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  1. Still sore about the result?
  2. For the most part, a prime minister is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t, and Covid would be a nightmare scenario for ANY government, of whatever flavour. With 20/20 hindsight (sadly not exclusively available to the BBC, but also to all manner of other organisations), of course mistakes have been made, I’d be surprised if they weren’t. But it’s abundantly clear to me that transmission rates have been increased by those who choose to ignore the guidelines. No contact = no transmission. Simple.
  3. Facebook is inundated with people moaning about how the government has now buggered-up their holiday plans. Not COVID-19, the government. Oh, and on R2, people moaning about “vaccine passports” being unfair and divisive to those who refuse it. As a merchant seaman years ago, I carried a certificate for every vaccination I’d had, typhoid, yellow fever, small pox etc. It was either that or you had no choice to remain on the ship in any foreign port. So, I can’t see what their issue is.
  4. I read recently that 'Nomophobia' has been proposed as a specific term for a phobia caused by the lack of a mobile phone signal.
  5. Why am I not surprised by this piece of information?
  6. So, when is the pub open? Asking for a friend.
  7. I had the Astra Zeneca jab purely because that was what they were dishing out on the day, but both have good results as far as I can see. In any case, we'll get what we're given, or not at all.
  8. Just reading that a Scottish study shows effectiveness of 85% Pfizer, and 94% AstraZeneca. It is the BBC, mind you.
  9. And like a British tradesman’s promise, he’s vanished into thin air. Offer expires at 19.51. Wait for the long list of excuses.
  10. Great to see the current progress report, as always detailing high-spec engineering and craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing, Dave.
  11. With reference the PAS belt, Sparky and I have had various conversations/arguments on the subject, culminating in me buying the next largest V-belt (6272), and fitting it. The upshot is, it won't work. From memory, in order to correctly tension the belt, the adjuster goes from bugger-all with the original belt (as yours is) to it's absolute maximum extension, at which point something (I cannot remember whether it was the pump, pipe or pulley) fouls the body. Or maybe the pipes won't fit. Whatever, I'm afraid it's back to the original belt. There is an alternative way to get the PAS belt o
  12. She who knows says all blokes are bullshitters, and has demanded irrefutable proof that you bought a Bremont. This must be in the form of a photo of you wearing it next to a highly-polished Esprit. Once proof of ownership has been established, you will receive a unique gift from the USA, blagged by ‘er indoors, not available to the general public anywhere, and not to be resold on eBay like you usually do. Oh, you MUST wash behind your ears, and Rick definitely won’t have one.
  13. Does it work if the heater valve is turned off?
  14. That clip faces forward and the convoluted wire protector goes through it. I’m interested in one of the connectors.
  15. I’ll have a butchers to see if I confirm your findings at the engine end, although I strongly suspect you’re right, and it’s the default wiring for the S4s. If I can find that plug, I might then have a look at removing the dreaded Rubik’s binnacle cover.
  16. Alignment looks the same as mine. I'm still thinking it needs to go 10mm further aft for correct alignment. It will seal, but make sure the mating faces are really clean, and a smear of exhaust paste wouldn't go amiss. Did you find any wiring for an oil temperature sender hanging around the area? I looked at mine a few years ago, couldn't find any, and gave up at the thought of running a wire all the way to the dash board.
  17. Beware of Home Serve, I have first-hand experience here. This is the company that will cold call and try to persuade vulnerable people to buy bullshit insurance to cover things that will already be covered on home insurance. They don't like it when they get challenged, and if you have elderly parents check they aren't paying twice for something they shouldn't be.
  18. If you navigate to SJ sportscars site, and search for 'stud plate', in Esprit '93 - '98, you might find them there.
  19. There were 367 S4s built between 1995 - 1996. By way of a comparison, mine was 136 and produced in October '95.
  20. Suspected jaw bone fracture. At least Alpine will be spared him moaning about the car, then.
  21. I don’t know how on Earth you manage to find the time to rant on here.
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