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  1. Have a look at this - the Hunter does not damage your wheels - Here at Lakeside Engineering we are fortunate to have access to the very latest Geometry equipment, it is the Hunter DSP600 which costs in excess of twenty thousand pounds. It is an incredible accurate machine, so much so on windy days we have to work with the door shut to insure consistent reading. it allows us to measure very small adjust so insuring very consistent result. The equipment clamps to the tyres and uses nylon posts to align the equipment to the wheel so insuring the wheels are not chipped or scratched unlike man
  2. Yup, in all it's glory, and to the usual standard.
  3. Here's one -
  4. 3) Can you get in/out without giving someone else a laugh?
  5. I read the government have bought up farmland at Guston (top of the hill from Dover) to act as a kind of Customs clearance centre. There's no reason why the one at Sevington couldn't be used for that, too. Also, they are setting up COVID testing points for lorry drivers so they can have a test and stick two fingers up to Macron. These parks can also be used to stack lorries in the event the French fishermen or Calais port workers decide they need to take a day off or simply have an even longer lunch break than usual.
  6. Oh, dear! If it's broken like mine was, have a look at this page, it may help
  7. You haven't got a Nokia 3310, have you? If so, can you let @Buddsyhave it so he can drag himself into the 21st century? TIA.
  8. It was only going to work if people could bother their arses to use it; They didn't, and they're still not doing so.
  9. Good grief! From this day on, you shall now be known as “Unlucky Alf”.
  10. Remember, it's not only KwikFit that have these machines, and I know of at least one Lotus specialist who uses them. I've had my geo checked twice on a Hunter Machine, by KwikFit, with no damage to the car, or the wheels, whatsoever. The Hunter brain had all the correct specs for an S4s, I checked them before they started the job. I didn't have any adjustments carried out, just the check because I feel KwikFit is not the best place for that, they're more 'get it in, get it out' merchants. Perhaps you should give it one last try just to underline how inaccurate those infernal lasers are, though
  11. Why didn't you just put your car on one of the Hunter laser-alignment machines at KwikFit and have it checked? Last time I had mine done it was about £50. In fact, it would be worth checking it now so you can see how accurate you were with your calculations.
  12. I got tipped off you were coming, and went to Dover.
  13. I'd say someone had problems getting the crank pulley off in the past. Mine was stuck on like glue, nearly beat even Sparky. Looks like you have an oil leak, too. From the photos I can't see it coming from the front seal, maybe it's the exhaust cam-housing, or camshaft seal?
  14. The signs were there when he played Wolfie Smith.
  15. Do keep up. That one obviously passed you by.....
  16. Is Norfolk only getting the 2017 jab, then?
  17. My flu jab took all of about 15 seconds. Getting an appointment at the surgery to have it took me about 3 week's worth of attempts.
  18. I was quite proud of that one.
  19. I imagine the Dutch would be good at clogging up the tunnel, though.
  20. Pretty sure TikTok is the universal term for a flasher relay, Dan.
  21. Not an option. It's bound to be blocked by barricades made of fish caught by Dutch fishermen.
  22. Dover - Calais return from £126, hour and a half crossing. 22 crossings a day. Rotterdam via Calais, 5 hours, Zeebrugge via Calais, 3 hours. Euro Tunnel, 35 minutes to Calais, return from £180, 35 trips a day. Hull - Rotterdam return from £318, 12 hour crossing. One ferry a day. Hull - Zeebrugge return from £318, 13 hour crossing. One ferry a day. Distance matters.
  23. As well as the French fishermen, let’s not forget Brexit has reduced the Dutch, Belgian and Danish fishermen’s quota, too.
  24. All those lorries at Manston have now gone, except for 5 that have mechanical issues.
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