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  1. Looks good to me, nice job. Mine has a slight warp in it too, but not as bad as that. It’s on the ‘to do’ list for the winter. I’d planned on doing something similar, and clamping it until the adhesive sets. How did you do yours?
  2. Bet Sainz is regretting his move for next year.
  3. Shame for Perez, he’s produced some good performances over the years, and he deserves a decent drive. But they can’t be many doors open for him. If I had to make a prediction, unless something miraculous happens, I’d say Lance Stroll will out-gun Vettel next year.
  4. As of today, I have 7 Delco deletion kits unallocated, availability is in 3 - 5 weeks.
  5. It’ll likely take on the proportions of an illegal rave.
  6. In answer to the OP, yes, sometimes. Also, anyone seeking advice would do well to state the model/year first. Facebook groups are notoriously bad for this, as well as some of the ill-informed, sometimes laughable responses, which can be misleading.
  7. Aaaaannnd it’s lockdown time again for meetings/gatherings from Monday. That’s a few cancelled for me, the tickets for a huge local car show are in the post, too. Hey-ho!
  8. Looks like that bus shelter is filling up.
  9. I’d assumed cider production/consumption was due to Lotus ownership.
  10. Cider = Tramp Fluid. You’ll end up sleeping rough in a bus shelter, begging passers by for 10p to buy a cup of tea, you mark my words.
  11. Had our first run out to a local meeting at Evegate near Ashford on Sunday. Everyone I spoke to was so relieved just to get out of the house!
  12. ‘Little Britain’ was the same. In fact, so was ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ again if I remember rightly. If we look back, most comedies were like it.
  13. Have you looked at Yokohama Neova AD08? I’ve used those on my fronts for a couple of years, and I like them as much as the Pirelli PZero.
  14. If I remember rightly, Alf always ended up being the loser.
  15. The GM MAP sensor and ECU cannot measure anything over 1 Bar of boost. I’m sure @sailorbobwill be far better placed to explain than I can, the issues and the risks.
  16. Before you start tearing it all to pieces and tearing your hair out, my advice would be to go and buy a tablet or laptop that can run Freescan or Espritmon, plug it in, data log it, and post it up here in Excel format.
  17. I read that the new boss is going to tackle left-wing bias in BBC comedy shows. Good luck with that.
  18. Change the spark plug leads, plugs, coils, and anything else with electrical string attached to it.
  19. The usual load of old shite served up by a staunchly left-wing media outlet, which claims in its title to be “independent”, when in fact it is anything but. Instead, it is in fact far more biased than the organisation it’s reporting on.
  20. I can just see the tagline:- “Watford Exotics Total Knob Care Package. You’ve come to the right place.”
  21. Not according to Porsche owners, it isn’t.
  22. It must have overhead you saying you were going to shift it. They’re sensitive like that, you know.
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