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  1. Does this mean that we all have to move to Switzerland to fill the cars up?
  2. Hardy's Nottage Hill on special offer at ASDA for £6.
  3. When I joined this forum, I was under the illusion that I would be able to find all kinds of expert help on all matters Esprit. But really, no-one has actually come up with a definite angle of dangle for inserting your nozzle. Seriously, what the hell kind of instruction is "9 o'clock"? I can just see my missus stood in the filling station looking at her watch waiting until it's time to fill the car up...........
  4. Well, I use the term 'cuisine' loosely. By that I mean the wonderful delicacy of deep-fried Mars bars, and deep-fried burgers.
  5. The first gin & tonic with ice and lime. Oh, and the subsequent ones.
  6. "The definition of a gentleman is a man who gets out of the bath for a piss." - My dad.
  7. What concerns me is whether independence will have an detrimental effect on Scottish cuisine reaching the rest of the U.K.
  8. My son finally managed to get the Student Loans Company to accept that he doesn't owe them any money. It's only taken a mere four years, so I'm thinking that's a win.
  9. I used to work with a bloke who could sleep standing up.
  10. Also - "Is there anything I can do?" "I don't know. Is there anything you can do?" I use that with the missus all the time.
  11. Banned from a filling station? Bit harsh, really.
  12. Shame they don't have a changeover switch like the old XJ6's used to. You could opt to run on one, or both tanks, switched from the dash, as I recall.
  13. My lad has just told me he's decided to sell his Lotus Type 1 watch. Anyone interested before he advertises it, presumably on eBay. PM me if you're interested.
  14. Thanks for the replies, chaps. Very enlightening. Final question - anyone know the height for the lowest point (sump?) to clear the body when rolling the car forward?
  15. Thanks. I guess the rate of transfer will slow the closer the levels get to each other. Thought the idea of using two pumps was pretty cool, but I can understand why they might get a bit narky about it!
  16. Thinking ahead, and possibly reconfiguring my garage, is an Esprit engine/gearbox package able to be removed using a overhead chain-block attached to a fixed point? By that, I mean is the car still moveable, so that it can be shoved forwards once the unit has been lifted? Or does the car have to be immobilised for the job, and thus a moveable engine crane is required?
  17. Prompted by Stimpy's earlier admissions, I wondered about the Esprit fuel tanks, and the filling thereof. I believe they are interconnected, and if so does that mean you only have to fill them from one side? Or is the transfer such a slow process that both need to be topped up? Or is it that you fill one up, and by the time you've removed the nozzle, the level has dropped due to the transfer, and you have to start again?!
  18. I may be around for that, but as for appearing on a stand, I shall have to say no at the moment, unless a diesel Mondeo is a acceptable exhibit. It is a turbo, though.
  19. I'm wondering whether the length of pipe from compressor to condenser has any bearing on lack of efficiency?
  20. I had a price from Allon White. But I'm looking for others, so thanks.
  21. I'd be chuffed if everyone drove at the speed limit around here. There's so many old codgers driving at 15mph, it's awful. I'd be happy to use one for everyday round the town stuff, and going to the pub, and keep something a little bit special in the garage for fun!
  22. Where are thinking of going for the trim?
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