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  1. Best have a test drive first. I drove one on a couple of occasions, they’re woefully underpowered and I ended up being a mobile roadblock. They're also not that big inside, nothing like a proper motor caravan. If someone wants to move around, everyone else has to move round, too. Nostalgia’s a powerful thing, but it’s not always sensible. NB: This is from a bloke who never got why the VW Beetles were so popular.
  2. He calls it an ‘annual insurance policy’ against breakages.
  3. I expect someone has dyno tested, probably @CHANGES The only way to be sure the engine was timed @ 104/104, in order to eliminate any variables, it had to be properly checked. Fitting the Vernier sprockets eliminates variables, and allows cam timing can be set perfectly to whatever is required. With fixed green dot sprockets, there's no adjustment, so it's a gamble.
  4. Funny, that’s exactly what mine told me, so it must be true.
  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the cams are now timed 104/104, so that may also have made a difference to engine running.
  6. First run out yesterday, a total of 39 miles. Indicated oil pressure 3 bar @ 2,750 rpm hot. Coolant temperature steady @ 82C, no oil or coolant leaks, and I haven’t heard anything fall off yet. Engine is noticeably smoother than before, I suspect that’s partially down to the dynamic balancing, and it’s also quieter, with less rattling going on than it’s previous incarnation. Gearbox shifts perfectly, although I’ve not tried the ATB function yet, that will come later when there’s a few more miles on it. The CC circuit is still not fully air-free, nothing new there then, but it’s getting th
  7. Eat your heart out, Ferdinand de Bargos!
  8. Welcome to the Esprit Club, Tom. Please leave your wallet open for anyone passing by to help themselves, and you’ll be fine. Don’t ask me how I know.
  9. I’m still in the shit for baking the charge-cooler in the oven. No way would I get away with putting a gearbox shaft in the freezer.
  10. If you don’t get it level, your skis will fall off.
  11. The red charge-cooler plug is a larger, aftermarket, performance modification which gives a 2 degree drop in charge air temperatures.
  12. I should have said grease the whole length of the bolts, they’re going through alloy, and we all know what can happen when alloy and steel and a bit of water get together.
  13. If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to use copper grease on those gearbox mount bolt threads, especially as they’re so long and thin. Mine were seized when I came to remove the frame, and I really thought they were going to shear.
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the scheme had been abused by some unscrupulous operators. HMRC is going to have a field day when they catch up with them.
  15. It's all about timing. And if the dividends were declared last year, then companies will have to stump up this year, whether they like it, or not. After a bit of legwork, I discovered that not all bonus payments are discretionary, as they could be linked to previous profits made and could be contractual, so again, there's an obligation in those cases to stump up. So the pots of money that everyone thinks is available to save employees being laid off is legally spoken for. To me though, what will be interesting is what happens in the next tax/accounting year, although if the current furore
  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that dividends and bonuses are based on a company’s previous tax year’s accounts and directors have a legal and contractual duty to pay shareholders dividends if they’ve been previously declared, although I’m not not sure about the situation with bonuses, never having had any. As to whether there’s a moral issue at stake, that’s quite another thing.
  17. Any good? Might be a good idea to get yourself a parts manual, too.
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