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  1. Just spotted this - No doubt the BBC will be giving it the best of attention.
  2. I don’t know. You could have a look to see if the plugs are listed separately, and if so, check the part numbers from model to model.
  3. The last photo gives you the answer. There's two studs that face down (the inner two), and there's two holes which correspond to two other studs facing upwards from the dash below the binnacle. So, four in total.
  4. Overall width - excluding mirrors - S4; USA S4S; GT3 1867 mm (73.5 in) - non-USA S4S; V8 1883 mm (74.1 in) - sport 300 1900 mm (74.8 in) - including mirrors 1981 mm (78.0 in) For once, Sparky's about an inch too long.
  5. I see the Liverpool mayor’s brother died from coronavirus.
  6. @shaunwI bet you didn't know that Sparky was slated as the new James Bond, did you?
  7. The last bit sounds good, but does she have to be there, too? Asking for a friend.
  8. From the eBay advert the advertiser's garage location is about 8 miles from my gaff, and I know where it is. However the photos of it in the ad are taken elsewhere on what looks to be the north Kent coast, and the price is simply laughable. Restoration costs will be the same irrespective of whether Hazel Chapman's ownership could be proven and I would not personally consider that to be of any value, although I understand that some people might.
  9. “However Radio 4 would survive the reshuffle if Mr MacKenzie took the role because the commercial sector “can’t replicate what they do”, citing “great obscure Nigerian plays” as an example.”
  10. Thank you for saying so. I started out as a complete novice when it came to Esprit's. I had in no way realised what kind of a journey it was going to be and now it would be easier to list what I haven't done, rather than what I have. It's fair to say that I will never recoup the outlay, either. Still, I started this thread so that others may benefit from my experiences, good and bad, and if it's helped, then that's great news. Being a pedantic old sod, the work is never finished, but now it's regular maintenance than major projects. So far, I am very pleased with the engine and gearb
  11. To me that’s just usual negative swipe. The headline should have read - Covid virus ‘dies after 28 days in lab conditions’.
  12. Looks like it's in Northern Ireland, too.
  13. Needs some attention to the interior, and yet no photos of it.
  14. Where does it confirm they were hastily built? Couldn't see that. You said Reliant assembled the cars, but the post confirms that was definitely not the case, rather that they made the external panels. I was also fed the information that the bodies were built by Reliant, and I was wrong. As a past owner of a couple of Reliant Scimitars, I guess the lure of an RS200 connection was too difficult to pass up for some of the 'historians'.
  15. Looks like we’re both wrong -
  16. Coconut duly awarded. It was indeed Reliant.
  17. Can you guess which Company built the bodies without Googling?
  18. Saw what you did, there!
  19. What? We're using American-made equipment? Quick, somebody start a pressure group to stop this vile trade!
  20. They’ll be telling us next that our police are using American-made Tasers.
  21. I had to check to see whether it was 1st April when I saw this. BBC has some serious competition.
  22. Callum Ilott? Isn’t that King Arthur’s gaff?
  23. Rumours Mick Schumacher going to Alfa Romeo next year.
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