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  1. 28 minutes ago, Buddsy said:

    I know I think I do! We all know shiny new works bester & faster!



    I do have the green stuff brake pads & braded hoses.



    I agree with Chris, a pad change could be a cheap fix for you.

    After trying out quite a few, I plumped for EBC Yellowstuff, but note that’s not a recommendation, just what I felt worked best for my set-up.

    There’s quite a few others out there to choose from, so some internet legwork is required. They have internet in Norfolk, right?

  2. Because when the engine turbocharger is boosting it pressurises the inlet manifold thus inlet manifold vacuum disappears, as opposed to the negative depression in an N/A engine, which also disappears when the throttles are fully opened up (causing a big hole in the inlet manifold), and vacuum gradually builds as engine revs rise.

    There is vacuum from a turbocharged engine inlet manifold because when braking is required, it's usually off throttle with no boost, but vacuum isn't normally as consistent as with an N/A engine. Compression ratio also comes into the equation.

    Buddsy - You may wish to consider an electric vacuum pump to assist the engine vacuum if you feel you don't have enough. 

  3. 1 hour ago, slay said:

    Great, I could ask (hopefully) @Chillidoggy when I pick up my car, hopefully on Friday.

    Interesting how any company would go to this length to manufacture this - not many Esprits to start with, and if not many people are preparing to modify (no matter how minor) the pods, then it would not have been economical to make these.  

    I have to say that price looks reasonable for 4 headlights, assuming they are decent quality.

    The PNM lamps are very expensive and in my view (no pun intended), the result I achieved using LED bulbs and the 4-main beam conversion is a more cost-effective option.

  4. I shipped a brake kit to WA using Parcel2Go last year. All fine until I pointed out the package had apparently arrived, but not been tracked for days. Then when I needed them, they were utterly useless, I had to do all the legwork myself, phoning and emailing all the different bodies and agents involved both here and in Oz before I finally found out where it was, which was stuck in Aussie Customs. I’ve never used them since and moved over to Interparcel. That said, they’re all agents for couriers, just like a price comparison site, so I’m not expecting too much from Interparcel should the same the issue arise again.

    Top tip - when you’re sending anything to Oz, make sure you have included an inventory list of contents, which are individually costed. And I mean every last nut and bolt. This should be accessible to Customs. In my case it would have really helped things along. Customs simply held on to the package, with no communication to me, the agents, or Parcel2Go.

    I don’t understand why organising it from Aus should be a rip-off,though.

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