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  1. Well, as you're clearly a suave, sophisticated bastard, I can only imagine it could be your penchant for yellow cars......
  2. Mate, she is a total Motor-Bird, end of. Always looking at tasty motors, always gives us blokes a load of old verbal if she thinks we're talking bollox. Never stops me buying guitars, or band gear, either. 32 years of married bliss!
  3. I never even got behind the wheel, mate. She tried it, liked it, did a deal, and forced me into poverty.
  5. That'll be the split-crotch knickers I wore yesterday? I'm such a tart, I really must stop bending over in a suggestive manner in front of lecherous old blokes I've only just met. And no, it's not yellow! I haven't got any pics, Jim! My son took some, and no doubt he's still snoring like a good one!
  6. Search over, found one, thanks for all the assistance, chaps!
  7. I've messaged the seller to have a look at it.
  8. Don't leave home without it. You won't believe how expensive it can be to get a car recovered to the UK.
  9. Good to be back home again eh, Bibs?
  10. Sparky, given we haven't got a car yet, I'm likening it to an expectant mother preparing the nursery.
  11. I can't comment on Esprits as I haven't got one, but I can say that the only time I managed any satisfactory balance with my Dax Cobra was having it done dynamically. The 3-piece Compomotive wheels were an absolute nightmare to balance. I questioned whether 3-piece wheels are the work of Satan himself, and I reckon I'd have sold my left bollock to cure the shuddering through the steering wheel at one point! If you have a balance problem, and this cures it, then so be it, it's money well spent.
  12. Despite all kinds of other stuff needing attention in the house, the missus giving me a hand in the garage.
  13. Hmmm. So it's looking like a 250kg hoist is not going to be able to cope. 500kg it is, then.
  14. How heavy is an Esprit 4-cylinder engine and gearbox? I'm thinking of hoists and the like while I'm refurbishing the garage. I fancy an electric winch, 250kg appears the common one, but I'm unsure whether that's sufficient?
  15. Does this mean that we all have to move to Switzerland to fill the cars up?
  16. Hardy's Nottage Hill on special offer at ASDA for £6.
  17. When I joined this forum, I was under the illusion that I would be able to find all kinds of expert help on all matters Esprit. But really, no-one has actually come up with a definite angle of dangle for inserting your nozzle. Seriously, what the hell kind of instruction is "9 o'clock"? I can just see my missus stood in the filling station looking at her watch waiting until it's time to fill the car up...........
  18. Well, I use the term 'cuisine' loosely. By that I mean the wonderful delicacy of deep-fried Mars bars, and deep-fried burgers.
  19. The first gin & tonic with ice and lime. Oh, and the subsequent ones.
  20. "The definition of a gentleman is a man who gets out of the bath for a piss." - My dad.
  21. What concerns me is whether independence will have an detrimental effect on Scottish cuisine reaching the rest of the U.K.
  22. My son finally managed to get the Student Loans Company to accept that he doesn't owe them any money. It's only taken a mere four years, so I'm thinking that's a win.
  23. I used to work with a bloke who could sleep standing up.
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