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  1. Yes, I think you’re right, originally developed for race cars. Having rebuilt several different sets over the years including a dreadful set of Compomotives, it’s a slow process and of course you can’t afford not to get it right first time, which makes me wonder whether race teams ended up just carrying different wheel sizes/offsets for testing purposes. If I had the choice, I’d have a single-piece wheel every time!
  2. Despite the ‘Made in Brazil’ there’s no reason why it should not be a genuine Bosch fuel pump. Pretty much every major manufacturer has long since opened plants all over the world to produce their products.
  3. Shame the authors of that long-winded report didn’t channel their energy into preventing transmission. They’re probably the same ones who organise mass protests and riots. And by that logic, they’re the same ones who clearly don’t give a shit about anyone in the country who might be vulnerable.
  4. Pulse damper not essential, Jacques. In fact, they can be problematic, and I removed mine.
  5. I found TLF to be a very useful resource when I first bought my Esprit. The knowledge base here is extensive whatever the model and as a general rule, whatever technical issue you might have can be solved here without the kind of misguided, crackpot responses that I read every day from the village idiots on some Facebook groups. As time has progressed, my experience and knowledge of my Esprit has grown to an extent I never envisaged (neither did my battered wallet), and inevitably I have become far more of a net contributor. I'm sure this is also the case with many other members who frequ
  6. You can clearly see why they have the problem with rip currents there.
  7. The whole point of 3-piece wheels is so the correct offset can be achieved for the car in question without the need to cast or spin them specifically, which is prohibitively expensive for low volumes. Single piece wheels can only have so much material machined from them before they become too weak.
  8. Just had a text to book my second jab, so it looks like the problems I mentioned earlier about my GP's surgery software being suspect has been rectified. And it will be the AstraZenica variant, so they must be fairly confident of the supply chain. The venue has now moved from a small church hall, to a huge SAGA call-centre building with a much higher capacity. The EU's performance in all of this is a disgrace, and it looks as though in M. Breton, they're busy cultivating their very own model of our Nigel.
  9. For me, it was simply a question of finance, as I couldn’t wait to retire. Did I have enough to enable me to do so, and still have a reasonable standard of living? And if so, what was the point in carrying on working? Having now been retired for two years, I can say I am far less stressed, spend much more time with the wife, and am generally happier that before. I no longer place much emphasis on material goods, instead life experiences have become more important. Retirement doesn’t suit everyone, though.
  10. £295 plus VAT for a regrind? Holy shit! What's it made of, Unobtanium? I had my 4-pot flywheel reground for about £75 by H.T. Howard in Slough.
  11. My wife got a text from our GP surgery to tell her to go for the vaccination. Age 58, no underlying health conditions. Me? 62 with underlying health conditions, no text. She managed to get me booked in when she went for her jab. I called the surgery, “You haven’t got a mobile phone”, was the answer. I’ve had a mobile phone for over 20 years, it’s the same number as I’ve always had, and have received numerous tests and calls from the surgery in the past. It turned out to be an “issue with the software programme’.
  12. Hope you can read Chinese.
  13. Agree about Perez, he could even displace Max as Red Bull’s top race winner given his amazing tyre conservation skills.
  14. Steve Jones irritates me with his puerile nonsense. Billy Monger is down to earth, being a racing driver himself has an analytic eye, and is mature beyond his years. Bring back Jake Humphrey. Or Steve Rider. But not Eddie Jordan.
  16. The ECU must have decided all the sensors were working, which they were, because no fault codes were triggered. I trawled through the Freescan logs and that was the only thing I found was the ECU reducing timing in an attempt to keep the engine running, which must have been as the turbo hose curtain fell, choking the induction. I guess it proves that simply plugging a laptop in won't necessarily diagnose the problem, eh?
  17. Red Bull is closer to Merc than at any other time in the past, Max is getting better, and Perez is not to be sneered at, either. His tyre preservation skills are astonishing, which will likely pay dividends now he's in a better car. Anyone remember Gerry Marshall? He used to race modsports back in the day, and deliberately not bother in qualifying, or on occasion, not bother turning up. I'd heard that he had to be dragged from the beer tent to go drive on more than one occasion, but I'm not sure if that's just an urban legend. In the race, he'd then start at the back of the grid, and scyt
  18. Finally Red Bull have a car able to challenge the Mercs. Hamster should be worried now. What a finale, though!
  19. You'll soon be eating your words.
  20. I don't think it's the ECU, but this be proved otherwise.
  21. I have those Yokahamas on the front. No problems so far, and as good as the previous Michelin’s they replaced.
  22. I think Nick English drives a Porsche...
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