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  1. Andy, not all are offset. There are four different sized adjustment plates available, 10.5mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm and 14.0mm. The last three have offset holes, the first is central. I wouldn't want to make them for what they cost, but I guess some might.
  2. Unless I’m mistaken, your aftermarket adjustable wishbone looks the same as a later car original. Do you know who supplied them?
  3. Let me know if you have any citrus varieties going spare?
  4. Stops the tanks from rattling, and eating their way through the bottom of the car.
  5. If the oiling system is 'wet' then it should build pressure quickly. As Tom has demonstrated, the 910 is a little more involved if the system has been in bits, but the priming method he used is proven to work. IMO an accumulator is a piece of kit that costs money, takes up space, adds weight, and has connections from which oil may leak.
  6. Maybe the X180 has different top wishbone arms. Sorry, but I should have said camber adjustment plate. The brass coloured plate is what I was talking about. There are variations on the theme.
  7. The flow is weak because it's not pushing against anything, and remember the engine is only at cranking revs. Try doing what I suggested, and after you've tightened the turbo pipe, crank it again and once you see the oil pressure gauge just start to move, that's it, go for a start. You have an oilstat, so theoretically the cooler pipes should resist filling until the stat opens but it's possible there could be a bit of leakage. I measured just over 7 litres total oil capacity including filter and oil cooler lines. You have more than enough oil in the sump ATM.
  8. Put the oil line back on the turbo with the nut wound back slightly so the joint is just loose. Wrap a rag under the joint to catch any oil, and crank the engine with the fuel off. Then tighten it up when until you see oil oozing out. With the pipe off it's 'got nothing to pump against' for want of a better phrase.
  9. Maybe try a pair of shaped ramps first? If it's only just scraping, they may not have t be that big to do the job. I noticed that your suspension is missing its camber plate on the inboard side.
  10. But as P/N A082K4227F is no longer available, it suggests that DeRoure is correct. The assembly was superseded by P/N B082K4227F, and the pipe ends in question should therefore be staggered.
  11. Seems to me that those who are asymptomatic are potentially the most dangerous.
  12. My 1976 SD1 V8 manual would do about 34mpg on a run, about 23 around the town. It was a smooth ride, and the boot was cavernous enough for me to get a double wardrobe in it, albeit sticking out a bit. Sadly, the build quality was down there with the worst, and rust eventually killed it.
  13. Sounds to me like the supplier in question is the same one who sent me a secondhand coolant hose and when I complained, he told me I was lucky to get it. It also looks to me like it's a manufacturing issue. You could crop it off and fit a straight coupling with an olive, tighten it up, then cut the nut behind the olive off. Or crop it and maybe fit a solder ring coupling as an olive. Nevertheless, I think this might help. 1995 car: -
  14. Or could it be they’re all totally shit-faced?
  15. Reference my previous post, originally mine were routed like that. However having just spent a nice afternoon under the car, I noticed that when I replaced them with new hoses, I ran them in front of that angled rad support bracket. I don’t suppose it matters though, just me being pedantic.
  16. In theory, yes. But in reality it was scary. It meant thousands were unable to move for normal reasons unless they could somehow clear the negative differential. But the worst case scenario was being unemployed, and not able to pay the mortgage, and there was a lot of it about at the time. Then you were really up the creek with no paddle because the lenders weren't anywhere near as sympathetic as they are today, foreclosure was common. Two friends of mine lost their houses to it, and ended up in rented accommodation. The rest is history, as house prices rose, and dragged the victims out o
  17. I remember the interest rate issue all too well. In 1982 I had to get a bank loan in order to pay the mortgage and prevent the building society repossessing the house. I thought the rate was around 15% and it damned near crippled us financially. Then, a bit later on, came our old friend ‘negative equity’. Thankfully, I never was caught up in that but most of my friends were.
  18. No, he keeps the moustache, but gains a leather trousers and a peaked cap.
  19. I can remember when the only channel we had was the English Channel.
  20. Four channels? Luxury! i remember when there were only two. @pete never had a TV.
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