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  1. Sparky has better legs.
  2. Only if they’re properly lined up....
  3. K&N? Green Filter? Pretty sure they function differently to a concertina paper filter. Air filtration technology exists, but there are limitations on cost and space. Thanks for the offer, Tom, but I've ordered the silicone hoses and joiner, they should do the job.
  4. Sorry, I can’t see the ‘after’ photos?
  5. Found the thread - I even commented on it. Shows you how the memory is fading, eh?
  6. I don’t remember seeing that fix, but I’ll see if I can find it. Hopefully the God of the TLF search function will be kind, but I’m not hopeful. Thankfully, the offending Esprat has long since been banished and with luck, died a horrible and painful death at least equal to the pain I’ve had to endure over the past 6 years of ownership.
  7. Removed the convoluted trunking from behind the engine trim panel, air inlet duct and the restrictive steel mesh in order to replace it with something less so. While I’m on the case, thought I might as well reroute the hose and bypass the silencer. I found the air inlet duct has been damaged, so I’m thinking of manufacturing another from GRP, as I’ve struggled to find any 85mm fittings that might do as a mould. However the trunking has taken such a set, presumably as it’s now 25 years old, that it’ll be an impossibility to get the required bend radii now. It’s solid! Does anyone know where I could get trunking similar, as at the moment I don’t fancy paying the £120 + Vat from SJs. I’ve had a look, but failed to find any 85mm diameter, only 90mm, but I can make that fit.
  8. I didn’t know they made cars for one.
  9. Can’t help but think this should have been serialised on YouTube. It’ll make for riveting viewing.
  10. If anything happens, and you don’t make it, can I have the Evora?
  11. Tell you what though, I was a bit worried about it staying put, but that Thermal Velocity sticks like shit to a blanket.
  12. Those last three photos bring back happy memories. I think I recovered the feeling in my arms after about three days.
  13. I’m no expert in the field of paintings or works of art, but it seems to me Jackson Pollack might have some competition there.
  14. Don’t forget the post-service Vietnamese ‘physiotherapist’ fees that are de rigueur when reviving a clunker.
  15. Forget asking for a refund. You’ll have to apply for a voucher.
  16. This thread needs moving to the restoration section.
  17. Sorry, I forgot - when I hear the words ‘government’ and ‘initiative’ in the same sentence, I smell a rat!
  18. The nuisance callers are probably the reason why a large majority haven't got the correct level of insulation - they got sent away with a flea in their ear! The vast majority of UK housing stock is more than likely deficient in some way, cos they're always moving the insulation goalposts.
  19. Rishi Sunak probably thinks he might as well get hanged for a sheep as a lamb. There’s no such thing as free money though, so taxpayers will end up paying it all back somewhere along the line. It will be interesting to see what (if any) conditions are placed on the home insulation grant scheme. I can’t imagine a £5K cheque will simply arrive in the post. If it’s anything like past government schemes, it’ll be a virtual impossibility to get anything out of it unless it takes the form of some kind of voucher to be redeemed solely against home insulation products and services. Regarding the meals out and cinema thing; I guess the thinking is that if we do venture out once, we may enjoy it and continue to do so, thus stimulating those industries, most of which are teetering on the brink. Stamp duty is, in my view, an outdated, outrageously expensive tax for doing precisely bugger-all, and should have been scrapped anyway, but it’s income for the government which it relies upon. Could a break in paying it could possibly move some of the log jam? I don’t know, but with potential mass unemployment looming, moving house may well be well down on most peoples’ list.
  20. Pleased to help. And it's all good experience for when you do Stimpy's car.
  21. Will you be fitting air-con during the service?
  22. Yeah, but the burning question is, will he take a knee?
  23. I’m not sure about that, but she’s pretty good at manipulation.
  24. My wife was offered a telephone consultation for physio. Not sure how that would work.
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