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  1. “Oh, yes, well, it was like this when I found it..........”
  2. You’re missing the point. I’m a former P&O Ferries employee (over 10 years of previous service) who is attempting to explain why ferry operations exist in their current format, and point out some of the major obstacles in changing them. I’m not a believer in subsidies and most governments also find them unpalatable, so unless any proposed new ferry operation is a nationalised one, it’ll have to not only wipe its face, but turn a profit. If we want this U.K. back-up plan to combat French fisherman and the French ports, then due to the fact it’s cheaper to operate Dover - Calais, we’re
  3. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those parks are needed at some point in the not too distant future. For example, when the French fisherman kick off about losing their fish quotas. And they pass that cost on to our foreign counterparts.
  4. The level of charge is immaterial because whatever happens it won’t be the foreign haulier soaking up the charge, just like any other business they will simply pass it on to the end-user to maintain their profitability. So we will end up paying it in the cost of the goods being transported. No doubt a reciprocal charge to UK hauliers would kick in, and we’re all back to square one.
  5. Dan’s missus said it won’t be a problem.
  6. Because it would just push up the price of goods as the transport firms passed the levy on.
  7. The problem with this is one of distance and the high running costs of a ferry or ship. It's the reason why ferries run from Dover to Calais and not Dover to Zeebrugge or Ostend any more. It's also the reason the Dover - Boulogne route was dropped many years ago; the extra distance proved to be too expensive and not enough punters were willing to stump up the extra. At one time, the road network from Calais up to Belgium and Holland and down the western coast of France was pretty crappy. Now it's very good, so there's no advantage to be gained by operating a ferry service to contend with
  8. They obviously haven’t been for a little jaunt in Bib’s Evora, or they wouldn’t have taken the job. It’ll take ten years off their lives, and they’ll be kissing the ground if they make it back.
  9. Part of a UCL study, behavioural science.
  10. Happy Christmas from Margate!
  11. It could almost have come from the BBC.
  12. Yes, well he'd know all about backlogs.
  13. Mate of mine in Dover just told me the Port and town are gridlocked. P&O are running ferries on Christmas Day (never known that before so someone must have seriously greased some palms), one of those big ships can carry about 180 lorries or so, and the tunnel is back in operation. Therefore, with 2,000 of them, the backlog shouldn't take too long to clear. This assumes no further lorries continue to pile in of course. Which they will. So, I reckon it'll be a few days yet.
  14. I'm reserving judgment until I see the details.
  15. As of today, the brake conversion kit has benefitted from a major upgrade to electrical fitting. In future, there will be no cutting, stripping or soldering of wires required, it will be a straight 'Plug and Play' which should take about 2 minutes rather than hours, making installation far quicker and simpler. I now have only 2 kits left, mail me at [email protected] if you want to bag one. Happy Christmas!
  16. Don’t worry, President Macron did the same..
  17. Top photo looks like a vacuum hose to me. I’d check the vacuum diagram schematic first - there should be one on the inside of your tailgate.
  18. Already there, old bean! And now there's talk of putting the lorry drivers in a hotel.
  19. Macaroon's transparently political cock-up may well backfire on him. Firstly, if he thought the Brits would be cowed by it, he's sadly mistaken, at least in this household. Quite the opposite, in fact it may well strengthen our resolve. From now on, I won't be buying any French goods if I can possibly help it. They can pour their pissy wine down the drain, confine their boring cars to a rubbish tip, and stick their tasteless cheese where the sun don't shine. And so what if there's no lettuce on the shelves? Are we going to lay down and die because of it? The answer, if you listen to the B
  20. I certainly have, Lars. It's run for 1,500 miles now, no smoke on the overrun, or any smoke at all, no fouled plugs, zero oil consumption. Garry's new guides are made from some special material, 'Titan', was it? I cannot remember. anyway, go ahead and fit them.
  21. Not a great deal of social distancing going on there.
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