequently put carpet in there for the V8 cars and also the GT3’s.
  10. If I may just add to the my learned friend's post above, a plastic bag secured with a cable tie over the end of the driveshafts and the yoke cups at the gearbox, will keep them all clean. If you need to move the car, pop the lower arm bolt back in temporarily and tie the driveshaft up with cable ties to the top arm pivot, or any convenient point.
  11. Another thing that’s been niggling me for years. Considering the S4s cost £52K when it was new, you’d have thought Lotus might have put a bit of carpet up front at the time. Well, at least I did. Unable to put up with it any longer, I made up a pattern and sent it off to Steve Margary. The original Esprit colour carpet is NLA, so wouldn’t quite match the boot, but it’s as close as possible. In any case, you can’t really see the two areas at the same time. Steve did a really nice job on the horizontal bit and vertical bit at the front, Shan and I cut patterns then fitted the spare carpet around the sides, which was not too bad a job. I’m pleased with the result, maybe a couple of areas that I could have done better but without removing half the mechanical bits and bobs, that’s as good as it gets. My thanks to @Steve V8and his boss, Sharon, for another quality job at a great price.
  12. If the driveshafts aren’t leaking, or you’ve had problems with them in the past, you might want to split them at the inner yoke and leave the output shafts in place. That way you keep the integrity of the seal. You need to release the rear lower link arm, get underneath the car and push the hub out with your boot. Reinstall in the same way. I’ve done this four times now, and I wouldn’t remove the output shafts.
  13. Oh dear! Did you fit a new AB14 or a used one?
  14. The US government slapped a ban on us Brits entering the US last year, and it’s still in place. So for anyone intending on going it would depend on the ban being lifted by then.
  15. Presumably Cummings will now take up a post in within the Opposition.
  16. That garage is way too tidy for Sparky. He’d be wandering around looking for a sprinkler system and patch of cold gravel to lay on.
  17. ChrisJ Sparky John D Paul B painterdave Spyros Chillidoggy
  18. What time is the proposed kick-off, @Greg | ValetPro?
  19. The highly-trained Mercedes F1 pit crew buggered up a wheel nut at the weekend, so it can happen to the best of us.
  20. And now all gone. I will take expressions of interest for another batch.
  21. It’s not been called Loews for a long time, Pete.
  22. Ta. I’ll put a bit of foam around the back corners of the pod just in case and see how I get on with it. Other than that, I think the flat bits under the front can be removed to get to the hole, shame I didn’t do that when it was in pieces, but hey-ho.
  23. That should cure the cam cover leaks. I did that with mine, and no problems thus far. Assuming it’s disconnected, if you knock up a bracket to support the throttle cable, you can get rid of the throttle jack can and linkage. Meant to ask earlier, if I disconnect a headlamp operating rod, can I tilt the pod back far enough to get at the drain hole? Was out in various deluges recently and I’m wondering whether the pod drain hole is full of leaves again.
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