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  1. Not a good situation to be in, indeed I’m expecting something similar in the next few weeks. Did you buy travel insurance, because that might well save the day. Mine covers me (at least how I read it) in the event FCO advice is not to travel, so if it all goes tits-up with BA, I shall be turning in that direction.
  2. I wouldn’t discount the possibility.
  3. And Jet2 are jumping on the bandwagon, too. Still pushing ahead with bookings, despite the fact that going against FCO advice voids travel insurance.
  4. Did the course include ski-rack manufacturing? Asking for a friend.
  5. I see that the bastion of morality, RyanAir, has announced it will still continue to run its flights to Spain as planned. Of course, that’s because it won’t have to refund anyone if the flight isn’t cancelled.
  6. Up to 800 miles now. Engine still sounds very nice at idle, and behaves itself at all other times. It’s used no oil whatsoever, and mercifully no leaks from engine, gearbox, or driveshafts. I reckon another 200 miles and I’ll do the oil/filter change.
  7. New inlet trialled today. As I’m still being a little cautious on the new engine (800 miles now), I cannot comment on any performance difference, nor would I without dyno testing. What I can say is the turbo induction sound is now much more pronounced with the driver’s window open. It sounds like something’s being sucked down a drain, which I suppose is not far from the truth. With the window shut however and cruising at the legal speed limit or below it, there was no discernible noise increase. Moving on, and having carried out hours of internet research, I finally discovered that the rise and fall in turbo noise is known as ‘Turbo Whistle Aural Transience’, or TWAT. I’d recommend anyone keen on inlet modification carry out an extensive Internet search for TWAT. Obviously, there will be those who wear baseball caps back to front who find this kind of Increase in inlet noise addictive, impossible to live without, and yearn to bask in the admiration from their peers that a large diameter red hose brings. In this case the search should be modified to ‘Huge TWAT’. Conversely, those who aren’t really interested in any large increase in turbo noise or hose diameter or more importantly are too old to care, would be well advised to search for ‘Old TWAT‘, or ‘Little TWAT’. I sincerely hope this information will be useful for those Esprit owners looking to make improvements to their TWATs, or, failing that, as a plausible explanation when the wife stumbles across the internet history files.
  8. They chanced it, so they cannot complain. What's the betting the majority have no insurance cover? The travel companies and airlines haven't covered themselves in glory by bleating about it, either.
  9. This should be interesting.
  10. Depends on what you ate off the Deli!
  11. Don’t mention the war.
  12. Impressive stuff. @Dan Ewill be taking note of all these innovative short cuts to use.
  13. I’ve just been into Tesco in Whitstable, only saw one girl minus mask, the rest were all wearing them.
  14. Yes. You’ll see it in the parts manual. Oh, and for God’s sake get those fuses sorted, your fans must surely be running backwards!
  15. That's all well and good, but if you really want to move up to the Premier League you're gonna need the same pair of hindsight goggles as worn by obscure university professors, union leaders, industry bosses, MP's, talentless celebrities and worthless Internet Influencers.
  16. “Even Pete will have his 15 minutes.”
  17. Seems to me there are ‘experts’ wherever I look these days, the vast majority of whom have never ventured outside a teaching establishment in their entire lives, yet they're happy tell the rest of us plebs what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Warhol was right.
  18. Carrot implants are a chargeable extra, so I’d keep quiet about it.
  19. The hoses arrived this morning, so I got straight on to the job. I drilled out the rivets holding the intake duct, and trimmed the new stainless mesh which has a much larger open area than the original. I ended up using some very fine wire from the wife’s beading stock to hold it in place, before applying the Sikaflex, offering it up, and re- riveting it. Then to the hoses. I had to trim more off them than I expected to get them to sit where I wanted, and it was a bit fiddly to get the assembly in place, however overall I’m pleased with the way it looks and I imagine it will be less restrictive than before.
  20. Indeed, although some haven’t learnt that particular skill yet. Anyway, what all this handing out Watford Exotics Group merchandise? Those gin mugs are like gold dust, you can’t simply hand them out to any old Dan, Dick or Harry!
  21. You might have cleaned it first.
  22. One thing I can say is that as far as I can remember, there were never any political statements, or other political bullshit mentioned by any of my teachers, right from primary school to secondary. However, when I got to college in the east end of London, the Electrotech lecturer had been a personal friend of Blair Peach, the New Zealander that was killed in the Southall riots, and electrics lectures were spent debating left-wing and communist politics, with the students in full right-wing attack mode, just to piss him off. When it came to exam time, we’d wasted so much time on all that political bullshit, he just told us what questions were going to be on the exam paper, so we all passed with flying colours.
  23. Chillidoggy


    The kittens are getting bigger, and more adventurous. They’ve tried one on a lead for walkies, which was moderately successful, but painfully slow. The other one couldn’t figure it out at all, so that’s work in progress.
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