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  1. 16 hours ago, maydharm said:

    Sorry  to hear that mate and thanks for all your effort, I must say as event organisers for North Kent Lotus Group if we don't hound members with emails every other day we struggle to get support. Hope to see you at The Lotus Festival if your going.

    Regards Jon. 


    You can lead a horse to water, etc.........

    Ordinarily we would be going to the festival, but it's the day we go on holiday, but I'm sure it will be a great day for everyone. We will however be attending Malcom Rickett's open day this Saturday, also a good event.

  2. Thanks Jonathon, I hope she's feeling better soon.


    As for the meeting, well quite honestly despite several people saying they were going to turn up and the weather being good, in the end only Andy in his beautiful green Evora did so. It's difficult to believe that somewhere reasonably central in Kent fails to attract much support, and I have to ask myself whether there is much appetite for a Sunday morning meet, whether the venue is not right, whether people prefer evening meets, whether they don't want to drive their cars, or whether it's a combination of those factors.

    I had hoped it would become something regular, and perpetuating, but in the absence of support, I cannot justify driving a round trip of 80 miles to face an empty car park. Therefore, after some consideration, I have decided not to continue with the meets, but would lend support to another if anyone is prepared to organise it.

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