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  1. Reading the list, there’s not many similarities apart from the rear wing, T3/T4 turbo, clutch and flywheel!
  2. You’ll be pleased with that, Mike. I had my alloy engine block and all other alloy parts vapour blasted, and I’m very pleased with the result. Looks great, and leaves a very easy to clean surface, everything just wipes off. Shame you can’t see the engine and box, though!
  3. My gauges had all new plastic casings fitted by Speedy Cables and have been good as gold for 5 years/15,000 miles now. If you fit them carefully enough and don't overtighten them, then they'll be fine. I can't help but think that what you're proposing is a lot of work!
  4. Hmmm...............…. Sport 300: June ‘93 U.K. & Export (not USA) VIN: P 8001 As Esprit S4 specification with following changes: Lightweight body, bonded-in roof, scuttle brace, enlarged wheel housings with wheelarch extensions, ‘92 style front bumper/spoiler, fog lamp recesses now brake cooling ducts, ‘92 style rear bumper, valance and sills. New rear aerofoil. Reinforced chassis, bolt-in engine bay brace, roll cage mountings. 300 bhp engine with T3/T4 turbocharger, increased boost pressure, recalibrated ECM, larger inlet valves and ports, raised fuel pressure, combined chargecooler rad./condenser on non a.c. cars. Lotus limited slip differential, uprated clutch cover and flywheel. - Revised front and rear suspension springs and dampers. Larger front and rear brakes, with AP Racing 4-piston calipers and ventilated discs at all four wheels. Separate parking brake calipers. 3-piece O.Z. wheels with 245/45 ZR16 (front) and P315/35 ZR17 (rear) Goodyear Eagle GSC tyres. Alcantara interior trim, Senotex instrument masks, larger tachometer and electronic speedometer moulded bucket seats, anti-slip pedal pads, individually numbered header rail plaque. Off you go, then!
  5. My oil pressure gauge fell out while @Sparkywas driving.
  6. They are Caerbont gauges, and yes, Speedy Cables did the refurb on them, including new casings. Definitely cheaper than new replacements, but they did take a long time to do. In my opinion, the cases probably fail due to over-enthusiastic tightening of the securing screws, and/or knocking them when they’re in situ. They really don’t need to be that tight, but if you change them for another type, the originality has gone.
  7. News reporter quoting some dignitary on the radio this afternoon as saying, “People in Leicester need to stick together”
  8. Make America Great Again.
  9. She’s super-organised, but doesn’t do the stock rotation thing, so it’s the same three pairs from the top of the pile. They’re getting a bit tatty, a cull must be imminent. All this abstention is not good, what with the state of the economy and all. We were all relying on the tax windfall from your wine purchases to help drag us out of this mess.
  10. Dearie me, it’s a bit early to be cracking open the Beaujolais, isn’t it? Anyway, there’s no decision to be made with underpants, just take the pair on the top of the pile. And the day my wife makes breakfast, never mind eggs, I’ll eat the aforementioned undergarments with a side order of socks. As for the ‘experts’, they all want their 15 minutes of fame, and in 15 day’s time no-one will remember their names. But fear ye not, because there’ll be a fresh batch of know-all, know-nothing ‘experts’ we’ve never heard of along soon.
  11. mean.....he has a blow-off valve?
  12. Don’t you believe it, his eyes are like a 3D scanner. He was just being polite for once.
  13. Make sure you do, or your application for membership of Sparky’s Braided Clutch Line club will never be approved. He has standards, you know.
  14. 900K is cheap for one of those. Cummings must be having a go at driving because it looks like they’re gonna end up on the grass.
  15. I know a man who’s very good with UN-1 boxes, he’s overhauled a lot of them, and just rebuilt mine with the Quaife ATB. Not often I recommend anyone, but I would in this case. I can give you his details if you want.
  16. That’s pretty impressive, Jacques. We’ve got some pretty shitty roads in Thanet, but never managed to get the inertia switch to trip yet, which is potentially dangerous in ‘normal’ driving.
  17. It’s not the first five quid that I’d be concerned about. It would be the subsequent multiples.
  18. ‘Personal care’. Does that involve nurses?
  19. Thanks, mate. It’s comforting to know your dogged diligence in paying NI contributions is helping to support ageing old retirees like me. The free prescriptions I’m getting now are saving me a fortune, and those 910 engine rebuilds aren’t cheap, you know.
  20. Seems to me that every five minutes there’s another so-called expert that we’ve never heard of, from some piss-pot university we‘ve never heard of, gobbing off about where the government got it wrong, and what the rest of us mere mortals should be doing with our lives, which generally contradicts the previous expert. As a result, I’ve taken the decision to ignore the twats, and stick with @C8RKH’s advice because despite the fact that he apparently lives north of the Arctic circle and is therefore clearly a few apples short of an orchard, I sincerely believe he’s the world authority in the specialist subject of pissing it up.
  21. Best have a test drive first. I drove one on a couple of occasions, they’re woefully underpowered and I ended up being a mobile roadblock. They're also not that big inside, nothing like a proper motor caravan. If someone wants to move around, everyone else has to move round, too. Nostalgia’s a powerful thing, but it’s not always sensible. NB: This is from a bloke who never got why the VW Beetles were so popular.
  22. He calls it an ‘annual insurance policy’ against breakages.
  23. I expect someone has dyno tested, probably @CHANGES The only way to be sure the engine was timed @ 104/104, in order to eliminate any variables, it had to be properly checked. Fitting the Vernier sprockets eliminates variables, and allows cam timing can be set perfectly to whatever is required. With fixed green dot sprockets, there's no adjustment, so it's a gamble.
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