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  1. Tell you what though, I was a bit worried about it staying put, but that Thermal Velocity sticks like shit to a blanket.
  2. Those last three photos bring back happy memories. I think I recovered the feeling in my arms after about three days.
  3. I’m no expert in the field of paintings or works of art, but it seems to me Jackson Pollack might have some competition there.
  4. Don’t forget the post-service Vietnamese ‘physiotherapist’ fees that are de rigueur when reviving a clunker.
  5. Forget asking for a refund. You’ll have to apply for a voucher.
  6. This thread needs moving to the restoration section.
  7. Sorry, I forgot - when I hear the words ‘government’ and ‘initiative’ in the same sentence, I smell a rat!
  8. The nuisance callers are probably the reason why a large majority haven't got the correct level of insulation - they got sent away with a flea in their ear! The vast majority of UK housing stock is more than likely deficient in some way, cos they're always moving the insulation goalposts.
  9. Rishi Sunak probably thinks he might as well get hanged for a sheep as a lamb. There’s no such thing as free money though, so taxpayers will end up paying it all back somewhere along the line. It will be interesting to see what (if any) conditions are placed on the home insulation grant scheme. I can’t imagine a £5K cheque will simply arrive in the post. If it’s anything like past government schemes, it’ll be a virtual impossibility to get anything out of it unless it takes the form of some kind of voucher to be redeemed solely against home insulation products and services. Regarding
  10. Pleased to help. And it's all good experience for when you do Stimpy's car.
  11. Will you be fitting air-con during the service?
  12. Yeah, but the burning question is, will he take a knee?
  13. I’m not sure about that, but she’s pretty good at manipulation.
  14. My wife was offered a telephone consultation for physio. Not sure how that would work.
  15. Stimpy, as an S4s owner, I’m specifically interested in what problems have arisen with your S4s from a technical standpoint. This is because it might help not only me, but other forum members. And TLF has a proud tradition of helping people.
  16. It's a submissive gesture and inappropriate. Hamilton has ignored the fact that some may not agree with it, or feel the same way as he does, yet it appears he's trying to force them into it. That won't help his cause.
  17. The complete engine needs to be vapour blasted. The wife says it's a disgrace, and if you think you're parking it next to ours at Ryarsh next year, you're out of luck.
  18. An update from 2015 - 2020 would be helpful so we can all understand what is going on.
  19. For me, it’ll be yet another Yawnfest, but even worse than usual. Mercs will be 1&2, Max 3, and the usual squabble midfield. FIA has stated the Merc steering system is legal. But if it’s legal, why is it banned for next year? Fishy.
  20. They’re not always good at answering emails! Call them and ask, they usually answer the phone.
  21. I was very interested in buying this S4s when it was at Snow's, but got beaten to the draw, thereby inadvertently dodging a bullet. Stimpy, I owe you a pint.
  22. Richard’s strengthened gauge cases would be a prerequisite in that instance. Part number A910EB1B5 refers.
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