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  1. Started watching it last night. I thought the programme was very short, until the wife told me I’d fallen asleep for the majority of it. What I did see of it was more of a John Delorean biographical account than anything at all to do with the car itself.
  2. Let her get on with it. It’ll provide the BBC with a dilemma when she starts at around 3,000%.
  3. 100% true, and my own experience, nothing treasonable or maleficent in my post. I fail to see why traders in the EU would be any less inclined to deal with clients in the UK, aside from any red tape. Also unchanged is the need to sell their goods in order to prosper, same as it is here. If the EU (or indeed the UK) puts restrictive and heavy-handed beaurucracy in the way, then no-one wins.
  4. Someone asked about ordering parts from the EU? I’ve had four sizeable parts consignments arrive from Germany since Brexit. All of them have been fulfilled, none of them have been delayed. The suppliers seem to be the same as before, I haven’t noticed any difference. Freight to the US continues to be an astonishingly fast overnight service. The only issue I’ve had is with the Swedish postal service, PostNord, who managed to take nearly 6 weeks to deliver a small package to a guy who lives somewhere near Stockholm. And while it was in Customs, instead of calling him, or emailing
  5. Good to hear they're doing the old farts first.
  6. My mate went to Howden to be told it was trade only. When he said no problem I’ll go to Wickes for my kitchen, guess what? He had a trade account all of a sudden. Money talks.
  7. And hopefully more times like these..........
  8. One Delco deletion brake kit remains available, either RHD or LHD. If you are interested and want further details, please mail me at [email protected]
  9. If you want to keep the bare alloy looking good, then vapour blasting will help a lot. It seems to leave a finish that dirt and oil slide off, at least on my engine, anyway.
  10. I bet he’ll be a real hoot on the after-dinner speech circuit. He’s had enough practice at stand-up.
  11. Wait, you mean that BBC thing wasn’t fake?
  12. Something to do with him doing care work or similar. I do feel he should have turned the other cheek.
  13. Chillidoggy

    QED, Anyone ?

    During the first lockdown, they supplied me a set of 910 main bearing shells. Would I use them again, yes, absolutely, they’ve got a good rep and have been around a looooong time.
  14. I see the Archbishop of Canterbury (aged 65) has jumped the vaccination queue.
  15. I think that's how Max Mosely got started.....
  16. I might have a set of the composites laying around of you haven’t got any, need to check first, though.
  17. Looking at the photos, I think the exhaust port faces will benefit from being machined. It looks even worse than mine and there’s only so much those gaskets will accept. I do hope I’m proved wrong, however it’ll then leave you free to overhaul the rest of the head......
  18. Don't forget you have @Buddsy
  19. @tomcattom - Page 5 of my refurb thread gives you the heat shield photos. I think there's more somewhere in there too if you look. Shouldn't take too long, there's nowhere near 256 pages.
  20. It's comforting to note you're not using just any old rags.
  21. Pretty sure I drove a G27 years ago, and thought it was a nice car. I was after buying a Cosworth-engined G12 years ago, but two things prevented me from doing so. 1. I couldn't quite afford it, and 2. I couldn't fit in it.
  22. You need to get out more.
  23. The steel shim gaskets are the Lotus specified for the S4s. I think the composite ones were for earlier engines, but I’m not sure. Alunox supplied me with a set of composites when I bought my exhaust manifold, but when I pointed out they were incorrect, they refused to exchange them for the steel ones. Hey ho!
  24. You don’t say what model you have, but mine were originally M8 x 35. As to whether you can helicoil with the engine in, that’s a question for @Sparky If you do remove the engine, I would recommend you give some consideration to fitting studs, although not necessarily the larger size like had to.
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