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  1. Can you include a webcam? No mic, so we won’t hear the swearing, though.
  2. Have you christened the new fuel pump removal tool?
  3. I’m not sure if this will help, but I found a photo of my Rochester injectors from my S4s. Apologies for the text pasted over them, and you might be able to see better if you scroll in, but to me they don’t look like the ones you have.
  4. I imagine he’s had a lot of offers from next door over the years.
  5. If you’d read my post you would have seen that I don’t believe he has the best car.
  6. When you're in the best car, you can afford to back out because chances are you'll have another opportunity next time around. And the best car for years has been the Merc.
  7. The one thing I would never accuse Hamster of is being a 'dirty' driver. Unlike Schumacher Snr.
  8. In case anyone thinks I’m a blinkered Verstappen fan, when it comes to incidents, I always side with the Race Stewards, as I believe they are the only ones who have all the information on which to base their decision. And of course no-one can influence that decision, so we have to live with it, whether we agree with it or not. ”Trial by F1 Armchair Warrior” is of course still going to occur, and as Pete said, we’re all entitled to our opinion, and will put it forward whether others agree or not. So here’s mine - in yesterday’s case (which thus far, even the zero-talented Mazepin hasn’t managed to match), I was surprised Max wasn’t handed a one-race ban. And the incident with Perez and a 5-second penalty should never have happened if he’d simply given up the place earlier, he could have had a podium finish. Merc will scream foul from the highest roof-tops, why wouldn’t they, it’s their job to champion their cause. But the Red Bull boys now need to clean up their act. Great to see a McLaren 1-2 after so long without wins, but they need to cement it with more of the same, or it was just a one-off.
  9. In the case of the S4s, there’s only been a few for sale or sold that I can find over the last few years, and only the recent sales prices are worth taking notice of. The description of it went off at a tangent into history that was not relevant to the specific car they were selling. We don’t need to know Colin Chapman’s shoe size, or what he had for breakfast, just tell us about the damned car!
  10. I have a feeling that Espritmon can calculate a power figure, so it might be worth checking that. Yes, costs can mount up on a dyno, but most will give you a ‘power-check’ for not a lot of money. There’s one local to me that will do so for £50 or so. Because there’s no ECU adjustments to be had, a check is all that can be done anyway. As I said before, efficiency is key, and increased efficiency will not only mean your engine smells nicer, but should give a performance increase, and (if you keep your foot out of it and drive like an old fart according to my wife), increased MPG!
  11. I’m always wary when unsubstantiated claims are made about performance engine parts. The American chaps are superlative at this, and if you believed their every claim, then you would end up with a 1,000 bhp motor. This is, Dermot provides no hard evidence which backs up his claim. He may well be right but if so, to me he needs to prove it.
  12. It’s certainly difficult to value rare cars like those. The only thing they have to go on is previous sales. Not a success in my view, too.
  13. S4s bid up to £43K? Looks like I was wrong, I never thought it would get that high. I might have to revise my Agreed Value.
  14. Ah, yes, that's scratched the itch I couldn't get to. I knew I remembered something about it! Yes, I suppose if there's no error code set, then you're home and dry. I'd love to see a back-to-back test on the dyno on the effects of the change. If they are more efficient, that's a good thing.
  15. Just a thought - how do those injectors match up to the originals resistance-wise? I seem to recall someone mentioning that ECUs can sometimes be a bit choosy.
  16. With any potential performance gains, I like to see a before and after dyno power test. Seat of the pants doesn't do it for me!
  17. Ref the tailgate cable, I don’t think they’re silly money, and failure is not unheard of, which is why I changed mine. If the cable fails, the only way I know of to open the tailgate is to cut an arm-sized hole behind the number plate, then try and reach the catches. This is of course assuming other arrangements haven’t been made, such as stringing bits of wire from each catch going to a hole somewhere accessible.
  18. I just checked, and I also used the L1392.
  19. Good work, Tom. When those tanks arrive, they're so nice you won't want to put them in the car. Might be worth fitting a new tailgate release cable while its out. If they break, you're in a world of pain.
  20. Flawless drive by Max! As for the track, well, it’s not my favourite.
  21. Yes, I did Gavin. After measuring I found they were all still within tolerance, so it was a no-brainer. I did get some rings from Gary Kemp, they are different from the ones used with the Nikasil liners.
  22. Iron liners are fine, unless you want to pay the king’s ransom for Nikasil. You will probably need to use different rings. Well worth checking out Westwood for liners, they supplied mine.
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